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i finally fixed it it turns out the line i used from asylum mx_egg was wrong in some way i used the line for toilet flush and it worked so the csv was the issue thanks for the help man can't wait to finish the map [/quo...
20 hours ago
interesting about the "stalker", he's a bit scary but his slow speed and lack of effect on the player don't make him that effective
also found when I was trying for a high round, nova's glitch...
3 days ago
Thanks for the response.
No problem, you can dm me if you have questions. :)
3 days ago
Hey guys! I'm sure this is something simple, but how would I go about writing in my script so that step two of the EE cannot be accessed until step one is completed?
 I don't know how it works for bo3 b...
3 days ago
That fixes the issue with the path nodes, but another problem is that I have moving barriers and the traverse nodes would have to move too.  But if you think that's not possible then I'll just scrap the idea.&nbs...
3 days ago
Guys, just forgive me for offtopic, but since the forum related  games, I decided to ask an important question. I am writing a essay which is related to computer games and how they affect the psychological health of...
5 days ago


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