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oooh my bad! You're right, that was the problem. I feel soo stupid in this moment. :trex:
I'd like to ask you another simple question: in the screen you've posted you have two different triggers. Do they open the same door but from different directions, right? I want to do a thing like this in my map, how can I do that? Simply I need to add a "reverse zone" (for example from palestra_zone to start_zone calling the flag enter_start_zone) and I can link that trigger to the same door?
No problem at all, I also fall for that thing sometimes. :)
Yes and yes you can copy the trigger and change the script_flag.
Don't forget to change the zoning in your MAPNAME.gsc

add_adjacent_zone( "parcour_zone", "binnenhof_zone", "enter_binnenhof_zone" );
add_adjacent_zone( "binnenhof_zone", "parcour_zone", "enter_parcour_zone" );
1 day ago
Thank you for the response! Nope,  simply it cannot be opened and it doesn't show any pop-up in-game when I approach it, even with the trigger right configured. And that's strange beacouse some other doors in the map has the same issue, but I controlled all the KVPS and they are all targeting the right enter_zone\door.
Nothing of that you write happens. It simply cannot be opened in-game.
I leave you an image:

(Image removed from quote.)

This is the (in)famous door I showed the KVPS. As you can see, even if I approach it, nothing is showed to the player. This other one, for example, works correctly:

(Image removed from quote.)

 The KVPS for this other door was the same as the other of course.
The last thing I could try is to remake the door that didn't work to zero
I think I know what your problem is, look at this screenshot
You see my triggers are placed outside the clip.

I did that because if you walk into a trigger you need to touch the middle point of that trigger.
If you can't do that because the trigger is too small or the door is too huge then it could be you can't not find that trigger.
It's a stupid thing...

1 day ago

So it seems I've got this weird problem where maps not downloaded and installed directly from the UGX Map Manager will not be installed correctly.

I've tried to install 2 maps, Oil Rig and EncampmentV2-BO3, both of them have given me different Unhandled Exception Caught error window when I tried to launch the maps.

Oil Rig Error Message

 (Image removed from quote.)

EncampmentV2-BO3 Error Message

(Image removed from quote.)

The weird thing is, any maps that I download directly from the UGX Map Manager will run perfectly.

I have installed T4M ( From what I understand all I had to do was replace the .dll file), and I have given administration authorization to the UGX map installers.

I have windows 10 operating system.

Any ideas?
Could be anything..

If the location is correct try run the game in developer 1 mode to see what error you are getting.
Post the screenshot of the error so I can help you.

1 day ago
I'm working on a custom map. When I launch it using Launcher the map runs fine, but when I try to start it in-game my Cod crashes. On my brothers install the game returns to the main menu. If anyone could shed some light on the matter it would be really helpful. If you need error logs please explain how I can get them.
Others' mods also crash my install (i.e. UGX requiem if I launch it via the in-game menu).

Kind regards,
You can try running the map in develop 1 mode to see what is happening, otherwise there is a command to log it. Just search on the keyword "log" and you will find the command to make a logfile.
You can find it back in your mod if you want to find out what happens.
1 day ago

I am trying to help someone with his zoning issue but when I want to save my answer all the line spaces are removed and the text are stuck to each other.
Is using shift enter a problem or something?
1 day ago
I saw exactly this tutorial for making my zones. I know that the // lines are  comments in  C++.
I did some debugs with the noclip in-game to test some doors only some of them works correctly. This is what I declared in the trigger of the enter_palestra_zone (which is one of the first door that the player can buy, near the spawn zone, and it doesn't work, I cannot open it in game, same for a lot of other doors)

This is the Trigger flags:

And this is the Brushmodel flags:

(The doors are all similar to this of course, I changed only the Target and the Flags for each of them)
The really strange thing is that I tried to comments all the zones except for the palestra_zone and the start_zone just for testing the door, but it didn't worked anyway
It's difficult to read what's the problem here so I am gonna ask you for more detail.
Does the door not open because you have money problems?
Does the door not open and you see a hand symbol on it without text?
Does the door open but zombies do not spawn?
Does the door open but you will get a massive frame drop?

The kvps seems to look good but maybe the target is wrong?
Before you try anything first check it on a door without using zoning and if that works try it the zoning door again.
1 day ago
I have Dynamic path on the Debris object.

I have typed the right keys, i double checked and even rebuildt the whole thing with a tutorial whitch worked for me on the first door.
Maybe you are using the wrong trigger?:

8 days ago
Hello.I am currently working on a map and i just added my secound door. (My first one works perfectly)

I used the same way (Script model debris) and used almost the same targetnames (just numbers changed).

Since i have no ideas what spawnflags do i just used the same spawnflag (1).

now when i try to open the door there is no text, just a hand symbol (you might know that symbol from the campaign)

When i press f nothing happens.Please help.On request i can send you the map data and other stuff.Cheers!
It sounds like you are missing or typed in the wrong kvps.
And yes Dynamic path is needed before moving the door. 
9 days ago
Thanks! Just one question. Do i need to create an account in order to download the files required or am I missing something?
Yes it is another zombiemodding platform. 
11 days ago
It's a map I'm working on atm, and I haven't uploaded it yet. I also noticed that if I have my fps limit set to 1000, when the game freezes, the number BESIDE the fps counter (cg_drawfps 1) goes to 2147483647, and goes back to normal. My game runs perfectly normal otherwise.
It's very difficult to reproduce the issues causing this huge lag spike but I can give you some tips how to maybe solve these issues:

1. Use portals (Look around on the forum or tutorials on youtube).
2. If you are programming and use loops you should atleast use a "wait" function. Without this it goes too fast and the engine will break out of the loop.
12 days ago
Sorry, I'm not exactly sure what you mean

I was joking, could it be you are 19 years old?
13 days ago
Whenever I test my map, there is huge lag spikes and the game basically freezes for 3 seconds. It happens about 5 seconds after the game loads, after getting certain items from the box, and at random points in the game as well. When other people are in the game they simply get a connection interrupted. I also tried letting a friend host and now HE is the one with the freezes and I get a connection interrupted. I really don't know what could be causing it. I don't get these freezes on any other custom map, nor can I find any info on this.
Which map? 
13 days ago
I know this isn't a big deal, but on my profile it says I'm 1015 years old, even though when I go to edit my profile, the birth date section is clear. I'm not sure if this is just a glitch
1015 + 1004 - 2000 = 19! Best fomula ever!  
13 days ago
Does anybody know how to change the names of guns when they are pack a punched?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.<3
Open the weapon file with notepad or an weapon editor and change it there.

Now I think about it cod used a translated file for that. Look in root\raw\english\localizedstrings and somewhere there you can find the file. 
This is for waw maybe also the same for bo3?
15 days ago


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