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Why some of the maps requiring you to type map-mod-name prefix into console while others just launching themselves when you click their name in mods list?
1884 days ago
Downloading and can't wait to play. Thanks man
1884 days ago
Downloading. Thanks to all who developed, published and made it available for free.
1888 days ago
Fan map thanks I quiet enjoyed. And I definitely want to figure out ee.
1924 days ago
Dude plenty of people have no problem surviving on this map. If you are an average zombie player you should be fine. Just because you cant survive on it doesnt mean the map maker made it like that so nobody would play it
I have my shotgun rank in blops2 I'm not an average player nor this is about my survival ability in this map. I'm just not the fan of utter nonsense.
1924 days ago
u can easy buy the shovel in the first room and make fast points  :o
uninstalled it already mate.
I don't like speedy zombies I like to play with default mechanics.
1924 days ago
It's hard for me to understand why some of you map creators making these zombies run like it's already 70th or 80th wave despite it's on wave1.
Speedy zombies? No thanks.

Just another cool map seemed cool at first but ended up in thrash bin.
1924 days ago
A quick question, okay we can download maps cool but how can uninstall a map?
I can go into /Appdata folder and find the map there but is there a way to uninstall a map by using the map manager?
1924 days ago
I'm sorry but zombies are moving ridiculously fast
You start with pistol and there's no wall weapon around
Amount of doors you have to buy until you get to Jugg or a wallweapon is beyond ridiculous.

Good thinking, good map but this poor execution is like you don't want people to play your map.
1924 days ago
I just wanted to say thanks for this app, all that maps and especially for trouble free download option.

So I got a couple maps queued now, will give it a go.
1955 days ago


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