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1430 days ago
I just found this in treyarchs stupid ass code...

Explains why people had GSpawn errors with my  perks, as well as without

in zombiemode_utility.gsc - youll find this function

check_point_in_active_zone( origin )
player_zones = GetEntArray( "player_zone", "script_noteworthy" );
if( !isDefined( level.zones ) || !isDefined( player_zones ) )
return true;

scr_org = spawn( "script_origin", origin+(0, 0, 40) );

one_valid_zone = false;
for( i = 0; i < player_zones.size; i++ )
if( scr_org isTouching( player_zones[i] ) )
if( isDefined( level.zones[player_zones[i].targetname] ) &&
isDefined( level.zones[player_zones[i].targetname].is_enabled ) )
one_valid_zone = true;

return one_valid_zone;

Not only do they spawn a script_origin that they dont delete - meaning every time this function is called another ent is created and lost

They also check if is_enabled "is Defined" - but not if its "true" - so this will always return true even if the zone "isnt" active...

Replace it with this :

check_point_in_active_zone( origin )
player_zones = GetEntArray( "player_zone", "script_noteworthy" );
if( !isDefined( level.zones ) || !isDefined( player_zones ) )
return true;

scr_org = spawn( "script_origin", origin + ( 0, 0, 40 ) );

one_valid_zone = false;
for( i = 0; i < player_zones.size; i++ )
if( scr_org isTouching( player_zones[ i ] ) )
if( isDefined( level.zones[ player_zones[ i ].targetname ] ) && isDefined( level.zones[ player_zones[ i ].targetname ].is_enabled ) && level.zones[ player_zones[ i ].targetname ].is_enabled )
one_valid_zone = true;

scr_org delete();
return one_valid_zone;
1523 days ago
Ok let me do a little explaining, coz this goes to some lengths to fully understand what these two horrible individuals did to me yesterday / this morning

My wife has sadly decided she wants to divorce me, and sell our house - this has literally crushed me

One of the main huge reasons as to why is how much time I spend on this site / chat / Skype assisting people with their maps and problems - don't get me wrong I fully understand that and am doing everything humanly possible to try to sort this out, which is emotionally straining on us both already

Well anyway, so last night, I was feeling "a little" better so decided to come talk to people in chat, people like uk viiper, Nate and lilrifa have ( and more ) have been infinitely helpful and caring in the past, and I used to think of this community as a kind of "second family"

I had been chatting through these issues with viiper - enter gun of truth


Gun is offline



Enter Cowman



"That's gears"

Etc etc

I asked them to stop, this has been a issue with them for longer than I can remember now, I asked nicely but gun ( the always innocent victim he is ) didn't like being told to just "no longer" continue spamming, same for Cowman

Eventually after gun won't listen I mute him for ten minutes

That ten damn minutes people

Most who know me, know I rarely touched the admin buttons if ever, and only did really when stupid children refused to even attempt to listen to reason

Gun then messages trem, and rolon - and others going on about how I'm a cunt etc etc

Mute expires so he comes back in chat

He scrolls up to my chat with viiper and takes a GIF of the whole quite frankly emotional chat we were having, posts it back in chat - to trem and god knows where else

Now - I understand the internet isn't always the safest place, but these guys in my eyes were my friends and this was my means to contact them - I needed them

Gun continues being difficult, eventually I say

"You know full well what your doing don't pysh me just stop"

Now I don't believe for a second him being German means he couldn't see the obvious typo between a u and a y ( beside each other on the keyboard ) and as usual was just trying to push and push, I mute him for 60 minutes - cow continues being a pain

Gun complains to trem, he rightfully confronts me. I explained as much as I am emotional, it's these guys COMPLETE disregard for following simple rules or just "stopping" their petty petty behaviour once they are asked - they have absolutely no respect for this site or anyone on it - this is fact

I spoke with trem and requested to step down, had enough of the complete disrespect some people choose to show again and again. So now, no longer a mod, no longer can do anything to them ever again. In my eyes, any "civilised" human being would have stopped there... But no...

