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Yes because every single person with a left-wing ideology is an idiot.

Dismissing the views of an enormous group of people because they don't agree with you. Definitely a Trump supporter.

Again ...
8 years ago
His kids are far, far more likely to now be bombed by the IRA than Islamic extremists lol. Where the fuck even was that? Grimsby or something, yeh prime target for terrorism that. ;D

8 years ago
To be fair though you know there were plenty of Americans that probably answered that question without a problem. Some of the best systems do come from the US. I spent some time in South America in Chile, and a...
8 years ago
lmao, a bunch of left-wingers cirlejerking about how honest and trustworthy they are compared to the right wing media.

Its not like there are many reported instances of the German government censoring right wing ant-immigration views and promoting pro-immigration meanwhile women are getti...
8 years ago
There were more old people voting than young people. The old fucks came out in force for this one.

Yes! Can't wait for that, sick of these immigrants, good old Boris will sort it out, he knows tru...
8 years ago
The original launcher was written in C#. A Java version of it would also be easily decompilable.

I don't really care about how decompilable it is. If I can get the command line argume...
8 years ago


Let's keep this thread on topic from here on in. -DBZ

+1 to off-topic reply -DBZ

lmao. Too funny.

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"...Christ, people. Learn C, instead of just stringing random characters
together until it compiles (with warnings)..."

-Linus Torvalds
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