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Hey, when I try to load my map I get a script runtime error stating

(Image removed from quote.)

I've NEVER seen this error before or could find any forum post related to it. At this point i'm thinking of just restating my map entierly. If you need more information I can respond. Thank you.
I think you forgot to close something in that .gsc file with brackets or ";". If you can't find it you can do two things:
  • Download winmerge and check the raw/maps/_load.gsc with yours.
  • Copy paste the gsc file from raw/maps/_load.gsc to your mod.
Still having this error? Try to compile the Mapname_patch.gsc file.

17 days ago
Hey bro, u said u was going to release a new update of this map in December 13, Currently is December 22......
Give him some time it's Christmas. :)
29 days ago
Yo bros if yous want a mega link here it is made one for friends to install!YplyUAqL!GHz7T7XJDpUxqC1jXz0JN_ghqwYn06weQ-xN_kpfkI0
Why a mega link? It's much slower than a mediafire link. If you don't like mega you can download it from the zombiemodding website directly.
29 days ago
Oke i dont know how to download from that site. I've tried to register an account but they have not answered yet. Do i have to be registered to download from there?
38 days ago
Already tried, but it didn't work ..
Did you delete the file by mistake?
(You can find it in raw/animscripts)
Otherwise maybe try a scriptplacer and see if that works?

You can also add the file to your mod but i am pretty sure more errors will show up.
41 days ago
Hello, I can not fix the animation of the dogs in cooperation, the animation works only in the host.

Do you have an idea to help me?

I thank you in advance.
43 days ago

I have error with my custom map.. When i Try to Launch my map (from console), i got this error after map load:
"Server Script Compile Error
Could not find script 'animscript/dogs.init'
(see console for details)
 You need to compile your MAPNAME_patch file
46 days ago
Hello, I like your map so far I'm in the process of downloading it right now. Is there any way that i could use devmap? O:-)
Yes that's possible or just press the solo button that is also fine.
46 days ago
i know, but im not that good at scripting. So doy you happen to know a link?
There is no scripting needed to make the scavenger.
You should use a weapon editor to make your own pack-a-punched weapon.
If you can download the weapon and install it you can make this...

Still for lazy people:
Goodluck :)

Don't forget to credit the maker.
50 days ago
So I reset my PC a while ago, and Radiant always worked fine before that. However, after the reset, Radiant just gives me a "Radiant MFC Application has stopped working" error. I replaced all of the modtool files I'd backed up before resetting my PC, I ran the launcher and Radiant itself as an administrator, and changed Radiant's compatibility settings, but nothing seems to work. Any fix for this?
I had a little fight with radiant on windows 10.
If you run launcher and radiant with admin permission plus Windows Service 2 it should work.
51 days ago
i found a scavenger on CFGFACTORY, but it could not be pack a pucnhed. So does anyone have one that can be pack a punched?
 You can create your own pack-a-punched Scavenger.
52 days ago
does the bug occur after being revived?
 I think he is talking about the wunderwaffle 1 hit down issue.
53 days ago
If youre refering to the read only stuff then it just reverts back to read only after trying to change it. I'm gonna take some time to fix this issue properly because ive been working every day for the past 6-7 months on this and dont want to screw up my mod any further. I'm going to try transfering my mod to a different PC and also I'm going to try running it through a virtual machine with windows 7 installed to see if windows 10 is casuing problems, because all windows 10 seems to be is one big problem.
I appreciate the help gympie6 and I'll reply to this post if I make any progress in fixing this weird issue.
Yes I know you are reverting stuff but something caused the problem and you haven't found it yet.
I think you already made a backup but if you didn't please do.

Missing models are not breaking the map that's what I am sure of.
Comment all your custom stuff and try to uncomment them piece by piece.
If you have found it I am able to help. I think there is a for / while loop killing the gameplay.

58 days ago
No, I havent changed anything in my zone source in a while. The 2 last things I tried installing were a death machine power up and a main menu button for launching solo. I have gone through and reversed the steps I took to install them, but weapons still dont seem to be loaded in for some reason
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
Thats the text from my zone source file, but upon pasting it in here the code looks all screwed for some reason, but it looks normal in the file itself

Double Post Merge: November 22, 2019, 09:54:20 pm

But its also weird that any and every mod that I try and build has the same issues, no matter if its linked with my mod or not. Ive created new mods/maps and they've had the same issues. Ive also moved my mod over to another PC and still got the same issues.
I have also found that all folders in my WaW root are read only, ive tried changing them through the properites and with cmds as well but they always revert back to read only, do you think that this is part of the issue? Or have I some how royaly fucked up some code somewhere?

But anyways thank you for trying to help me
 Maybe, try to check / uncheck them and see what happens.
60 days ago


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