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Some early gameplay of the map. Lighting and detail in outside areas is still not finished so they look quite bad.

64 days ago
So much for those weekly updates but the modtools have been a pain the last few weeks. First of all the mapfile broke, so pretty much everything mapping wise is the same as it was 2-3 weeks ago. After that, APE stopped working and refused to open.

But anyways, here are some in-game pics (lighting might look different since I have settings pretty low on BO3, looks better in radiant)

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
-DETAIL, lots of detail that pretty much disappeared with the map file. So nothing much on the geometry side
-Made huge areas harder to train at
-New lighting, new LUT (still tweaking it)
-Fixed (majority of) invisible walls

-Now uses original BO1 characters to go with theme of the map. (Thanks to The Indestructable Mike Pence)
-New characters also fixed the playermodel revive issue I had with Chronicles characters
-Added Fire sprinters. These start spawning later on and will sprint to the player and blow up. Killing them from distance is your best choice
which shouldn't be too hard since they have low health
-Added origins mud (thanks to Ardivee)
-Upgraded Olympia lights zombies on fire, just like in BO1/BO2 (this is actually scripted in BO3 if anyone wants to use it, works with any weapon)
-Added blue progress bar for afterlife
-Added shock hints for afterlife
-Fixed afterlife jumping
-Scripted MOTD style afterlife number code, may be used in the Easter Egg
-Scripted a "pre game area" where players spawn upon connecting. Host can change gamemodes and start the game, clients have the option to vote what gamemode they want
-Scripted Gun Game
-Pretty much all wonder weapons are now done with proper fx and functionality (still trying to create a tornado fx for the upgraded wind)
-Origins style digsites (may not be 1-1 functionality, since I have never played Origins)
-Boss fight started
-IMS is now buildable and functions just like any other buildable in the game
-IMS now uses the exact same code as any BO3 placable killstreak from MP, so no more issues with alignment/clipping into walls
-Return back to unedited behaviour for zombies, since coop had issues with zombies ignoring players (needs testing)

-Added Shangri-La zombies from Zombie Chronicles (thanks to Erthrock)
-All weapons that have been in previous zombies maps are now upgradeable (If anyone has good name suggestions for Ghosts weapons, let me know)
-New weapons: Vepr, IA2, UTS, MSBS, MP443 (single and DW)
-All weapons are now in the box, altough you can't pick them up for some reason
-Tweaked zombies speeds and other gameplay balancing
104 days ago
Weekly Update #2

No pictures today, there's really nothing to show/I don't want to spoil all areas

This week was the first coop-test of the map (I guess you would call it an alpha build). And of course, there were some good and bad things to notice.

A pleasant surprise was that we didn't really experience any game-braking script issues. There were no crashes and all features worked relatively well.

There was a game-breaking bug though. For some reason the map has these invisible walls, that block access to many areas. These are weird because

there's literally nothing I have placed in radiant in these spots, yet these "walls appear". There doens't appear to be any errors related to this in the compile log either.

I have no idea what this issue is, I have never seen anythinglike this. Hopefully it will get sorted though.

The other concern was the map size. Due to the map being so big, especially earlier rounds seemed to go quite slowly. Will improve on this as well.

Other updates:
-Entire map is now clipped
-Entire map is now zoned
-Added new routes for zombies to get to players

-Re-scripted avogadro and engineer "choose spawn" logic. The older one, which was based on debris/door flags, was inconsistent and had some issues
if the area was opened elsewhere.
-Improved avogadro projectile shooting, projectiles disappearing instantly should not be an issue anymore
-Avogadro now has the ability to teleport to nearby players, if the players are too far away. I'll also script the tranzit style avogadro teleporting soon
-Added shield buildable
-Added traps (thanks to Harry and Symbo)
Next week I will start scripting the boss fight.

I don't want to spoil much, but if you've seen recent updates, you might have already seen mr boss guy ;)

128 days ago
Since I now have some time to work on this mod again, I've decided to start posting weekly updates. So here's what has been done in the past week.

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

-Due to map balancing and a frankly a hellish amount of script issues that I can't fix, I have had to change afterlife to a more soe beast style mode. 
This basically means removing the last stand abilities.

Afterlife now contains the following purposes:
-Shock to power up traps/generators
-Can shock zombies to teleport them away
-Faster movement, low gravity and access to special areas
-Can shock revive other people (custom feature)
-If anyone has any further ideas to compensate the loss of laststand, let me know.I really don't want this to be a completely pointless ability
since it has taken so much time

-Both boss zombies had issues with coop (not attacking player properly) but are now fixed.

-Avogadro fx has been moved over to csc. This should prevent issues from fx not always showing up.

-Finally found a fix for instakill not working. Fixing this also fixed some wonder weapons.
-Created custom gloss maps for all BO2 and Ghosts weapons, since they didn't have these.

-All snipers now use BO3 style dual-render scopes.

-Started working on custom chalk textures for wall weapons.

-Weaponfile fixes.
134 days ago
What do you mean the Verruckt mapfile came with the modtools? I don't have it.

