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Messages - daedra descent

Yes because every single person with a left-wing ideology is an idiot.

Dismissing the views of an enormous group of people because they don't agree with you. Definitely a Trump supporter.

Again with the left-wing dismissals, fucking hell. Believe it or not, I thought better of you.

lmao, the irony:

Again with the left-wing dismissals, fucking hell. Believe it or not, I thought better of you.

Being so concerned about terrorism that you would refuse a safe home for the 99.9% of people that aren't batshit insane, instead thinking they should stay in their own war-torn land. That's what I call giving in to terrorists, not protecting people from them. Isn't it funny how many of the most prolific terror attacks in recent decades have been by citizens of the country attacked? What a coincidence!

You and everyone else (should) know damn well what they can do in small numbers. 3 gun man can kill or injure 50+ people. Of course, there is no way to *completely* stop terrorism, but you can minimize the chances and stopping immigrants is a way to do that, especially when we know for a fact that they hide among them. Some terrorists go into other countries to recruit new members as well.

And for the record, I'm not left-wing, so don't get the idea that I'm a tumblrina who needs a 24/7 safe space.

Wel... you linked to a tumblrina, lol.

I would bet everything I own that the man in the video has lived in that town his whole life. But you missed the point anyway, of course.

What point? That everyone in the UK apparently lives in remote areas on a island? Yeah, sorry for not getting it.

Guess it wasn't even a typo and you actually don't know the difference between 'you're' and 'your'.

lmao, this from the guy who couldn't tell the legal difference between a World at War mod and an application made in Java using a library released under MIT license. Too funny.

also its the internet, not a professional report.

And as an American I'd be far more worried about some kid walking into your college (highschool? not sure how old you are tbh) with a legally bought AR-15 and shooting the place up because some girl wouldn't go out with him than a crazy Muslim terrorist.

Both are important issues.

And for an American who is so xenophobic/racist you have a very odd obsession with Soviet Russia, but I probably would rather not know the reason behind that. :/

You are Xenophobic/racist if you don't want immigrants who have terrorists hiding among them entering your country. -Steviewonder87

Edit: love left wingers.


Sounds like a solid plan from an intelligent voter.

No real choice at this point besides not vote at all.
6 years ago
His kids are far, far more likely to now be bombed by the IRA than Islamic extremists lol. Where the fuck even was that? Grimsby or something, yeh prime target for terrorism that. ;D

Yeah, his children are going to be in one town for the rest of their lives(its possible, i guess?).

You're stupid. And you spelt my name wrong stupid.

...and your a left wing idiot who can't see the negative repercussion of letting hundreds of thousands of immigrants into an entire continent with little checks in place.

Quote're not actually suggesting that immigration = terrorism, are you? .......nope, looks like you are

Your right. That could never be the case. All of the immigrants/refugees are getting proper background checks(with 100% accuracy) and no terrorists are getting threw.

Yeah, hell no. Maybe in your own perfect left-wing world, but not this one.

You know there are OTHER options, right? You could vote Green or Libertarian or for LITERALLY ANYBODY ELSE other than that retarded bigot? And holy shit, Trump is just as dishonest as Hillary, you've got to be a fool not to see that.

>says Trump is dishonest
>links to a dishonest/SJW left winger


You know Trump's views on Snowden, right? When he mentioned that "execution is still a thing"?

I'm voting for him because he'll probably screw things up the least. Congress will just reject any proposals he makes(being anti-establishment) and we wait for the next election. Atleast that's the hope.
6 years ago
To be fair though you know there were plenty of Americans that probably answered that question without a problem. Some of the best systems do come from the US. I spent some time in South America in Chile, and all of the higher education had to be taught in English because it was all from the States. Specifically the sciences because details are lost in translation.

America is interesting because around 10% of the entire country is bright and the remainder of people are completely retarded.

Kind of like the whole Edward Snowden documents thing. Some news site went around and asked people on Times square if they knew who he was or what he did and they where completely clueless.

Feast your eyes on this shit.

(Content removed from quote.)
Never mind the future of his children, gotta stop those fuckin' muslims at any cost.

Why the fuck did they put such an important decision in the hands of ordinary people? What the fuck do I know, let alone the wankstain in the video? Oh yeah, to win votes.

I fucking hate humans.

...the future of children who could be bombed at any moment because of the flood of immigrants and no proper background checks(as if was even possible to begin with).

Yeh I really hope Germany starts promoting more right-wing nationalist views, turned out so well last time..

Right wing then = Right wing now. -SteviewWonder87.

And you didn't answer me, you're a Trump supporter right? I know you are (obviously) but I just want to hear you admit it.

I'm stuck between a corrupt politician who uses the vagina card so much you'd think it'd be a card in Magic the Gathering and a dumbass who's honest (in his own Edit: insane little world), so of course I'm voting for Trump. I don't have much of a choice.
6 years ago
lmao, a bunch of left-wingers cirlejerking about how honest and trustworthy they are compared to the right wing media.

Its not like there are many reported instances of the German government censoring right wing ant-immigration views and promoting pro-immigration meanwhile women are getting assaulted in the streets that go unreported on. Not at all.

Its not like there aren't online videos of the cologne incident where there where many first hand accounts of secual assault.

Nah, nothing like that. The "Refugees"/"Immigrants" are just people who need help.

Edit: Had a better response but the post formatting died. Goddamn it.

