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I don't post here often, but since the BO4 reveal, I've been curious what people's opinions are if they add mod tools. Would the tools be different to reflect a potentially updated engine? (it's basically BO3 Part II lmao)  Does it cut off BO3's modding lifespan?
Personally, I think it's too soon to release mod tools unless they by some miracle allow modding for Blackout; that would be pretty lit and would be a reason to play it over Fortnite/PUBG
976 days ago
As the title says: code's gone. Apparently it didn't work, either... may have expired or some shizzle.

Anywho, topic's dead. Feel free to delete it, admins.
2105 days ago
I've been looking into a new laptop as of late, and I'm completely overwhelmed by the sheer amount of options. I'm kind of a layman when it comes to information about computers, so I'm skeptical about how good all the "best" laptops actually are. I'm looking for something that could run, say Skyrim, with pretty decent graphics at a pretty decent framerate. Again, I'd like to keep costs at a minimum.  Can anyone give me some leads?
2232 days ago
I've been following UGX 1.1 since its announcement last fall, and I don't have the means to donate. I didn't mind the "UGX 1.1 will be released (insert month here) 2014", but, besides that, there's been NO information on the mod from ANYWHERE. I know the perks of donating include weekly updates, but toss me a bone, UGX! The message on the front page even says APRIL. It's May! Old update messages for donators don't help the slightest; mostly because we've already heard about what's described in the ye-olde update. Hell, even if it's a monthly thing, just SOMETHING WOULD BE NICE SO I DON'T COME HERE AND GET DISAPPOINTED EVERY DAY.
2445 days ago


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