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I have Dynamic path on the Debris object.

I have typed the right keys, i double checked and even rebuildt the whole thing with a tutorial whitch worked for me on the first door.
Maybe you are using the wrong trigger?:

5 days ago
Hello.I am currently working on a map and i just added my secound door. (My first one works perfectly)

I used the same way (Script model debris) and used almost the same targetnames (just numbers changed).

Since i have no ideas what spawnflags do i just used the same spawnflag (1).

now when i try to open the door there is no text, just a hand symbol (you might know that symbol from the campaign)

When i press f nothing happens.Please help.On request i can send you the map data and other stuff.Cheers!
It sounds like you are missing or typed in the wrong kvps.
And yes Dynamic path is needed before moving the door. 
6 days ago
Thanks! Just one question. Do i need to create an account in order to download the files required or am I missing something?
Yes it is another zombiemodding platform. 
8 days ago
It's a map I'm working on atm, and I haven't uploaded it yet. I also noticed that if I have my fps limit set to 1000, when the game freezes, the number BESIDE the fps counter (cg_drawfps 1) goes to 2147483647, and goes back to normal. My game runs perfectly normal otherwise.
It's very difficult to reproduce the issues causing this huge lag spike but I can give you some tips how to maybe solve these issues:

1. Use portals (Look around on the forum or tutorials on youtube).
2. If you are programming and use loops you should atleast use a "wait" function. Without this it goes too fast and the engine will break out of the loop.
9 days ago
Sorry, I'm not exactly sure what you mean

I was joking, could it be you are 19 years old?
10 days ago
Whenever I test my map, there is huge lag spikes and the game basically freezes for 3 seconds. It happens about 5 seconds after the game loads, after getting certain items from the box, and at random points in the game as well. When other people are in the game they simply get a connection interrupted. I also tried letting a friend host and now HE is the one with the freezes and I get a connection interrupted. I really don't know what could be causing it. I don't get these freezes on any other custom map, nor can I find any info on this.
Which map? 
10 days ago
I know this isn't a big deal, but on my profile it says I'm 1015 years old, even though when I go to edit my profile, the birth date section is clear. I'm not sure if this is just a glitch
1015 + 1004 - 2000 = 19! Best fomula ever!  
10 days ago
Does anybody know how to change the names of guns when they are pack a punched?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.<3
Open the weapon file with notepad or an weapon editor and change it there.

Now I think about it cod used a translated file for that. Look in root\raw\english\localizedstrings and somewhere there you can find the file. 
This is for waw maybe also the same for bo3?
12 days ago
I use google translation but sometimes the translation is not perfect!

so I add // to comment but nothing changes : \ thank you for giving me your time :)
Goodluck buddy! :) 
24 days ago
So I made a map a couple of years ago that I unfortunately don't have as a map-file anymore. Only as a mod folder.

Now I've decided to start a new map and was wondering if it's possible to somehow open this old map in radiant. I would like to copy a part from the old map into the new one.

If your isn't located in the root/mapsource I am afraid you lost it.
24 days ago
Sorry I'm french I can not translate! little you reformulate your post pls :)
Google translate is your friend my answer is not that hard to read. (Changed the solution post)
25 days ago
yes everything works perfectly except smoking when the riser out of the ground .... I do not know where it comes from! I use Ugx easy FX
Yes you have to look around in the root/zone_source/zombiemode file.
I think if you turn off one of these you can disable the fx for it:


// fx,maps/zombie/fx_zombie_body_wtr_falling
25 days ago
Hello, I am faced with an error that I can not solve!

(Image removed from quote.)
I am not sure but could it be you are trying to add new pap camo's and it didn't work?

Follow these 3 things:
1. Add the images to your mod.
2. In the modbuilder :ballot_box_with_check: the images.
3. For sure also add the images to your raw/images folder as backup.
27 days ago


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