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No idea what we have in store as far as weapons - honestly I would be happy to have the first version of UGXM just support stock BO3 weapons and maybe some community weapons.
Please the UMP45 Please :rainbow:
1416 days ago
Here is RDV's vid!
1498 days ago
Ok, so it's been like 3 months since an update, I have had no inspiration on the map, and I decided to put it off, but I finally picked it back up the other day and here is a new update I now have an idea on the map and will try to post weekly.
Here it is: (In spoilers cause images are huge)

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Also, doesn't seem like much atm will be a good amount more next week! :)

And one more thing, I decided to change the name to Escentry, cause it felt better than 'Office'.
1504 days ago
So, first things first, since you said your trigger is targetname secret_trigger you would put it as this
trigger = getEnt("Secret_Trigger", "targetname");
The first parameter is the name in radiant the second is the type, like script_noteworthy or of course targetname.

So, next thing is in your infinite loop (while loop)
like Harry said,  secret_trigger isn't a default notify it has to be notified somewhere else because of something you do, but really if you are doing a trigger, you would do this
trigger waittill("trigger", player);
So, what you would be doing is the trigger you are waiting for is the ent you defined above, so when you wait for it to be damaged and the damager is the player it will go past the waittill and call your function or do what you want it to do after.

Next thing is the door open function now since you don't have thread before it, it'll wait till the function is done then do what you want which you have here is the iprintlnbold, which I would think you want to be done as soon as the function is called, so you would do this:
thread door_open(trigger, player);
player iprintInbold("You hear an unlocking sound.");
trigger waittill("moved"); //This is what I was talking about above, you are gonna
//notify this from your door_open function and then it will delete the trigger after the move is done
trigger delete();

So, finally here is how your code should look.
trigger = getEnt("Secret_Trigger", "targetname");
trigger waittill("trigger", player);
thread door_open(trigger);
player iprintInbold("You hear an unlocking sound.");
                trigger waittill("moved");
trigger delete();
                break; //You are gonna break out of the function because you wont be using it anymore since you're deleting
                //the trigger
Now for the door_open function use this
//Now gotta get the door so
door = getEnt("input_a_name_from_radiant", "targetname"); //Make the door a script brushmodel and give it these kvps
door moveTo(); //Put in the x,y,z coords of where you want it to go
trigger notify("moved"); //This is how you call the waittill by notifying it

I believe that is it, so that should work, I wasn't able to test in game, but if you have any errors just pm me.
1507 days ago
I cant answer the blue thing but their are two different icons that disable selection one is an 'E' in a circle with a line  which disables selection of Entities and one with an 'M' in a circle with a line which disable model selection so click one and try and select and then try the other one of them is pressed and that is why you cant select it, most likely its the 'M' icon.
1537 days ago
My reaction XD
1555 days ago
I feel as if we should be avoiding this map at all costs.
^ I am now officially scared af, especially since pie is the one making stuff in the map.
1555 days ago
Yes, look at 3arc code and piece together, if you wanna know useful functions or any at all also, start simple with I don't know look at how to make something move from one place to another, which is really simple also here, this has a couple things to help like a guide and helpful functions.
1564 days ago
it was a joke bruh :P chill
I know m80 was just pointing it out though.
1565 days ago
1. Not buy BO3 and not install the tools
2. Watch as all the box maps flood in

Double Post Merge: April 24, 2016, 12:07:58 am
#1. wait for jbird to release a map
#2. take scripts from said map
Now, how do you expect to do that without a tool? Hmm, and we all know you can't make one and I doubt someone will be an asshole and make one and be an ass to the community like that.
1565 days ago
Ech WAW textures, the custom make it look 10x's better.
1569 days ago
I think Ghost had a patch that made lime unusable.
1574 days ago
That's some nice red splotches, if only their was a way to get rid of them, oh wait their is, adding a reflection probe.
1575 days ago
Then change your profile pic, damnit!
I changed mine, can I have my image removed?
1575 days ago
Umm, their should be memes!
1578 days ago


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