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Messages - gympie6

We are going to try something else, can you update the hintstrings like I did here below? Don't use '&' for now, just follow this.

If you still don't see the trigger hintstring then it could be that the trigger is too much placed inside the clip.
4 days ago
So the trigger doesn't show up as undefined... I can still buy the debris for 3000, the custom text just doesn't come up... here are my files...
(Image removed from quote.)
(Image removed from quote.)
(Image removed from quote.)
(and incase the pictures don't work...)

I have checked the file where this cost is defined but it does not need any extra configurations so what you have is fine.
The only suggestion I can give are:
1. Have you also compiled the map? The zombie.str only gets updated after compiling the map.
2. Are the KVP's alright in Radiant?
5 days ago
I think that it has something todo with the trigger, if the string cannot be found you will get something like: 'undefined string'.
That is here not the case.
If you're wondering how you probably setup this you can look at these screenshots.


7 days ago
You need to search for 'Riser' or 'Chaser' spawners for information.
Here is a helpful topic I have found:
13 days ago
The problem is that the flogger file is not loaded inside your mod.
You need to do the following:

Initialize the .gsc file via MAPNAME.gsc

To be sure, add the file to your mod and build it with the modbuilder.
I hope this helps. :)
13 days ago
the download link is useless upgrade a new post please;)
There is nothing wrong with this download link?
3 weeks ago
Welcome back! :)
3 weeks ago
Bro included a full-ass tutorial with screenshots :o
i actually can't thank you enough Gympie, you've helped me beyond anything or anyone else related to WaW modding! you'll definitely be the 1st and main priority of my Credits if i ever get to releasing a map lol. Thanks again m8, Maybe I'll just message you this time if it works or not! :ok_hand:
You're welcome! :)
2 months ago
hi hi Gympie, didn't know where else to ask but i had a kinda basic question to ask.
when you replace sounds from a Soundalias, do the sounds need to be in a Custom Folder when you call them from the Soundalias? or will it work if i just place my sounds in the same location as the ones I'm trying to replace with the same name and all? Because ive quite literally tried, replacing plenty of sounds and locations from DLC_Share, but nothing worked.. I just can't find any other information on this subject and thought I'd ask you. Sorry in advance i know this is the wrong place to ask :-
Hi @ghetto_wizzz :),
It depends on what you're trying to do. I hope these screenshots will help you understand,
I have added 'streamed' audio files which can be placed inside my mod. Look at the directory where the audio files are located:

This must be same as in your soundalias file.
An alternative way is not using streamed soundaliasses.

Look at the first screenshot to see the directory where these perk jingles and stings are located.
This is how I add my soundalias to the modbuilder:

If you still have troubles, checkout this tutorial which explains it perfectly: Optimizing Your Custom Audio
2 months ago
also called it in mod.csv
nothing happend
I think you didn't follow all the steps?:
1. Drag the weapon files into: 'MODNAME/weapons/sp'
2. Add the lines from the mod.csv to your modbuilder.
3. Add your weapon file name to '_zombiemode_weapons'
4. Add your weapon file name to '_dlc3'
Ingame you can use this command: `give WEAPONFILENAME`
2 months ago
no its just me that i didnt copy pasted the "preedited Sniperbolt's scripts" folder into mapname/maps 
Goodjob tho !
Glad you figured it out! :)
Thanks and have fun!
2 months ago
suddently, all custom model textures went black as if they were missing. I've already imported custom models successfully before without any problems.
Did you by mistake remove the images or materials? If so I am afraid you have to re-add them.
If it only happens in-game it could be the images are missing from your mod folder?
3 months ago
my waw radiant takes like 2 mins to open and it takes like 10 minutes just to compile my map (it used to be 30 secs) help please
I noticed something similar when I got a new pc.
All I can say is that you can improve performance when using compatibility mode of windows 7 or lower.
3 months ago
hello :wave:  .. i just did everything you said in txt file and i got an error called bad syntax what did i missed?
Hello! :wave: 
I don't know what you have missed, can you post the error here? I also added a Youtube to this topic to help you install the perks.
(Don't forget to use developer 1 to see the error)
Hope this helps. :)
3 months ago
In your modbuilder, add this line:
Code Snippet
Hope it works, fingers crossed! :)
4 months ago
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