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if you are stucked try to buy the hints =)

I did that the first time. Still couldn't figure it out.
1848 days ago
Looks pretty good for a first map. I get stuck in the library room where I need a satchel charge to progress, I can't for the life of me figure out where to go... am I missing something obvious?
1848 days ago
I like your theme, but in the room with Double Tap, I can't buy the sofa debris, so there's hardly anywhere I can go other than the tunnel which leads to Juggernog. There's not enough space to move in the first room, either.

Also, I don't think you've put path nodes close enough to each other, because I seem to see zombies getting confused and staying idle a few times.

Other than that, good job. Just needs to be a bit bigger.
1850 days ago
This allows the player to change their FOV without using the console.

Didn't really take long to figure out. You can learn a little bit by reading the stock menu files.

Step 1:
Once your map is compiled, go to Root\raw\ui, find "", and open it in your preferred text editor.

Step 2:
Go to the bottom of the file. Find this:
		CHOICE_DDVARALTTEXT_VIS( 25, "@MENU_MATURE", "@MENU_MATURE_REDUCED", when( ( !dvarBool(cg_allow_mature) || INGAME ) && dvarString( "cg_mature" ) == "0" && !dvarBool(ui_multiplayer) ) )

Insert this underneath
		CHOICE_DVARSLIDER( 26, "Field of View", cg_fov, <initial value>, <minimum value>, <maximum value>, ; )

so that it looks something like this:

  • Initial value by default is 65. Change if you want, but I recommend leaving it at 65.
  • Minimum value and maximum value are the minimum and maximum values the player can user. (Duh.) I use 65 and 90. The game can use anything between 1 and 160, but use your common sense.

Save your file. I recommend naming it something like "" or something, but it's not essential. I'll name mine "".

Step 3:
Go into the Launcher and type this into the Fastfile mod.csv:

Mine looks like this:

Then build mod as usual. Make sure "mod.csv" is selected in the IWD File List.

Step 4:
Test your map.  :)  The images at the top of this post are what it looks like with the settings I used above (65, 65, 90).

Note: If you've disabled the console in your map, for example via the UGX script placer, make sure your new file doesn't overwrite the script placed by UGX. You probably shouldn't have any problems with it.
1855 days ago


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