Within minutes I start getting calls and messages via Skype asking me for age sex gender, do I wanna hook up, do I fancy a gay meet etc

This continues non stop all through the night, repeatedly waking me up so I got like two hours sleep ( I keep my phone and Skype on incase of emergencies )

I'm living on the sofa right now, don't exactly have a private place - I awake in the morning, my wife is just getting up and is in the kitchen - beside my phone which keeps ringing with names like "mr big boy" "just wanna fuck" etc flashing up on my phone

I am thankful to holy HELL I got to my phone before she saw that or I assure you - if be living on the fucking streets probably black and blue from her family beating me to near death - this WOULD have been the case had I not got there in time

This is not the first time they have done this, chroma has had it from them, so has Stevie, and several others

I no longer feel ugx is a "second family" now - I used to help ANYONE that asked, and worked tirelessly to provide content for everyone to enjoy. But thanks to this guy and his "need" to say "deer" on fucking repeat 100 times a day despite FULL WELL KNOWING what he's doing and cows similar insistence to say things like "wins" or claim we are saying bad things about tombmx - when in reality no one had even mentioned him - I have decided to completely leave this community

I had hoped to step back up and continue to do these cool things when the time was right, but knowing that people will take full advantage of this site to actively try and nearly succeed in completely ruining people's lives, I have now decided I need to go - for good

Id like to thank everyone who has been kind to me here, your next to all I had, and something I had hoped to keep during these troubled times, but I can't explain the feeling of complete sickness I've had today trying to sort out my current issues and somehow make sure my wife doesn't see the utter filth that has been popping up on my phone

I love you all, continue doing the great work you do. Trem and the team - your amazing people and I wish you all the best in the future

Cow and gun? Honestly I would never have said this about anyone, but I genuinely hope you end up one day pissing off the wrong person and end up being dragged out the bottom of a fucking canal - you honestly fucking deserve it

Good bye everyone

Harry - out
1617 days ago
Okay so ive been using VPNs to client my laptop with my PC

im told as tehy are on the same network - thats why they wont connect otherwise, but i keep hitting this rather frustrating problem

just one day - with absolutely no reason and even on VPN - suddenly i cant connect to the pc - session is no longer available - same result using LAN

Ive asked this several times before, but the most i get is maybe one random from chat offering to test with me - which is great dont get me wrong - but right now i need to piece by piece rebuild my entire mod,, repeatedly transferring it over each step of the way would take weeks

so if anyone can give me a reliable garunteed way to do this - that wont just "suddenly" decide its not gonna work next week... id really appreciate it. Keep installing one VPN after another just for them to fail later
1635 days ago
Ok so ive seen various topics on this, none are clear and none fully explain

I can notify CSC from GSC, and I thought my method of doing the reverse was working but it isnt

A few people have told me that using :


"in" csc - will always update the host,, regardless of who its used on, and this was the key to notifying GSC. By setting a 4 players DVARs, and collecting them all off the host in GSC

This however - must not be true, as ive done Iprints, im setting the correct dvar, and waiting in GSC for that DVAR, but its only working for the host - which means SetClientDvar is setting it on each client, and i cant catch that info in GSC

I saw a post by trem saying to use scriptMenuResponse in menu to catch and pass it on - i can find no examples of this used, and absolutely no info on it anywhere

anyone feel like cluing me in? This yet again means my perks are not working properly and now its effect project viking as i passed this faulty code on to redspace

If anyone could explain thatd be great. Saying "just use this" like i keep getting from people isnt helping, you "need" to show me how or say nothing... - to "just fly a spaceship you - just fly it" yknow...

