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Messages - gympie6

I am sad we have another uninspirational box map. :(
Congrats with your release.
8 days ago
Sometimes you want to add a couple of FF but don't know which ones are accepted, I got a list for you:
MAPNAME_load (Mostly used for loading screens)
localized_common (I used this for my Black Ops perks)
If you know more, just comment here :)
9 days ago
because the weapon did not have an upgraded version and I was lazy to do the upgraded version 😅😅
That's sad to be honest but fine...
1 month ago
Congratulations on your release, two questions :)
1. Why does your map look like an exact copy of:
2. Why won't you just add the weapon to your map?:



1 month ago
If have no clue but this Call of Duty game is still full of secrets.
2 months ago

1. Copy the following files from raw/maps folder into your mod:
(If you already have those files you don't need to copy them)
2. Copy generic_human.atr, from raw/animtrees to your mod folder. MODNAME/animtrees
add the following things somewhere in that file:
3. In your mod make a new script file (MODNAME/maps) and paste the following code in there:
#include maps\_utility; 
#include common_scripts\utility;
#include maps\_zombiemode_utility;

#using_animtree( "generic_human" );
    self endon ("death");

    // Settings
    self.maxhealth = int(level.zombie_health * 3.0); = self.maxhealth;
    range = 300;
    speed_limit = 2.0;
    increasement = 0.05;
    enable_speeding = true;
    self.gib_override = false;
    self.gibbed = true;
    self.ubercommando = true;
    self setModel("char_ger_ansel_body");
    self.hatModel = "char_ger_waffen_officercap1";
    self attach(self.hatModel);
    if (randomInt(100) <= 50)
        self.hatModel2 = "char_ger_honorgd_headgear1";
        self attach(self.hatModel2);
    max_speed = 1 + (level.round_number * increasement);
        wait randomintrange(10, 30);
        if (!self.ignoreall && self.has_legs)
            self playsound("taunt_vocals_eleven");
            anime = random(level._zombie_board_taunt["zombie"]);
            self animscripted("zombie_taunt", self.origin, self.angles, anime);
            zombies = GetAiSpeciesArray( "axis", "all" );
            for(k = 0; k < zombies.size; k++)
                if (distance( self.origin, zombies[k].origin ) < range && !isdefined(zombies[k].ubercommando))
                    zombies[k] thread speedup_zombies(max_speed, speed_limit, enable_speeding, increasement);
            self.run_combatanim = %ai_zombie_sprint_w_object_5;

speedup_zombies(max_speed, speed_limit, enable_speeding, increasement)
    self.run_combatanim = %ai_zombie_sprint_w_object_4;
    if (!enable_speeding || isdefined(self.ubercommanded))
    self.ubercommanded = true;
    rate = self.moveplaybackrate;

    while (rate < max_speed && rate < speed_limit)
        rate += increasement;
        self.melee_anim_rate        = rate;
        self.moveplaybackrate         = rate;
        self.animplaybackrate         = rate;
        self.traverseplaybackrate     = rate;
        wait 1;
    rate = speed_limit;
(You can for example copy the _zombiemode.gsc file, clear that file and paste this in)
4. openup _zombiemode and look for:
    precachemodel( "char_ger_honorgd_zomb_behead" );
    precachemodel( "char_ger_zombieeye" );
    PrecacheModel( "tag_origin" );
change it to this:
    precachemodel( "char_ger_honorgd_zomb_behead" );
    precachemodel( "char_ger_zombieeye" );
    PrecacheModel( "tag_origin" );

    precachemodel( "char_ger_waffen_officercap1" );
    precachemodel( "char_ger_honorgd_headgear1" );
    precachemodel( "char_ger_ansel_body" );
5. openup _zombiemode_spawner and look for:
self notify( "zombie_init_done" );
change it to this:
self notify( "zombie_init_done" );

if (self.animname != "quad_zombie" && self.animname != "boss_zombie" && self.animname != "zombie_dog")
    spawn_round = 5; // the starting round the UberCommando zombie will spawn
    spawn_percentage = 10; // the spawn percentage the UberCommando zombie will spawn

    if (level.round_number >= spawn_round && randomInt(100) <= spawn_percentage)
        self thread maps\YOURSCRIPT::spawn_ubercommandozombie();
6. Add this to your modbuilder:
// UberCommando zombie
// UberCommando zombie
7. Build mod and you're done! Have fun! :)
2 months ago
the pack a punch if it would be interesting to see it ... or if you have it please send it to me by message !! jaajja is that fascinates me

as for export ... I use maya ... which bo2 file do you need? as for export ... I use maya ... which bo2 file do you need?
I will sent you a link in private, if you want help by how to use the Origins Treasure Box you have to port everything because I don't have them and don't need them.
2 months ago
Could you bring the box of origins or the pack a punch for the next one? Could you bring the box of origins or the pack a punch for the next one?
To answer the question I think they are both not part of the black ops perks.
I have the Origins pack-a-punch but not the random box so someone should port that for me. :)

