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download link is broken. use Mega instead of Mediafire?
1077 days ago
Downloading thanks looks dark and creepy.
1199 days ago
thank you for Mega downloading now
1199 days ago
For those whiney kids complaining about .DLL file requirement to run this map, here's the Virustotal results. It's a clean file. You got a free map, free mod, free download. Play it or leave it.
1231 days ago
nice map but a bit difficult when zombies are starting to sprint in early rounds.
1259 days ago
Are you sure about that? In all my games the Panzers run off like the zombies and completely ignore you.
Happened just once. Probably a timing issue me taking zombie-blood  and panzer soldat shooting his claw at that time.
Or might be the bug Radimax was talking about. Need to play more for sure.
1263 days ago
is it normal panzer soldat is capturing you when you have zombie-blood?
1263 days ago
Very good for first map congrats
1270 days ago
1280 days ago
nice one thanks for mega link
1280 days ago
There are so much things I like about this map. It feels like blops2. Shadows, lights and textures all good. And there's no objective good old school survival map. Well done. Looking forward to see Oil Rig.
edit: How can I know what version I'm running?
1288 days ago
Thanks I will be downloading.
1288 days ago
very nice map, a lot to discover. thanks.
1309 days ago
downloading thanks for mega link
1309 days ago
It'd be nice to have few screenshots than to check out videos but I'm just commenting to say this: Fuck the YAW
1309 days ago


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