this is the post where trem explains, he only shows the GSC and tells you about scriptMenuResponse - there is no example or explanation how to actually "do" that menu part tho...,6745.msg73637.html#msg73637
1636 days ago
So ive looked into this a bunch of times, stil havent found it

in _zombiemode.gsc you will find this :

wait 3;
players = get_players();
for( i = 0; i < players.size; i++ )
index = maps\_zombiemode_weapons::get_player_index( players[ i ] );
player_index = "plr_" + index + "_";
sound_to_play = "vox_name_int_0";
players[ i ] maps\_zombiemode_spawner::do_player_playdialog( player_index, sound_to_play, .05 );
wait .7;

"but", if you look where its called from...

its commented, so as much as it looks like its the function thats used, it cant be and i cant find the real one anywhere
1641 days ago
Ok someone has gotta know "something" about this bug, its infuriating

My wunderfizz, pack a punch and mystery box were animating fine before, since i had my crash and reinstalled the mod tools - they now are not, nor are the dogs - at least they are not for clients

However, my portals and soul chests and AI stuff is all animating just fine

I managed to get the wunderfizz anims to work in another script on both client and host, but then i tried changing my old wunderfizz script to use the new anim tree - then both stop working

any help would be appreciated guys, without then my BO2 mod will surely die as this is the same god damn issue I KEEP running into and it ruins the best features i added...

example of something i tried as a test

#include maps\_utility; 
#include common_scripts\utility;
#include maps\_zombiemode_utility;

#using_animtree( "test_tree" );

PrecacheModel( "anim_test_model" );
level thread setup();

ent = getEnt( "animtest", "targetname" );
        ent thread animtesting();

wait 1;
while( 1 )
self UseAnimTree( #animtree );
self setAnim( %test_anim );
wait getAnimLength( %test_anim );

its also worth noting its not just me this effects, the dog issue happens to loads of people and weve had this issue on maps ive worked on ( oil rig, nacht reimagined, encampment )

only info ive found :
1656 days ago
Ok this issue has been bugging me for a while now

So I cant find a way to override the image used for the grenades indicator, fine i can deal with that

but sticky grenades that you can pick back up? The hell waw...

I tried using the weapon file that comes in waw, sticky_grenade as i was told that it doesnt let you pick it back up, but ive just gone and tested it and you still can?

Is there anyway to disable this? I dont want to delete the grenade and spawn a model, coz then i lose the indicator entirely, anyone got any info on the matter :)
1663 days ago
Porting Bo1 Third Person anims to World At War

Description :

I have made this tutorial to explain how to port Black Ops 1 Third Person animtypes into WaW, because they asre seriously easy, yet few seem to do it. Black ops 1 is preferable as you can pinch the anims straight from the Black Ops 1 Mod tools and convert them with Toms programs to avoid maya - but I will do a tutorial on "fixing" the Tanims for those wishing to port Black Ops 2 or other games anims ( Which you will get as "T"anims not "X" anims )

Step 1 - Converting the Anims to Cod 5

# PREREQUISITES : You need the Black Ops 1 Mod Tools and Toms Crowleys Xanim Exporter for this

Go to the raw/xanim folder in the Black Ops 1 Mod tools

# NOTE : Third person anims will be prefixed with either "pt_" or "pb_" ( Standing of course for "player Body" or "player Torso"

Search for the anims you want to port, for our purposes, we will do the mini gun anims

As you see - there are quite a few, so this will take a little time and patience. I remind again this is not "difficult" its just "long"

You will now need "Toms Xanim Exporter" To "convert" these anims from Black Ops 1 directly to World At War

Open Toms Xanim Exporter and click "converter"

This will open a new window, now change the "convert to" option to "Call Of Duty 5" and drag all of the anims on to where it says "Drag Files To Load" ( If it crashes, do small amounts of anims - at a time )

They will now be in the "converted" folder in  whatever folder you have Toms program in

Now move these to Call off Dtuy 5. So put them directly into root/raw/xanims

The animations are done now, now thank Tom for his wonderful program ;)