Wunderfizz on the other hand is related with the perks so I don't mind to add that one to this mod.
2 months ago
If you still have the beta package you should use the All Perks (21 fx)
The other ones exclude vulture aid.

3 months ago
Which perk icon is missing on the map?
3 months ago
With the random perks you have opened a world for me and I wanted to ask you if it is possible to change the pack a ponch model or is it difficult, greetings :D
Not at all, this is how it works if you want to combine it with my perks. :D

1. Openup _zombiemode_perks_items in gympie6_perks.iwd\maps
2. At top you see this: PrecacheModel("zombie_vending_packapunch_on"); rename "zombie_vending_packapunch_on" With your pack-a-punch model name.

3. search for: activate_PackAPunch(), rename "zombie_vending_packapunch_on" With your pack-a-punch model name.

4. In your modbuilder add this: xmodel,YOURPERKMODELNAME, build your mod and you're done! :)
3 months ago
No thanks, give me Harry's perks xDD
Also stop deleting my comments from your YouTube video you boob lover
They should report you for nonsense spammer! :troll:
3 months ago
Thank you @kielrgz ! I am glad you got it working!
I was planning to add Wunderfizz but decided to scrap it because I spend a lot of days improving the perks and solving bugs.
Maybe I will do this later but for now I will keep it like this. :)
3 months ago
There is a new version for the Black Ops Perks with lots of improvements and features! :)
You can find it here!:
3 months ago
Video Install Tutorial:

Download links:

Manual Install Tutorial:
I am afraid that the topic editor currently has issues with showing code in this topic.
Please follow the video installation or read the "instructions" file in this mod pack to find the manual installation. :(
Q: I can't find the raw folder?
A: Please download the modtools from:
   unpack everything into your Call of Duty: World at War folder
   After you have done that the folder should be there.
Q: Do I need to rename: "localized_common"?
A: No, the name is just fine. Place it in your mod, build it with the modbuilder and enjoy! :)
​Q: Can I combine "localized_MAPNAME" with: "localized_common"?
A: Yes you can.
Q: I already have a file called: "localized_common", can I rename it to something else?
A: The chance that something like this happens is very low. You can rename it to "localized_MAPNAME".
   Ofcourse "MAPNAME" is the name of your map.
Q: I have the 400 limit fx error, how can I solve this?
A: The answer can be found in the readme, there I explained the things you can do to solve it.
Q: How does the randomized perk system work?
A: You only need to place the "" prefabs around the map.
   The script will look for the perks that are enabled but missing and place the vending machines on those locations.
Q: What happends if I place more "" prefabs than the amount of perks I enabled for my map?
A: It will randomize the locations and remove the onces that aren't necessary. So don't worry this is possible.
Q: I would like to donate, where can I do that?
A: You don't have to, this is my hobby and I like to give the community the perks that are missing on UGX.
Q: I would like to replace the perk icon's, how can I do that?
A: If you have the .iwi images you just openup "gympie6_perks.iwd" go to images and replace them there.
Q: I want to add these perks to Der Reise, is that possible?
A: This is possible but requires a lot of work to get it done. It's seems supported since there is a scripter
   that tested this.
Q: I want to use the perk slot system for my map but where to start?:
A: In "" there is a trigger near the pap vending machine with targetname: "vending_slot"
     You can also make your trigger_use and give it this targetname: "vending_slot"
     That's all, you can set the price and the starting amount of perk slots.
Please credit me when you're gonna release your map!
Thanks :)
--   Credits   --                        
- Cpt_johnson1
- Bamskater
- Harry Bo21
- Fusorf
- Alaurenc9
- ConvictioNDR
- HitmanVere
- Lilfria
- Redspace200
- StevieWonder87
- Rollonmath
- UGX, Treyarch and Activision
Beta testers:
- Numan
- AveSatanna
- IamBear
- K3nt
- JayJiveCertified
Version: 1.0.0
--   Credits   --                        
3 months ago
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