And yes, making a zombies map should take at least a couple months. My map "Reichskanzlei" took 6 months because I remodeled the map many times, mostly because I didn't really plan it.

It took me 2 months to make this small map here. (I will release it soon)
(Image removed from quote.)

They didn't really advertise it properly, but it can be found in _prefabs/domestic/misc/asylum_mp_jam.

Seems to be more like the multiplayer map Asylum but both use the same base.
140 days ago
The only thing you could do with the original Verruckt is add weapons and pap through script. You couldn't add more areas unless you remake the map yourself, because the .map files are not available. Don't let this discourage you from mapping though. If you spend some time making simple maps and getting comfortable with radiant, you will develop a lot of mapping skills and you might be able to remake Verruckt and add more areas.

Here's some advice when you decide to make maps: take your time. Good maps take a lot of time to make, and rushing them is not a good idea. I hope this helped :) 
 Verrückt mapfile came with the mod tools so techically you could create your own version of it. It's not a 1-1 zombie version of verrückt but the basic layout is there.

Other than that I agree with you. Best is to take your time and learn as you do. If you need help, there are some tutorials on Youtube ranging from simple geometry to advanced map editing. Another good tip is to find reference pictures. Find some images from Google or go in game and explore.

As for how long making a map takes, my WaW maps took about 4-6 months on and off (I've made 3 maps). This time included mapping as well as scripting and weapon porting. The current one I'm working on has taken close to 2 years (hopefully that doesn't scare you away, lol). If you plan on using an existing mapfile as a base, you can get things done quicker. The longer you work on a map the better it will be.
140 days ago
115 posts...

Been working on some buildables:

This is most likely the last scripted feature I'm going to add (other than the easter egg of the map). As for a release date, hopefully it will be done by summer.
141 days ago
Try this and check if it prints the error message. If it does, you have mispelled the kvp or haven´t set the model as script_model
item_model = GetEnt("item_pickup1", "targetname");
item_pickup_trig = GetEnt("item_pickup_trig1", "targetname");

item_pickup_trig sethintstring("Press and hold &&1 to pick up mask");

item_pickup_trig waittill("trigger", player);
        if(!isdefined(item_model) || item_model.size <= 0)
             IPrintLnBold("Item model is missing!");

item_model delete();
item_pickup_trig delete();

iPrintLn("Picked up Gas Mask");
147 days ago
Make sure your doors have DYNAMICPATH checked.

If you don't have this, the door doesn't connect the pathnodes between the doors. And so the zombies can't path to the new zone.
155 days ago
Arguably everyone's least favorite boss. So why not bring it to Black Ops 3.

By the way I'm open to suggestions on how to improve him (I don't want a 1-1 replica of the Tranzit version) so feel free to give your opinion.
This was the first time I've tried to script a shooting enemy, and I think it turned out alright. Still needs some FX work and sounds.

165 days ago
Everyones favorite boss makes a return
174 days ago
New lighting once again (this time I'm pretty happy with how it turned out)

Some remade/new areas:

Also I haven't really mentioned anything about the weaponry, so here's a list of the current weapons in the map (if you have any suggestions, feel free to share them)
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
There's also going to be a custom Pack-a-Punch system, which will be replacing the BO3 style AATs, such as Blast Furnace. More on that later.
185 days ago
Map layout is done (yay) so it's time to detail some of the bare looking rooms.
Here's some progress:

202 days ago
Untested but should work
level endon(”end_game”);

level waittill(”start_of_round”);
if(level.round_number >= x) //Change x to round number
//Add a function or add other stuff here

Replace YOUR_FUNCTION_NAME with whatever you want.
if( level.round_number >= 10 )
    thread your_function;
Put the code above in the main() function of your script.
Replace ‘10’ with the round you want your script to be used.
Replace ‘your_function’ with the name of your function.
This would need a while loop in order to work. Otherwise it check the round number only when this function is called. This means that if the round is not right, nothing will happen and the function stops.
221 days ago
Hey! Thank you for getting back to me again! I haven't been able to test out your script yet, but it looks awesome! I actually managed to figure out why your original suggestion wasn't working and it turns out I simply spelt destructible wrong in a line of code haha. Question for you though, how and where did you learn how to script some of this more complex stuff for BO3? As you can see I am a rather amateur scripter, but I would love to learn how to do more complex scripting like you did above.
There is not really a "place" where to learn scripting. I have been modding since 2015 so that's about four years. And I still struggle with the easiest things from time to time.

I find it useful to read the scripts we were given with the mod tools, since they have pretty much all types of scripts there. For example if you're creating a custom wonder weapon, there are the scripts for Ray Gun Mark III and Thundergun. Treyarch has also provided a scripting api with all the engine functions of gsc scripting, which can be found in BO3 root/deffiles/docs_modtools

Most WaW scripts are also relevant in BO3, so you can also learn from the tutorials other have posted on UGX and other forums (even when most of them are for WaW).

And the best advice is that do what you're currently doing, which is try to do it yourself first. Other people are more likely to help you if you have tried it yourself first, which is exactly the case here :)
222 days ago


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