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Hey guys! Really appreciate you guys clarifying that for me. It makes a lot more sense now. If you don’t mine me bothering you with one more question, when is it best to use “level”, “player”, or just threading the next function without anything in front of “thread blah blah blah”?
It's best to start first with "self" in all the methods but sometimes you need extra hands to make the job done.

If it goes about the player you need to get the player.
In cod waw you can do this:
players = getplayers();
Maybe you want to check if the player has a certain perk:
if (players[0] hasperk("specialty_armorvest"))
For all the players:
for (i = 0; i < players.size; i++)
     if (players[i] hasperk("specialty_armorvest"))
        // do stuff
Or you want to write functions for the player activating the trigger:
waittill("trigger", player);
Because of the "waittill" function the game will wait at that point until it's triggered.
But sometimes you want to do other things while waiting and that's where the "thread" comes in.
You should see it as a road way that splits into two directions.
Normally you can only take one of the paths so you have to ask a friend to walk the other path.
That's what a thread does. (I am not sure you are known to this so that's the reason I explain this)

The "level" is a great static global database (don't have a better name for this currently) that can be used in every script.
The problem is that if you change a property somewhere it will be changed in every script where you call "level".
I think you already see the point.

I use "level" to update the scoreboard for example all the points, deaths, kills revives ect.
I used it last time to let all the zombies know that the solo player is in last stand mode.
It show results that the zombies go to a point I marked with a struct on the map.

See "level" as a webpage you want to share with anyone.
If you change the styling and save it then everyone can see the changes.
5 hours ago
Will you ever finish this also. You may wanna move it to, WIP zombies maps.
No he quit modding. Maybe he is helping here and there but this is what you can get.

That's what you have to deal with good luck!

You did a great job at making this mod!
It seems people hope you will finish the map and can't read the front page.

1 day ago
The person "Level" in this case is a static person. You can call him in every script and use his properties to do things.
3 days ago
Thanks! I really appreciate you helping me out! Just curious, what does"self" exactly do in terms of scripting? I've seen it used before, but I don't fully understand how it works.
The person executing that task.
It could be a player, ai, trigger, model ect..

Cod likes to work with who does what?
Person1 wants to push a button. (player)
Person2 (the trigger) wants to be turned off for 15 seconds.
Person3 likes to walk a path.(ai)

You can also see "self" as "this" but "this" is the owner of the class and "self" is the owner of the method.
 "self" is the person running the method like for example a boss in a restaurant.

I see this is a bo3 question instead of waw, maybe it's just the same or it has another function name. I think you will find something similar in the perk script.
4 days ago
Hey guys! I'm sure this is a simple thing to script, but I am lost as how to do it. How would one script it so that when I press "F" on a trigger, it will temporarily be unavailable to use until the script for that trigger has run? Example:

I press "F" on a trigger and it turns on a trap. While the trap is running I want the trigger to be unavailable and to have it give no indications of being able to press "F" (it will no longer say press F for blah blah, instead it will saying nothing) until the trap has finished running. Once the trap has finished running I then want the trigger to be able to be used again and to say "Press F to use".

I know how to change the hint icon for the trigger, but what I am mostly wondering is how to make the trigger temporarily unavailable. Any help would be much appreciated!
Use this:
self disable_trigger();

wait 15; // counter

self enable_trigger();
4 days ago
Hi, I'm using SniperBolts Tutorial Prefab's mystery boxes and the box does not move from the start location, I have checked the kvp's of each boxes and they are all correct. please help!
This question is placed in the wrong section. I am afraid I can't help you with this. The only thing I can recommand you is by making a backup of your .map file (plus mod) and use a scriptplacer. 
7 days ago
When I play co-op in my map, quick revive turns on like as it would in solo. I know that it should turn off as any other perk in co-op, so I am wondering if there is a fix for it.
Yes add this at top of your method:
flag_wait( "all_players_connected" );
For example like this:

8 days ago
Thanks for sharing the video best card 2019 Waw
 I have seen all your streams about my maps and I like them a lot. To return the favor I want to thank you for playing my maps!

You really took the time to write this review appreciate that.
Also I am glad you enjoyed the map and what you review here is certainly good feedback!
If I am going to resolve some issues I will take a look at that as well.

8 days ago
This honestly is one of the best maps I've seen in a while, for it's size and how much it feels there is to do, along with the suicidal like boss round, which i found entertaining. I can't wait to play this more with friends, and I feel next to origins, this can be one of my favorite maps ever. I only have one question and that is about the Primo Victoria perk. How much "Health" or "Shield" does it give you. Even if it's just an extra 50 (which should let you live maybe, what, one more hit?) I just wanna know, since it seems like a mini jug, which I really like as a concept
Hi SirusLight and Tim Smith.

Thank you guys both for the feedback!

To answer SirusLight's question if you buy jugg you will get 150 extra health.
Primo Victoria gives you 100 extra health that works for 7.5 with a cooldown of 14 seconds after you got hit.

If you buy both the perks it will stack with each other to a maximum of 350 health. (You start with 100)
14 days ago
Hi, i'm working on a custom map and i was wondering if is there a way to give a zombie a lightning effect or fire effect, thanks in advance

Yes that is possible!

First find the fx that you like and save the file names. (It's best to use a single fx effect)
Second, add this fx in your modbuilder!

The root starts at: C:Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Call of Duty World at War\raw\fx
Then add this into your mapname.gsc.

Give it a name and your location.
level._effect["Your Effect Name Here"] = loadfx("LOCATION");
Still your root starts at: C:Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Call of Duty World at War\raw\fx
Then at last add this:

PlayFxOnTag( level._effect["Your Effect Name Here"], self, "JointName" );
If you want to place it on another joint choose something from this list:
Compile plus build your mod and you are done!
16 days ago
Joined! :)
16 days ago
the map is fine but man the perks are those of waw they are the worst do not go over the map is very good and everything just changes the perks please
I don't understand your problem. Did something broke?
If you mean the default perks are like the old ones it is not correct:
Juggenaut does gives you 250 health instead of 150
Quick revive has self reviving and cost 500 in solo mode.
Double tap does double damage.
17 days ago
ok so everytime i use the launcher and try to log in it says that i dont have permission to use the application
 Have you tried to run the launcher in admin mode?
18 days ago


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