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Hobo Ville Easter Egg with Hitman Vere & myself
more parts uploading.....
2469 days ago
Thought I would add this here as there is a lot of "how do I..." on Pashans OP.
I will add the end of the run tomorrow but everything u need to complete is on this part.

2483 days ago
I am looking to buy a gaming mouse. My main concern are that I am left handed which not all mouses cater for. I considered something like a hybrid (ie, splitfish) but they are geared towards right handed gamers.
So my main question is, can u recommend a decent gaming mouse for under £100
I have seen a couple that I like the look of but am not sure if they are any good as I am a total n00b when it comes to mouses.
The ones I like so far:

This one looks amazing...but is it any good as a mouse??

I intend to make a choice over the weekend so any advice beforehand would be great. :troll:
Thanks guys
2551 days ago


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