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Yeah the shots look amazing man.
 I look forward to you releasing them!
2315 days ago
I'm glad to see you released this as a beta Josh.
Just gotta get dem pesky bugs tidied up now :lol:
2317 days ago
Nice one, sounds fun.
Will try it out in the morning.
2324 days ago
just saying, the power in inside a GIANT WHITE BOX with LIGHTNING BOLTS printed on either side of it. It is just past the stamin-up, and up the stairs and BOOM, it's there.


Also, has anyone got a strategy on how to deal with the crazy teleporting novas and still being able to get the free perk?

The sickle works very well...but where is it....Hmmmm

Double Post Merge: March 23, 2015, 11:13:17 am
Leviathan, where YOU play as the gun...
but seriously though, the gun was floating inside of me.

Yes...And it's reported in the OP
The fix is to restart level.
If in solo the door lights stay red or you hit a drop and no shader appears, restart level
If in coop, you can't see your pals player model,  restart level!
2324 days ago
WHERE THE F IS THE POWER SWITCH! God it shouldnt take 80,000 just to turn on the F**** power to get jug!

Maybe you should take a different route  ???
2324 days ago
When I saw this, I went crazy, and I thought it's just a prank or lie.

Tis true I tell ya, True!  :troll:

2325 days ago

Then you are not looking hard (or long) enough!Jumping would be a good place to start...But I leave from where down to you to find. Good luck  :)
2325 days ago
Got a 7th perk, and nothing seems different in spawn? Apart from that jump pad sending me on top of that pillar bit in biodome

 :lol:  thats not where you spawn , look up outside ;)

Double Post Merge: March 22, 2015, 01:59:19 pm
is hackers location randomized cause i cant find it and 2 excavators have broken through

Yes its always located in the Labs

Double Post Merge: March 22, 2015, 02:01:51 pm
Im on round 22 now with 6 perks and mark2 and 48k points
The stasis dude said activate switches i did 1 next to him and it lit up but none of the others do anything

Maybe you should explore the map to see if the 1 switch has activated something else. 
If you listened to the audio when you went into the stasis, you would have understood prehaps.
2325 days ago
broke the map:

also when someone went in the portal thingy, the other player gets no zombies

I believe that was intentional to prevent camping in the teleported room.

Double Post Merge: March 22, 2015, 12:23:27 pm

Underwater suit disappeared and it replaced into a hacker machine.

I couldn't go to the outside and find the mask.

Then you were probably in the labs area and picked it up. You can easily swap back at one of the double doors before going back outside into the water!

Double Post Merge: March 22, 2015, 12:28:29 pm
on round 11 with 15k and cant fine power, i went to the left from spawned found jugg, i reached some guys stasis chamber, do i need to complete those objectives to activate power?

edit: nvm found it
Next time, try going right ;)
Although you were close in the observation room(stasis)
2325 days ago

BUT I have one single question: Is there a main EE that one could possibly figure out?
If there is one I don't ask for any hint on it ... I just want to know IF there is one on this amazing map ;D

(please ignore the bad english ... german guy over here ^^)
There is a solo ee as well as a longer 4 player ee.

Great release guys.
Glad I can finally play this with others!
2325 days ago
Discovery Island is one of those great urban myths deserving of a creation like this.
i remember some urban explorer dude swam over there one evening and documented his few hours there. Pretty eerie from his pics and what he said.
But a really great setting for a zombie map so good call on that one.

I like to think the Z's have a touch of Naegleria Fowleri and were just lucky/unlucky they didn't just die.
Will play it this afternoon.
Thanks man

*EDIT* Shane Perez was the urban dude who swam there -  *
2367 days ago
Thanks Jimmy, will try it shortly.

Oh, and HECTIC gameplay on a map is not a bad thing! Quite the opposite! :nyan:
2368 days ago
Whenever i play with my friend. We just crash. is there supposed to be a way of changing gamemode form campaign too nazi zombies? cuz i cant find a way. And we always launch semper fi
game settings>change from coop campaign to Nazi Zombies mode  :lol:
Not sure you need to on this or UGX maps though
2370 days ago
Yeah hope you enjoy your time here :)

2381 days ago
Well what's the difference between everyone starting with stock weapons and then changing them if they want, or everyone starting with UGX weapons and changing them if they want?

If people don't know how to port guns well, then surely that's their problem? If someone doesn't know how to script, is it then fair to say 'people can't add custom scripts because some people can't script'? Or if someone can't map well, do you prevent good mappers from mapping because it's 'not fair'? Mapping, scripting and porting guns is all part of making a map IMO, if you don't know how to do one of these things, then find someone who does and team up, if not then that's on you. Just my 2 cents.
I agree with Stevie, there is plenty of time to learn this with the time frame as well as lots of people in the community that you can team up with to overcome certain problems.
Guns are just part of the whole thing.
And like last time, break down the judging categories.
Last month people had a month to create so it was understandable you all used the same weapon set. But with 6 months to work on it, I think you should set them free to create it as & how they desire!
2383 days ago


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