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Messages - Koan

I got a huge smile on my face when I saw this was released! Absolutely loved it! ;D

Just one thing though - I accidentally downed myself with the Scavenger (in co-op) but instead of doing the zombie-style down, it restarts the whole level.
7 years ago
At this time we don't plan to, but nothing is set in stone. Since BO3 copied our style of double papping for elemental effects its not really worth our time to replace that.

Really though? :-\
8 years ago
Why? What have you created? I'm asking because I've never seen your maps (IF you have created any).

just incase you didn't catch it: he's joking ;)
8 years ago
i see,a shitty program for kids thanks :D

cartoons != kids

Regular Show is awesome :D
8 years ago
He's still active on modme. He asked for his ugx account to be deleted due to disagreements with moderators.
8 years ago
You can rip the assets from BO3 with Wraith. DTZxPorter is making a bunch of stuff to enhance the tools.
8 years ago
Don't make it a box map. Small maps don't have to be bad. Just look at Nacht Der Untoten - it only has 4 simple rooms, yet it gave birth to this entire modding scene. It can still be fun and interesting.

Some examples of great small maps:

Dead Ship, incredible detail and my personal favourite map ever:,4153.0.html
MW2 Rust remake:,11458.0.html
8 years ago
I'm gonna link this topic whenever a new modder tells people to forgive their shitty box map because 'im new'. Looks fantastic, dude!
8 years ago
I really hope you're going to add decent relevant lighting. It looks like the player will just not be able to see anything at all, where's the fun in that? Night maps don't have to be pitch black, at least add something so players can see what the hell is even going on. Neon on the walls? Blue light from screens and holograms? Even little fires perhaps? At the moment it really doesn't look playable.
8 years ago
Hi Gunns. I gotta say I'm (pleasantly) surprised you took the time to explain all this, it's greatly appreciated.

Because modders aren't paid, the credit in YouTube videos and other such places are pretty much the only recognition they get. But the kind of maps the modders appreciate aren't the same maps your viewers appreciate. Modders love to see the engine pushed to its limits, innovation and originality, creative flair. YouTube viewers are mostly drawn to videos because of the personalities behind them, i.e. yourself and Meaty, and occasionally the gimmick (e.g. "Game of Thrones Zombies" is guaranteed to get hundreds of thousands more views than an original name no-one's heard, or a generic name like "night of the dead"). So, even if the modders are credited, there is naturally going to be hostility from modders who spend months, sometimes years, on their passion project, only to see a low-effort four-walled box get the same response, if not fifty times as many views.

Personally, I think what you guys are doing is absolutely fine, even more so after your post clarifying things. I'm glad you've reached out to the community, that proves you care, which puts you miles ahead of many other youtubers. I don't think modders should be so pissed, I just understand why they are.

Thank you for taking the time to post this, I certainly appreciate it, I'm certain the community does too.  :)
8 years ago
Fantastic map from what I can tell of the few hours I've played so far, my only complaint is how ridiculous the bosses get at round 12+. Two 'mega-panzers' at such an early round is way overkill IMO and kinda puts me off playing, but otherwise I love it.
8 years ago
When you want to piss off the entire community:

8 years ago
It sucks that with black ops 3 coming with mod tools soon that world at war will most likely get neglected. I just started mapping aswell ):

Map geometry will be pretty easy to port to BO3 tools, and most of the knowledge you have of WaW mapping is still relevant with the new tools. Don't worry :P
8 years ago
I can enjoy most genres but I can't get enough soundtrack, classical, orchestral stuff, as well as musicals.

Film soundtracks are my thing. Thomas Newman, John Powell, Patrick Doyle, Hans Zimmer, Alexandre Desplat, Johann Johannsson, Howard Shore, John Williams (obviously), Michael Giacchino, Mark Mancina, Randy Newman, Danny Elfman, James Horner, all consistently fantastic...

Try this (with headphones :gusta:)
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8 years ago
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