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Hello! Thank you for replying to my post! I don’t think my question was very clear. I was wondering if there was a way so that I could place a script struct in one location, and then place a second script struct in a di...
9 days ago
Question for you all, how would I go about scripting something so that I can make it move from one script_struct to the next? I know there moveTo functions and such and I tried making them work using a script struct, but I...
11 days ago
Alright, sounds good, thank you for the reply!
Okeey I did some research, it seems the only way to replace weapons is by making your own multiplayer mod on your own cod waw server. 
I never don...
15 days ago
Hello guys, i´m new to the scene. I want to work on a map with two of my friends.
Is there any way to work with them together at the same time without uploading every single updated version of the map?
From wh...
16 days ago
i have an i9 9900k with a 1080 so i have no clue what is happening it doesnt matter what i do it freezes on initiailizing graphics system and closes. the mod tools them self stay open but just cant load radiant.
16 days ago

Okay, so I don't know if I should really be asking this here, but since this is a modding website I thought I would...

So recently I got back into playing waw multiplayer again and I...
16 days ago


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