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Another kickass map by ville88, just the pick me up I needed since school started :please: Awesome work and thanks for this!
5 years ago
Hey I remember this, it looks a lot more feature complete than the last time I saw it! Rooms look a lot more detailed and IW features are underrated imo, glad to see them here. Have you considered using a vision file to make colors pop out more? The grungy looking WaW assets paired with the bright and colorful IW perks and weapons seem like they could be blended better with higher contrast, stronger bloom, more saturation, etc.
5 years ago
every... single.... cod... morons... ponder... mod tools...

no - they will not release another mod tools

it took ten years to get bo3... use common sense ffs...

I mean hey, the seem to be working with PC a lot more than they used to, it's not completely unrealistic to see them add more support for BO4 than the console counterparts.
5 years ago
I don't post here often, but since the BO4 reveal, I've been curious what people's opinions are if they add mod tools. Would the tools be different to reflect a potentially updated engine? (it's basically BO3 Part II lmao)  Does it cut off BO3's modding lifespan?
Personally, I think it's too soon to release mod tools unless they by some miracle allow modding for Blackout; that would be pretty lit and would be a reason to play it over Fortnite/PUBG
5 years ago
It's unfortunate to see several issues from testing are still there (hanging RGMkII bullet impacts, weak Blundergat penetration, etc.), but the weapon variety is nice and they look especially pretty with BO1's spec maps.
5 years ago
I'm glad there's still things being released for bo1.

...ignoring the fact that this was released two years ago. The latest mod for BO1 is called "Mindshare," I highly suggest you check it out

5 years ago
no soul boxes or BO4 guns, 0/10

But for real, thanks for this! It's nothing crazy, but it's a very polished and detailed (based 100-point perk robbery) mod that sticks to the core zombies experience, and that in itself is refreshing. Also the custom modes are fantastic, made for some really interesting moments in co-op (PvP? May as well be). Cryptids/10.

EDIT: There's collision here for an invisible crate or something that I got stuck on, but otherwise it's a phenomenal map
5 years ago
This came out of left field, but holy hell it looks nice!
5 years ago
Looks good, I appreciate all the smaller details.
6 years ago
Looks good so far. I'd suggest adding some cosmetic debris (barrels, loose paper, etc) in the hallways and open rooms, make it a tad more interesting than flat floor/wall textures. Can't wait to see more!
6 years ago
 Been following this for a while, glad to finally see its official appearance on UGX!
6 years ago
That sounds like a 0x0000005 error, which is caused by a wide variety of reasons. Does the mod crash and leave a console open, or does it just crash and quit out entierly?
6 years ago
Is that even true? evidence please?

I'm... sorry you had to find out this way...
6 years ago
Well, this came out of nowhere, and it's incredible! Reminds me of spec ops, except a lot more customizable. Thanks for this!
6 years ago
I've never smashed a download button so fast in my life. Congrats on release, guys, thank you for this!
6 years ago
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