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Sorry to bump such an old thread. You can find the file here:

.\Call of Duty Black Ops III\usermaps\%yourmapname%\zone

Replace %yourmapname% with the name of your map. Took me a while to find it so I thought I would post.
1255 days ago
Looks pretty cool, nice to see some effort put into a one window challenge.

@@@@[email protected]@@@

I hate to further continue the discussion, but really is that big of a deal - I mean if buttons for your youtube profile are on the left (in the posters info picture etc) as opposed to ...
1268 days ago
Hey guys,

I fixed it :) Not only did I move my map and all the scripts into a "New" map. But I also found that the brush the zombies were spawning on were causing the issue.

Previously I had changed texture of the brush they were spawning on and recreated the solid in...
1277 days ago
Is this still happening? It's looking very cool, I'd hate to see it die. If you're done with it, perhaps you'd upload your map files for other (Me) :D to play with/steal (with credit given of course).

1278 days ago
Bumpity bump. Can I supply anything else that might be able to assist with people helping me?

I can upload my map file if that'd help?
1278 days ago
Maybe try verifying your steam data for the mod tools?
1400 days ago


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