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Code: cpp

trig = GetEnt( "toilet_trig","targetname" );

num = 0;

trig SetHintString( "" );
trig SetCursorHint( "HINT_NOICON" );
trig UseTriggerRequireLookAt(  );

trig  waittill( "trigger", player );
PlaySoundAtPosition( "toilet_flush", trig.origin);
num = num + 1;
trig disable_trigger(  );
wait 4;
trig enable_trigger(  );
if( num == 3)
player PlaySound( "cha_ching" );
trig Delete(  );
player PlaySound( "verruckt_sound" );
num = num + 1;  looks cooler imo  :p
    trig = GetEnt( "toilet_trig","targetname" );

    num = 0;

    trig SetHintString( "" );
    trig SetCursorHint( "HINT_NOICON" );
    trig UseTriggerRequireLookAt();

    while (true)
        trig waittill( "trigger", player );
        trig disable_trigger();
        PlaySoundAtPosition( "toilet_flush", trig.origin );

        num = num + 1;
        wait 4;

        trig enable_trigger();

        // This goes true for one time
        if ( num == 3)
            player PlaySound( "cha_ching" );
            trig Delete();
            players = get_players();
            for (i = 0; i == players.size; i++)
               players[i] PlaySound( "verruckt_sound" );
Almost :)
4 days ago
This looks like a great tutorial but I have a few questions about this.
  • This while loop is infinite waiting for you to press the trigger. Maybe you want to end the loop after the task is done?
  • Num = num + 1 is also num++
  • From my experience "PlaySound" is a person function. So I think you have to do this in a forloop? players PlaySound("your sound");
  • Players = get_Players() is not necessary inside the while loop. The player count is not going to change.
  • The easteregg songs are not called with the function "PlaySound" but it does the trick. Now you are still able to hear the round sounds and other stuff.
4 days ago
This topic is for testing the text editor (CKEditor).

Please let me know about any issues you have.
How to report an issue:
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give me some information / screenshots / etc so that I don't need to waste hours hunting the issue.

// Example

// Use the tab key to do this:
// Test 1
// Test 2
// Test 3
9 days ago
Hi there. I am relatavily new to the forum.

I recently have taking an interest in developing mods for COD world at war, but i have no idea as to how to get started. I am a programmer. Not much knowledge of gsc, but i am willing to learn new things.

My biggest problem, as mentioned above, is that i have no idea as to how to get started. What i mean by this is to create a new file, type in some sample code, export the file and then test the code in-game. On the wiki, if i didn't miss it, there is no reference as to how to do this basic process. Not just here, but everywhere else online where basic cod WAW modding is mentioned. Only basic scripting is mentioned and that does nothing if i can't test it in-game.

At this point in time, i will be happy with a basic "Hello world" mod to get things started. A multiplayer mod where when i open the game, a message appears that says: "Hello world".

Now, i am not attempting to create a new map. I want to create a mod that goes into the "mods" folder. What i mean by this is a mod that i activate in-game that then does stuff when active. If i were to use an example, check the Pezbots mod, that add bots in-game. This is the kind of mod that i want to create, but without any basic know-how of how to even start the modding process, i am at a loss.

The basic steps of what i need:

1. Create file for the code. Do i need a text editor such as notepad++? Do i need to install the modding tools?

2. Write some basic script such as instructing the game to write in the console "Hello world". The script is ok to learn, but if i don't know where to start, then the script won't do squat.

3. Compile file as a gsc or whatever file for the game to read. Probably need tools for that.

4. Test mod in-game.

Creation, compiling and testing of code is the general starting point of how to test most programs and i can't find a source of how to do this basic function for COD WAW modding anywhere.....

Please help!
To answer your questions:

  • You can simple use notepad but if you want to use a better text editor install Notepad++ or Sublime Text 3. You can read more about it on this page: . Yes you need modtools if you want to make a complete new mod.
  • iprintlnbold("Hello World"); , for a specific player you should use: self iprintlnbold("Hello World"). For more scripting references you can take a look here:
  • Yes.
  • After you compile the mod you can run it from the modlauncher in cod waw. (maybe you need to do something extra but I think this is enough)
All this stuff is from 2009 so it is very old and some links are dead.
You should look at youtube or this forum for more information.
Otherwise you can also take a look at or

.gsc or .csv files are not normally created, you can copy these files and change it to yours. I think saving it as one of these types should also work.
11 days ago
Sounds cool! Always good to see new waw modders with huge motivation!
11 days ago

Just a quick little map I made. This map takes place outside of the Reichstag in Berlin, Germany.

Edit: I have been getting a lot of accusations of "ripping" this map from the campaign. This is not true, everything was made 100% from scratch by me.

(Image removed from quote.)
(Image removed from quote.)

