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Welcome to UGX Borderfree! :)

I am Gympie6, modder and scripter working on cool zombie maps and mods.
My published cod maps:

Enclosed (a.k.a baconcube)

And recently released:
Black Ops Perks (Beta):

I wish you the best of luck creating an awesome zombie map! ;)
14 days ago

Do you like the gravity as you can see in this screenshot? I am here with the tutorial!
Openup _zombiemode and search for this:

you will see this:

self SetClientDvars( "cg_deadChatWithDead", "1",
        "cg_deadChatWithTeam", "1",
        "cg_deadHearTeamLiving", "1",
        "cg_deadHearAllLiving", "1",
        "cg_everyoneHearsEveryone", "1",
        "compass", "0",
        "hud_showStance", "0",
        "cg_thirdPerson", "0",
        "cg_fov", "65",
        "cg_thirdPersonAngle", "0",
        "ammoCounterHide", "0",
        "miniscoreboardhide", "0",
        "ui_hud_hardcore", "0" );

change it to this:

self SetClientDvars( "cg_deadChatWithDead", "1",
        "cg_deadChatWithTeam", "1",
        "cg_deadHearTeamLiving", "1",
        "cg_deadHearAllLiving", "1",
        "cg_everyoneHearsEveryone", "1",
        "compass", "0",
        // gravity
        "phys_gravity", "0", // Zombie gravity
        "g_gravity", "80", // Player gravity
        "ragdoll_max_life", "500000", // Life time of dead bodies flying around in the air in milliseconds
        // gravity
        "hud_showStance", "0",
        "cg_thirdPerson", "0",
        "cg_fov", "65",
        "cg_thirdPersonAngle", "0",
        "ammoCounterHide", "0",
        "miniscoreboardhide", "0",
        "ui_hud_hardcore", "0" );

After you changed that, build the mod and you're done! :)
Have fun testing! (If this tutorial is already on the forum you have my sorry)
15 days ago
Yes I think that's possible but currently not in the mood to take a look at it. Sorry dude.
25 days ago
If that is the case you need to replace it with something else or don't use the model at all.
25 days ago
I have play tested this v1.1 co-op and noticed it still doesn't work.
I checked your code with mine and found a few things:

This does not look right, functions must be placed under: maps\_zombiemode::main(); and precaching stuff must be done above or in maps\_zombiemode::main(); before the gamemode starts.

I also think you forgot to replace _zombiemode_perks_functions and _zombiemode_perks_items because I updated those two files too.

You can also set your starting weapon here, I made this to make it easier for beginners and it works for the _loadout.

Overal I think your code is stuck somewhere in a loop and does not load _laststand completely.... :(
26 days ago
More people ask the same question.

You need to add the model and animation to your mod to use his perks.

animation should be added to his .atr PackAPunch file based on the error.
26 days ago
There I uploaded an update if you can try with a friend if reviving together works well I would appreciate it ... apart from that read now what I post. I put 2 new weapons.

 I thought it was the perk who's who but I got this issue without having the perk at all. Also, please update the download link. :)
26 days ago
Yes, but that's not the bug Alain reported about your map. I am currently unable to revive my teammate. I don't need to buy a perk to make this happen.

I think something went wrong during the installation.
Maybe if you reinstall this again you can fix this.
If you still have problems you can contact me on Discord.
I am in the UGX server, just ping me at: "Modding-Help"
26 days ago
I think I can do it! I'll try! I'll upload an update and test it with a friend! Then it cuts me if it is good walking or if it is bad? Okay? 

Double Post Merge: March 17, 2021, 12:21:19 am

I'm sorry I meant that when I pass the new version to you, try with your friend and tell me! 

Double Post Merge: March 17, 2021, 03:07:13 am

In your update, what needs to be modified in the instructions?
I mean the new modification by scripts or do I have to replace all the files again? 
You need to redo all the install instructions about this perks mod.
And I mean that I tested the newest version in my own map.

If I were you, test this map with one of your own friends before releasing it to the public.
27 days ago
gym can you help me with the script so that everyone in cooperation can revive? 
I played your map and noticed you were using my very first beta access version. If the fix for window's wine isn't there I think I know what is going wrong.
I tested the latest version for sure with a friend and it was working fine.

You need to download the latest version and redo the tutorial.
Can you do it or do you need help with that?  @kielrgz
28 days ago

I was watching this map for a little while

Double Post Merge: March 15, 2021, 08:06:18 pm

i dont know if ot's a bug but when we are in coop if someone die he can be revive or disapear
 Is that not just the perk Who's who?
28 days ago
- Added HarryBo21 Perks
- Removed HarryBo21 Perks

hmmm... what? :cereal: 

Btw, is this map like thinking outside the box?
28 days ago
Check my beta topic about version 1.0.1, glad it works fine for you. :)
33 days ago
This map is going to look very cool dude keep it up! 
I have to mention there were some small bugs in my perks that are solved.
Maybe something to look at before you release your map? :)
34 days ago
Small update on my perks,
I solved 3 little bugs:
- When using the setting "tombstone_use_solo", you could also get the laststand pistol after you got revived while having Quick Revive and Tombstone.
- Quick revive distraction point didn't work when the zombies were too far away from the distraction point's location.
- Double tap and other related perks checks were performed on turrets and other objects that could gib zombies. This is now player only!

Added a new download link and left the old one at the topic.
You can see the difference by looking at the version number.

If you have installed v1.0.0 please redo instruction step 3.1 and replace _zombiemode_perks with the newest one. 
(Make backup of  _zombiemode_perks, if you have changed some settings then copy paste the values to the settings just in case something goes wrong)
34 days ago


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