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Cool remake thanks for your efforts. Good alternative to Kino original. But I must say, I don't like these textures, so much white. White is not fitting into dark atmosphere of cod-z and it makes it feel like your previous map also.
1577 days ago
What's wrong with donations so mapper can buy himself a coffee.  It's just for closed beta obviously, you will get a free map once it's released. This is why I don't even bother mapping..
1599 days ago
YAW and NGT boring. They're not fun. I don't know why people are watching them.
1622 days ago
Downloading bro rep+
1625 days ago
Downloading and thanks for Mega link. It looks good in that picture.
1625 days ago
Thanks for Mega link
1625 days ago
Is there anything worth hearing? 30 minutes is too long and my time is precious.
1641 days ago
I always prefer Mega over any other bullshit. So Thanks for that.
1641 days ago
1641 days ago
Execution of this map kills the re-playability for me such as:
> Black and white vision until you switch the power on
> Gathering power switch parts ok but you have to open dozen doors? lol
> HiJacked was that.

Just consider stuff like that being optional on your next map. Easy mode or hard mode what ever you name it. I like load up and survive as much as you can type of maps. This is certainly not one of them despite being a remake/port.
1643 days ago
I played this map like 3 times and I'd like to know where's the buy-able ending before playing it for the 4th time.
1645 days ago
Thank you downloading now.
1645 days ago
When Hitman joins chat.

(Image removed from quote.)
Almost my reaction after playing Advanced Warfare Multiplayer
1648 days ago
I have games where the only bottles that show are Vulture and Mountain Dew. Nothing in spawn, tractor, the generator on the way to power.. etc.
Something wrong?
I was wondering the same thing.
Made it to round 16 playing atm with 9 perks and 3 weapons. I don't see any other bottle as they showed in Youtube video.
Also box is teleported to pap area lol nice.

edit: Ok I figured it out, they're not appearing all together but one by one randomly.
1650 days ago
Finally a proper map came out this summer so far. Downloading atm thanks.
1651 days ago


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