Step 2 - Setting up the Anim Type

# PREREQUISITES : I recommend both "backing up" your root/raw/mp folder and getting "Notepad++" for this

Go to root/raw/animtrees and copy the "multiplayer.atr" to your mods folder

Open the file

Now we need to add the animations to the anim tree, but from what ive found, its not as hard as it looks

At the top of this file youll notice its specifying this part is for the "torso" aninmations, and bodys go way down the bottom

This is literally all i did :

So thats that, also done - see, its easier than it sounds / looks

Now you need to go to the raw/root/mp folder

# NOTE: Back up the files we mess with as this effects "globally" as we are in the raw folder

Open the playeranimtypes.txt

All you need to do here is "define" your new anim type. So literally just add what you wanna call it to the bottom of the file, save and close

Now open the playeranim.script ( Prefereably in Notepad++, but any text editor )

Now it may seem all complicated, but it isnt. This is bascially a "list" of all the different animations that a person can do in game. Walk, idle, crouch etc

Its just in a list of sections for each animation, you just need to define your "anim type" in these sections, and tell it which anim it should use in this case.

We will go through the basics here

So to begin with, I called my anim type "akimbo" in the previous step, so thats what its referred to as from here in this file too

So to begin with, easy one, the "idle"

This will be way at the top, as you can see the first thing we see is the idle

now to add to this you do the following

playerAnimType <ANIMTYPENAME>
    // if a pt_ anim
    torso ANIMNAME
    // if a pb_ anim
    both ANIMNAME
    // only one anim

Easy, like this :

Thats it, idle is now set up, you "could" go test it at this stage, but no point

you just do the same for the rest, after two or three itll seem straighforward

# NOTE : Some become a "little" more complicated so ill explain

Sometimes there can be a number of appropriate anims so we need to be a little more specific

The flinch ones are one example

You need to specify the "crouch and prone" as well as the "standing" animations in these, its easy enough tho


you can specify the move type too, so heres a example :

# NOTE : In the "walking" animations, youll usually need to define them in two groups, one group of :
forward, left, right
and another for :

so for this we can define also "strafing"

playerAnimType <ANIMTYPENAME>, strafing <DIRECTION>

So for example you would do something like this :

Thats all there is to it. Now just go through the list

If there are any you dont have animations for, either dont set one or set something "close" ( like i think the shield uses the "stand walk" anims for crouched movement )

Step 3 - Loading this into your mod and changing the animtype on your gun

In mod.csv, add all of the anims and add this :


now we need to set the anim type in your weapon file. Again easy, just open it in a text editor and change it over ( cant use UGX weapon editor for this )

So, assuming you have

Ported the animations to waw
Added them to mod.csv
Added the two lines also
Defined the new animtype name in playeranimtypes.txt
Set up the animtions in the playeranim.script
Added all animations to the multiplayer.atr
Changed the playeranimtype in the weapon file
Ticked the relevent things in launcher, Recompiled map and rebuilt mod

This should work properly now

Here is a example of my anim script

1731 days ago
Hey all

this is a farily redundant question - as i have infact fixed it before when i did the shield, although i dont remember what i did

Ive converted all 80 staff 3rd person anims ( yup... all 80 )

They all work fine except...

If you run forward, left or right, his weapon glitches out for a second then goes back to normal

Now I realise the obvious answer is - well theres a issue with the anim then

but there isnt

Ive checked em all, they are all fine. Seems to only be when he "changes from idle to X" that it happens, and only for a split second, after that he runs correctly - on repeat - with the weapon properly in hand

I thought i fixed this by converting in assman against a BO1 body instead of a BO2 body ( obviously i had to do some work to fix the anims too ) - sadly that solution hasnt worked, so must not have been what i did

most other anims are fine, although that doesnt guarantee they actually are

Ill work it out eventually ( again... ) but if anyone has any input, id appreciate it
1758 days ago
Hey guys, I may be relativly good with pcs, but one thing ive never bothered with? - Overclocking

