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No idea what we have in store as far as weapons - honestly I would be happy to have the first version of UGXM just support stock BO3 weapons and maybe some community weapons.
Please the UMP45 Please :rain...
1418 days ago
Here is RDV's vid!
1501 days ago
Ok, so it's been like 3 months since an update, I have had no inspiration on the map, and I decided to put it off, but I finally picked it back up the other day and here is a new update I now have an idea on the map and will try to post weekly.
Here it is: (In spoilers cause images are hug...
1507 days ago
So, first things first, since you said your trigger is targetname secret_trigger you would put it as this
trigger = getEnt("Secret_Trigger", "targetname");
The first parameter is the name in radiant the second is the type, like script_noteworthy or of cours...
1509 days ago
I cant answer the blue thing but their are two different icons that disable selection one is an 'E' in a circle with a line  which disables selection of Entities and one with an 'M' in a circle with a line which disable model selection so click one and try and select and the...
1539 days ago
My reaction XD
1557 days ago


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