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yea sounds like your GPU has gone faulty to me

Laptops are prone to this due to their poor ventilation and design, even if it "has" been left on a desk for years

Could prob get it fixed, but if it involves replacing the GPU id just get a new laptop
1876 days ago
# Could be a virus, try to boot your laptop with a live dvd OS of some sort. See if it's happening again.
# "Lower and raise the laptop screen repeatedly to determine if the flicker is related to movement."
# Could be the screen cable losing its grip or damaged.
# Try to plug an external monitor this should reveal whether screen or gpu is causing the problem.

2011-12 laptop screen itself is not meant to die yet even under excessive usage.
1878 days ago
1880 days ago
Sorry to hear. I get you as a cat owner.
1882 days ago
The same old COD formula was being used since the beginning of time basically, and they figured lets introduce new mechanics into the game. This will add a fresh feel and will make the game more fast paced.
And how did that exactly work for Ghosts and AW ? lol
Both sucked.
Anyway fingers crossed I hope you're right, as a fan of the franchise 3arc is my last hope.
1887 days ago
Sadly this is what Call of Duty has become. It looks like titanfall plus advanced warfare. Everything is legit so long as devs and stupid Activision feed the ego in teenagers.
1887 days ago

Not everyone has money for an external hard drive. And having a secondary partition for your data is great and all, but don't forgot there's people with multiple OS'es running on the same hard drive. You hit that partition limit on MBR in no time and not everyone loves to fuck around with converting to GPT. As for regular users without multiple OS'es, most don't even know what a partition is, so it's quite ignorant to assume people just have a second partition for their data.
I don't understand how this is making me ignorant lol. I agree with most people don't know how to manage their data. how ever we're not talking about most people here. If you run multiple OS in your system then it explains how upgrading the windows is better option for you. Yet money is not an excuse, Mega is giving out 50gb cloud drive for free.
1891 days ago
Because some people have a lot of files and programs they would like to keep?

A smart one would keep those in an external drive or at least on secondary partition not on a windows installed partition that's a rookie move.
1891 days ago
Confirm that campaign and mp working or not.
Make sure you verified game cache files via Steam
1891 days ago
I did a manual-clean install for Nvidia drivers. But updated intel one on top of old one. Don't think intel one is problem they just share same buffers which is common dumb ass architecture present in nvidia optimus laptops.
So I solved my problem, I still play in windowed mode but had to turn off shadows. Not crashing now lol
1892 days ago
I still have no solution but I figured one thing, it's happening only if I run the game in windowed mode. No problem in fullscreen. If anyone got a solution I'd like to know.
I used a "directx_Jun2010_redist" file thinking that maybe game requires some old dll
My drivers are up to date.
No luck.
1893 days ago
Only thing missing in this map is Richtofen's voice for magic drops
1894 days ago
@DeathBringerZen I had the cherry accessible by the end of round 9
There's a certain sound confirming that vault door is open, it's the same sound we used to hear once we fed a puppy in MoTD and CPH.

Really enjoying the map so far despite Town is not my favorite blops2 map. I can almost uninstall blops2 once Origins and Tranzit meet their remakes. (because fuck Buried)

No complaints but few things I noticed:
DSR50 is really weak.
StaminUp is some how weak too. There's like no difference whether you have it or not.
Agreed with wall guns removal from box.
1896 days ago


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