I spoke to a few around here and not many people do know a huge deal about it, so thought id ask some thoughts

So my new GPU came with this, has more options, none of which i really wanna use solely5 for the fact i dont understand the risks

I put it up to as you see in the image for BO3, tbh, dont think its making a huge difference. I also noticed, increasing higher just seems to make the game crash early in

Anyone got any info, not a huge deal, just the dos and donts or something. Thought it could be helpful to me, but also for others, keep seeing people mentioning overclocking and all it makes me think is - if it can be overclocked - why isnt it "already" overclocked - if its apparently safe?
1775 days ago
So I noticed that one of dempseys quotes says something like

"as expected, my memory is slipping, unable to determine number of jump points to current location, two at least"

Think hes referring to teleporter jumps they did from Origins to here? If so, i would theorize that maybe some future maps will actually be set during their travels to "get" back to Der Riese for The Giant

Anyone else got any ideas


"Having failed to obtain intel, test subjects location is currently unknown" - so I assume that is referring to whatever the test subjects were he spoke of in the intro, which i still suspect is ourselves

and then yet again... the game crashes when i turn power on...
1781 days ago
(MOTD Plane Located) = Apparently, the plane used to attempt an escape out of "Alcatraz" in Mob of the Dead is located on the Shadows of Evil Map in the linked picture. This shouldn't be too surprising as it is believed that the creators of Shadows of Evil consists of the Black Ops 2 campaign team that made MOTB. Additionally, it is presumed that Morg City can be seen in the distance of MOTB and that both storylines are strongly related, mainly due to the iteration playstyle.

So when I said I heard that there were connections between MOTD and Shadows before it came out, and i got all that hate?

Also when i said it had to be set "before" the world war, this is the 1890s apparently? ( MOTD being very early 1900s or before - which also predates the first "recorded outbreak" mentioned in the O4 story )

Pretend After life mode ( "beast mode" ), same time frame ( or close ) and the actual plane we used has been sighted

hell im pretty sure one of the number codes we used were 666 ( the number of the "beast" ) with a unexplained demonic announcer

All the sounds are reused from MOTD

Made by the MOTD "team"

even the start pistol looks llike the one from MOTDs intro

Which also brings into question that people were claiming the place you are in Shadows, can be seen in the distance from MOTD, which narrows down its supposed location to somewhere near the golden gate bridge

lol, anyway, anyone else found anything interesting? Apparently theres a map of origins floating around somewhere, and as for the time line in the giant, most are now saying its a new timeline now due to the intro, making the previous one irrelevent, but i wanna know what "test subjects" he speaks of?

My only theory could be its um... us?

2 were kidnapped "before" verruct ( well 3 but one died ) Then Richtofen had Dempse - the sole survivior - from Verruct captured to take the dead guys place - before Shi no Numa. Current theories hold that this takes place "before" Shi no numa, but no word of what order in regards to verruct

So we "may or may not" have been captured in this timeline, the alternative means theres two of us ( well except Edward lol ) runing around somewhere at least - I find this less likely

cant even swingthat they were not there to "abduct" due to origins - or richtofen would also not be there in the first place
1784 days ago
188 in the world baby!

Lets see what y'all have ;)
1784 days ago
Now weve all seen this at some point with our moon walking hellhound friends, however no-one seems to be able to actually find the cause for this, but its now happening in other more troublesome areas, so i need some ideas

So for the dogs it was, the host saw em fine, but the clients would see no animations, and they would then just float around

Now im getting it with my mystery box on a particular map, but i noticed something

At first i thought it just wasnt animating, but infact i do see it move very very slightly. The host however is seeing the full animation

I tried everything to fix this with the dogs, i even did however that fix also did not work for this person, anyone got any ideas?
1798 days ago


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