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Don't know how to find screenshotJpeg screenshots, but my final score was 159,124,300 with 1200x multiplier. ;)
2210 days ago
what exactly is wrong with it? is there something missing?
Sorry, the lighting in this screenshot doesn't really show it. See where the black is at the very end? There's supposed to be a continuation of the hallway there; instead, it just cuts off until I get closer to it.
2212 days ago
Bump? ;_;
2212 days ago
Anyone know how to fix this?

It happens in other spots on my map, as well. Basically, it acts like if the "Cubic clipping" option is toggled in Radiant. I've portaled the entirety of the map so far and that still hasn't fixed anything. Does anyone have any ideas? Help would be much appreciated, although I know I probably sound like a n00b :(
2215 days ago
Didnt know what the ninja guy was people where talking about, trick or treated at a house, he came running out and downed me in one hit with jug, while also filling my pants with poo from jumpscaring me
behold the wonders of payday
2216 days ago
(Image removed from quote.)

Every perk machine is beautiful, it just needs a right person to look at it, lol
stevie is a left person i guess
2217 days ago
The only thing that I would prefer to be done differently is the reload time on the guns, but that's only because I'm used to cancelling the reload animation, but that's just me. The weapons are all done very fairly well, especially considering there are so many of them. Glad to see more positive responses to this map! :D
2217 days ago
Wow, very nice. Thanks for sharing! :D Definitely will be testing this.
2228 days ago
Did you try adding skyboxmodel but used the incorrect name? It does that to me all the time when I enter a non-existent skybox.
2234 days ago
Yeah, he's doing major updates/bug fixes to it. The main reason why he removed the topic from the list, though, is because he uploaded his testing version to mediafire on accident.
2235 days ago
Backwards tree volume.
This usually means there are no structural brushes.
Bsp need one structural brush to compile.
U must have made all brushes "detail"
Make a regular brush and recompile.

Just put a small brush in the map and compiled. Works perfectly. :poker:
Thanks, though, everyone! :)
2239 days ago
Thanks! :D Yeah, I realised how many steps there were after I posted it... lmao. I'll try to get a few videos up ASAP :)
2239 days ago
Terrain for this specifically? Or just a video in general? I could do either, although I don't know how good it would be without talking (my mic is shitty as fuck :( )
2239 days ago
Thanks, the misc. model error is fixed! :D But I still am not sure what do to about the "Backwards tree volume."
2239 days ago
I don't see a Go to position button under Selection :(
2239 days ago


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