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1 - WaW you dont need the /

2 - its not "his map"

3 - Thats not what developer is for. Surprisingly its for the "developers" to use not the players

4 - "developer_script" definitely wont benefit him at all, as all it does is enable the developer code blocks which is to assist with developing "scripts" not fixing errors

just /map thename isnt gonna work unless you load the mod - and from your description it sounds like it crashes whenever you actually try to load the mod
57 days ago
S - to open surface inspector - which was also the case in cod 4
59 days ago
the problem you are having isnt the model, its the way you are overriding assetsbecause this is a duplicate of a stock gun, its loading the "assets" from the stock file, then in game - reading your file - thus trying to use the new model - but the "old one" is all thats loaded

add the assets to your mod.csv
59 days ago
Yea it was... no files are missing - any errors you got were your end...

weve been doing this like like ten years now...
67 days ago
like i find myself saying to you people near daily now...REINSTALL THE MOD TOOLS AND THIS TIME DO IT -CORRECTLY-
68 days ago
disregard thatas you were Tom, we need that humour to stay sane
72 days ago
^ is NOT the fix

Your getting these errors because you did not install the patches and updates for mod tools correctly. Fixing the error, just means you will get "another error" from the "next" set of files that are missing

Reinstall the mod tools - and this time do it "correctly"
73 days ago
And still none of these updates are actually adding anything alien or removing the 1960s Germany nazi zombie models

81 days ago
it looks "sexy" to you "because" its not on waw
89 days ago
trust radi to bring up the big issues
92 days ago
the trick is to not be a thieving pikey and buy the 10 year old game that is up for sale for like $5 in hundreds of places...
92 days ago
doesnt need to be "in" the zone

otherwise out of area spawners - eg risers that walk to windows or trverses - wouldnt work
93 days ago
because they need to have materials set up to support it

its shaderconstant script controlled
94 days ago


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