DLC 3/prototype mix
Shoot three teddy bears to access Pack-a-Punch
FOV slider
bo1 knifing (no knife lunge)
Buyable ending

Tom_BMX: buyable ending
Scobalula: FOV slider
isaacscott935: teddy bear script
Thanks to BlackJackJonnyy for amazing video tutorials

When the map is so great people think you are ripping parts from the campaign. :D
33 days ago
Hello! Thank you for replying to my post! I don’t think my question was very clear. I was wondering if there was a way so that I could place a script struct in one location, and then place a second script struct in a different location, and then script it so that a different entity moves from the first script struct to the second one.
The solution is almost the same:

PointA = getStruct("pointA", "targetname");
PointB = getStruct("pointA", "targetname");

Boat = getEnt("boat", "targetname");

If you want to use only one point because the boat is already at point A:
Boat MoveTo( PointB.origin, time); 
If you want to use two points:
Boat MoveTo( PointA.origin, time); 
wait 1; // If you want to add wait time
Boat MoveTo( PointB.origin, time);
If you want to let the boat to look a specific angle:
Boat RotateTo( PointA.angles, time );
Boat MoveTo( PointA.origin, time);

wait 1; // If you want to add wait time

Boat RotateTo( PointB.angles, time );
Boat MoveTo( PointB.origin, time);
66 days ago
Question for you all, how would I go about scripting something so that I can make it move from one script_struct to the next? I know there moveTo functions and such and I tried making them work using a script struct, but I could not get it to work. Anyone that can help me with this?
I think there are problems moving structs because they don't have a body (Atleast I couldn't use them). However if you have an entity you are able to move it to a direction.

How to use MoveTo?
Wall = getEnt("walldoor", "targetname");
Wall MoveTo( Wall.origin + (200, 200, 0), time);

This should be the same as in cod waw?
68 days ago
Alright, sounds good, thank you for the reply!
Okeey I did some research, it seems the only way to replace weapons is by making your own multiplayer mod on your own cod waw server. 
I never done this before and it looks like there are no tutorials about how to do it. Atleast I couldn't find one.

But for the camo's/skins I have better news.
If you know the image name of the texture you can simply replace it in the root/main in one of the IWD files or you can create an IWD file on your own.

For example you can download a weapon skin here:

I also saw this video on youtube but I think there are too many unnecessary parts, the dds to iwi converter should be enough:

For singleplayer however you can customize your own weapons and skins for example zombies.
Don't forget when you use the mod you also have to share it with your friends otherwise they can't join your game.
I think about the last part there are some tutorials on UGX or Zombiemodding about making a mod for Nacht der Untoten.

I hope this anwsers your question.
73 days ago
Hello guys, i´m new to the scene. I want to work on a map with two of my friends.
Is there any way to work with them together at the same time without uploading every single updated version of the map?
From what I have heard this isn't possible. You guys can both build a part of the map and later on you can add the other half as prefab. I don't know if it is possible but maybe you guys can use dropbox to share the mod that is easy to update and follow.
73 days ago
i have an i9 9900k with a 1080 so i have no clue what is happening it doesnt matter what i do it freezes on initiailizing graphics system and closes. the mod tools them self stay open but just cant load radiant.
This Radiant version is made in the years of Windows XP.
Maybe it has problems running it in windows 10.
Try to run the application in compatibility modes of windows XP or 7.

Now I shot myself again by seeing this is bo3 I suggest you should close all the other applications first before using this program. It uses a lot of ram? Sorry thought this is waw. I hope someone has better advice for you.
73 days ago

Okay, so I don't know if I should really be asking this here, but since this is a modding website I thought I would...

So recently I got back into playing waw multiplayer again and I discovered the Pezbot mod (I know, it's been out for awhile...) and I have been having some fun messing around with it by myself. Now since I'm playing offline in a way, I was wondering how I would go about editing the weapon files in multiplayer so that I could change the sounds, as well as maybe change the weapon overall.

The reason why is because I want to try and switch around some of the weapons that have better versions of themselves, as well as edit their firing and reload sounds, so that the weapons would look, feel, and sound more proper. An example of this would be to change the Original MP40, to the MP40 that is in Black ops 2 Origins, or Change the Thompson to the M1927 that is in Mob Of The Dead from BO2.

This shouldn't be to hard to do, as their are ported weapons already from the other call of duties found in the various custom zombie maps, but I could be wrong, that's why I am asking...

Any help would be much appreciated!
 From my experience it isn't possible to change the damage or other stats of the weapon it self but it is possible to change the sounds and camos. I think everything can be found in the root/main folder.

I know that in cod4 it is also possible to change the weapon model itself but I don't know if this is also possible for cod waw. That is something I will look up for ya. I will update this answer when I have more news.
74 days ago
help with solo??
 Enable your "console" in the settings.
Then press "~" and type: devmap nazi_zombie_deadhouse

I think that is the name, it's the same name as the downloaded folder most of the time.
74 days ago
There are a lot of waw custom zombie maps where they use verruct soldier voices so I think it is possible to use them. Maybe the soundalias is wrong but the locations of the sound are not?

Make a backup of the dlc3 soundalias and try to change the location path of all the voices to verruct ones. 
76 days ago


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