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I got unhandled exception caught when i load the map
 i reinstalled the map and downloaded the map again.

any suggestions?
 I set the texture settings to manual HIGH and set the anistropy to triliniar, that seemed to fix the crashing. 
41 days ago
I'll add to the dogpile here, phenomenal work! Everything about this map is so fresh, the setting, the weapons (pepperbox!), the easter egg, everything! The Lazerkraftwerk is a little broken in terms of making me stupid rich fairly early on, but the difficulty keeps that power in check, overall things feel pretty balanced; I personally didn't have a problem with door prices, and that was before getting the Lazerkraftwerk. All the perks have their right properties (DT2.0 is indeed 2.0), I didn't notice any obvious bugs, and honeslty it just plays so smooth. I have nothing but respect, thank you so much for this!
45 days ago
Glad to finally see this released! Everything just oozes scale and grandeur, even just walking out of spawn was breathtaking. I really like the interesting twists in each area, like finding the key to the power in the first area and some roof parkour in the second; really top notch gameplay design, makes every run interesting and makes me adapt to the playstyle of each area. The only complaint I can think of is the weapon balancing, some weapons seem very weak compared to others, namely the Winchester and XPR-50(?) were struggling at round 9. Otherwise, they're really creative! Powerful Bloodhound but you can't reload it, explosive pistols, love it!

Overall, love it love it love it. Thank you so much for this, it really is phenomenal!
174 days ago
I really dig the details, it just oozes classic zombies. Keep it up, can't wait to see more!
188 days ago
let us use commands :c please
 Never ever, cry harder.
207 days ago
how do you download this on a console?

I have a ps3
You don't. 
215 days ago

I'm happy to see Electric Cherry and PHD get more utility, really opens up the oppertunity to make different builds; awesome work! 
223 days ago
It's been a fat minute since I played the original release but this looks incredible. I'm glad to see the original idea expanded on, it was really stylish then and now it's even more so!
232 days ago
Ayy there it is, back in business! 
251 days ago
Huh, this came out of the blue. The screenshots look very nice though, seems like a detailed map; I'll give it a shot when I get home. Congrats on release!
313 days ago
I don't know about actively played, but a couple of good maps released recently:

FRIGID by steviewonder87, same guy who made Oil Rig for WAW

DOME by Psh, made MW2 Rust/Gulag for WaW

Not a new map, but obligitory inclusion as one of the first excellent BO3 maps. Kyassuru

Personal favorite and underrated in my opinion, The Descent, classic zombies with phenominal verticality (Buried on steroids)
408 days ago
Wow, I can't believe I missed this... I haven't played it yet, but my god those screenshots look nice. Can't wait to see the final product!
445 days ago
Another kickass map by ville88, just the pick me up I needed since school started :please: Awesome work and thanks for this!
477 days ago
Hey I remember this, it looks a lot more feature complete than the last time I saw it! Rooms look a lot more detailed and IW features are underrated imo, glad to see them here. Have you considered using a vision file to make colors pop out more? The grungy looking WaW assets paired with the bright and colorful IW perks and weapons seem like they could be blended better with higher contrast, stronger bloom, more saturation, etc.
483 days ago
every... single.... cod... morons... ponder... mod tools...

no - they will not release another mod tools

it took ten years to get bo3... use common sense ffs...

I mean hey, the seem to be working with PC a lot more than they used to, it's not completely unrealistic to see them add more support for BO4 than the console counterparts.
568 days ago


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