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1. Remove the cmp map from mod.arena as Dukip said

2. Write "rawfile,mod.arena" in mod.csv box in Launcher

3. In your (back up original first) find line ~269:
exec "set ui_gametype cmp; set ui_mapname "FIRST_PLAYABLE_CAMPAIGN_LEVEL
Change to this:
exec "set ui_gametype cmp; set ui_mapname "yourmapname
where yourmapname is obviously your map name. Idk why but mine only works when there's only a double-quotation mark before yourmapname, not after, so it looks like this

4. In (again back up original first) find line 66:
CHOICE_DVARLIST_VIS( 		1, "@MENU_GAME_TYPE", "", ITEM_TYPE_MULTI, ownerdraw UI_NETGAMETYPE textaligny 20, execOnDvarStringValue "ui_netGametypeName" zom "set ui_hostOptions 0; set ui_hostOptionsEnabled 0;";, 1 )
Comment it out. Then, if you want, change the index (first parameter) of all the next CHOICE_ options by -1 so there isn't a blank space where the game mode option is, but that's not essential.

5. Save, then build mod twice.

Report back with any problems, I rushed so I'm willing to bet a better scripter will correct me but w/e ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
1459 days ago
You might as well change the values in dlc3_code.gsc if it's bothering you, there's no real reason to make an entire script just to get those extra 5 points other than just 'cause. Look for the check_for_change() function and change this line:

player maps\_zombiemode_score::add_to_player_score( 25 );
and change 25 to a multiple of ten, like 20.
1461 days ago
And underneath that sweater? My COD Zombies shirt. Also, it's Stitch and Toothless.

Fun fact: Stitch and Toothless were both designed by the same guys, Dean DeBlois and Chris Sanders (they wrote/directed both movies). I love these people. :gusta:
1461 days ago
if we used it 2 times or 3 what we need to do reinstall the Launcher?

Sounds like you're a bit lost, so I'm just gonna recommend you completely uninstall mod tools and start again, follow this playlist: it's what I used when I started and I had no problems with it. Follow it precisely, don't fuck around with things until you know what you're doing.
1461 days ago
Did you run the converter when you first installed mod tools? (if you have done this don't do it again)
1462 days ago
I had same issue, how I fixed it was:

In _zombiemode_spawners.gsc find the function do_zombie_rise()

Somewhere around line 3350 there will be a line that looks something like this
if( ( level.script == "nazi_zombie_something" || level.script == "nazi_zombie_somethingelse") && 
Change one to your map name.

If this works for you: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ
If it doesn't: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
1462 days ago
Any updates on this man?
1463 days ago
The only things stopping me from getting W10 are the privacy concerns, and Microsoft's aggressive approach to how they get some users to upgrade (i.e. forcing the upgrade without warning even if the user is doing something, like this).


Obviously most of the internet traffic used by W10 isn't anything to be concerned about, but it's everything else which is the problem. When I mention this to people I often get called paranoid etc. but it's a real concern of mine, and it saddens me when others simply don't give a shit about their own privacy.

I'm aware of several privacy (and anti-bloatware) tools that forcibly disable data logging and telemetry amongst other things, but I'm not sure how effective they are.
1463 days ago
if u mean the script_flag i put zone2. For the door that goes from start_zone to zone2.

The script_flag needs to be identical to the third parameter in add_adjacent_zone. Set your script_flag KVP to enter_zone2
1463 days ago
Fellow beard club member checking in, chaps

image removed cause i wanted to remove it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
1464 days ago
Played around with the script and got everything to work like a charm! Thank you sir


Why did you just mark yourself as best answer? :please:
1464 days ago
Could you please clarify where to place the function?

and just give me basic KVP's for the door because my setup is not working, Thank you

Did you try Stuffy's version? Do you have working doors in the first place?
1465 days ago
Looks pretty slick heh! Testin it out right now, Thanks alot !

Use BluntStuffy's alteration if it causes problems.
1465 days ago
Suggestion: Add all relatively popular maps to UGX map manager, downloads go much faster there.

The map manager will be phased out by the upcoming UGX Launcher, which is due some time this month. Once it's public, maps will be added to it. Maps haven't been added to the manager in a while.
1466 days ago


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