6 years ago
There were more old people voting than young people. The old fucks came out in force for this one.

Yes! Can't wait for that, sick of these immigrants, good old Boris will sort it out, he knows true all-English values, after all I saw him eating Cornish pasties and drinking Yorkshire ale on his campaign tour.

Wait what's that? He wasn't even born in England and his real name is Boris Kemal?!

No-one tell Farage. :-X

The immigration/refugee issue is a huge deal though. I'm not one to advocate paranoia, but we've seen time and time again what kind of damage these extremists can do. Even if 3 extremists out of 10000 refugees was to get through whatever weak ass security measures they have in place, they would still be able to hurt/kill a lot of people.

Not all of the "refugees" even look like refugees. A good portion of them look and act like this is all somekind of vacation or something and being total hooligans meanwhile Germany is actively covering up sexual assaults by these "refugees".

Yeah, I know. I'm a total islamaphobe.
6 years ago
The original launcher was written in C#. A Java version of it would also be easily decompilable.

I don't really care about how decompilable it is. If I can get the command line arguments and actually decide to do it, I would just release the class itself as part of my GoliathCore library. That way all the GUI needs to do is utilize the library and everything will work and be extended if someone wants to add new features/modify it.
6 years ago

written in a compatible .NET language where it can be decompiled and has no virtualprotection on it.

Would a Java version not work then?
6 years ago
I'll have to check this out, thanks. :)

No problem.

I was going to show what it looked like in Windows but I forgot to save it like an idiot. The basic layout only took me 15 minutes to make anyway.
6 years ago
  • A second Scottish independence referendum is now inevitable, and looks likely they'll vote to separate
  • Farage takes back the notion that we can spend an extra £350m on the health service, not even an hour after the result
  • France overtakes UK as world's 5th largest economy after vote
  • Cameron resigns, Boris Johnson of all people is the early favourite to win new leadership vote
  • Northern Irish party Sinn Fein calls for a vote on a united Ireland
  • "What is the EU?" trends in Google searches in the UK after result
  • Many companies and corporations who get EU funding have already begun to lay off employees and move business elsewhere
  • Young people aged 18-24, of which 75% voted Remain, have to deal with a future they don't want, decided by the older generation
  • Trump supporters are congratulating the Leave voters
We are royally fucked.

I really don't understand why people are making this out to be the end of the world... the UK still has about 2 years in the EU(or even longer). The UK can still maybe hammer out a deal that would give them the benefits of being a EU member without all of the bullshit. It's already stupidly complicated, so why not make it more so?


6 years ago
I know what it does. It's convenient. Basically, I wanted to just make a custom launcher for WAW. And use a similar one for COD 1 mapping.

Well, I personally recommend Netbean's Java GUI builder. Pretty much drop and drag GUI element placement. All that needs changing is text and code to actually populate the menus and interpret checkbox values. Make a dirty mockup:

Note: Looks funky because I did this in Linux and because its a mockup. You can use the Windows theme by using UIManager(Java):


6 years ago
I never voted, would have but was working ( ironically for the mk "elections" team lol )

I would have voted leave, my wife and entire family voted leave to

Mr Cameron has also resigned as prime minister

Now to see what the future holds

Ps - I get to keep my Hoover now, screw you EU lol

Short term it's going to hurt. U.S. hasn't even been hit yet and that will have affects rippling affects of its own for sure.

long term however... well, I don't know much about the EU, but from what I've heard the UK can still make agreements with the EU such as allowing free trade and travel. If that's the case and it does actually happen, I don't see this being a real loss for the UK.

6 years ago
I was trying to add buttons and change some icons. Something sorta like DidUKnowiPwn's launcher. But I wanted to add some more features. I just have no idea where to start.

Again, as far as I know, Launcher is just a convenience app. It in itself doesn't do anything but provide a graphical user interface and execute whatever commands the user selects. If you know the arguments you can do everything Launcher does by hand. The GUI stuff is entirely cosmetic.

6 years ago
Customize? Its proprietary code. No one can edit or customize it(Edit: except reverse engineering).

AFAIK, Launcher just sends commands to whatever application you use. if DidUknowiPwn shares the command line arguments I could write a customizable java version fairly easily.
6 years ago

That actually just happened.  :o

TL;DR: The UK just voted to leave the EU, shocking the entire world. Global markets are in complete chaos as people jump to "safe" investments.

6 years ago
Each function does whatever code is inside it:

   iprintln("Printing something");

Variables in GSC are either local(only exists within that function) or global(level, can be accessed from any function):

   str = "Something to print"; // a local string variable
   println(str); // prints the local str variable that holds a string

   iprintln(level.script); // prints the global variable's "script" property that is associated with the global variable

of course, if you want to pass a local variable from one function to another to do logic on, you can pass that function a "paramater" that is then turned into that function's "argument(s)":

   a = 1;
   b = 5;
   a_function_calc(a, b);
a_function_calc(num_one, num_two)
   iprintln((num_one + num_two));

(note how the variable names for a and b are not the same as num_one and num_two)

Objects on the other hand(as you may have noticed) are a bit of a exception. Objects are "referenced" meaning that any changes to that object in one function will affect any other references to that object.

   trig = spawn("trigger_radius", (0,0,0), 0, 36,36);
   trig thread a_function_obj();
   trig.a_num = 1;
   trig notify("exec");   
   self waittill("exec");
6 years ago
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