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Messages - c.h.n

I haven't seen such quality content in a long time.:confused-smiley:  But everything seems too smooth and correct. Lights,geometry, sounds, ambiance, particle fx's, portals (a little bit :P ). You don't work in the studio, do you?:)
2 years ago
Congrats. I like the ice cave.
5 years ago
Waw's standard shadow length bothered me two years ago.
I did some research on this and I saw the "sm_sunsamplesizenear" code.
this code was raising the shadow length of the sun. but it shrinks the shadow detail nearby!

0.25 (i guess default)

1 (my choice)

My settings.
in _zombiemode.gsc
Code Snippet
self SetClientDvars( "cg_deadChatWithDead", "1",
"cg_deadChatWithTeam", "1",
"cg_deadHearTeamLiving", "1",
"cg_deadHearAllLiving", "1",
"cg_everyoneHearsEveryone", "1",
"compass", "0",
"hud_showStance", "0",
"cg_thirdPerson", "0",
"cg_fov", "65",
"cg_thirdPersonAngle", "0",
"cg_firstpersontracerchance", "0.4",
"cg_tracerlength", "60",
"cg_tracerspeed", "5500",
"cg_tracerwidth", "1",
"sm_sunsamplesizenear", "1", // if you want add it!
"ammoCounterHide", "0",
"miniscoreboardhide", "0",
"r_glow_allowed", "1",
"ui_hud_hardcore", "0" );
//"ai_corpsecount", "10",
self SetDepthOfField( 0, 0, 512, 4000, 4, 0 );

Sorry for my bad english. Good evening. :-*
7 years ago
Congratulations UGX-Mods.
7 years ago
This is a really great map. I have watched a YouTuber named Mr Dalek JD played this, and he was blown away when he sees the outside of the spawn room. So when I have played it, it was still beautiful despise of what graphics I was running on my laptop. And now I do have really good frame rates on that map (around 60fps on the lowest resolution, 30fps on native 720p). It performs very well as much on how beautiful the map looks. And I can tell there's some fallout references in it as well.

Although there's this one time when I had tried to jump out of the zombie grasp (with quick revive), I had been down and the zombie hit me one more time and it killed my character before the zombies were supposed to break away.

I've never said this before but among all the stuff about mapping, optimization is my favourite.

7 years ago
They look so sweet.
7 years ago
Black Ops 3 or World at War?

Spoiler: click to open...
Unreal.... :troll:
7 years ago
It seems like a massive and a detailed project. I hope the old limited mod tools won't trouble you much. Good luck. :)
7 years ago
congratulations dude.  :nyan:
7 years ago
If there is something wrong with sharing it here. You can remove it.
7 years ago
Nice update CNN ! Cool to see your updating your map , a lot of mappers keep their map non-updated  :) 100 respect now aha

Do you know. I do not like to update. :D

Electricity does not kill the player. So I updated it. (This is the main reason)
7 years ago

*There was a bug that made the trap do no damage at all.
*The zombies wouldn't go away during solo revive.
*The vision changes wouldn't work when you go down.
*Reload bug with MG08.

We've had numerous bug reports about firesale on co op but I guess those couldn't be fixed because it wasn't possible to reproduce those bugs on our end.

The link is updated. You can hopefully have a better co op experience now.

7 years ago
Well hey, it's a beautiful map regardless. The best maps are the ones that are meticulously crafted rather than the ones with the most weapon ports and the most perks, because at the end of the day, zombies is a cinematic gamemode (as much as I hate the phrase "cinematic," 30FPS is not "cinematic" CAPCOM). Hell, the lightning that strikes on dog rounds is a rather small detail in the grand scheme of things, but it's so important thematically: It gives me goosebumps every time it happens. You've managed to create an absolutely stunning map that adheres to the core zombies experience and sets an awe-inspiring setting, all without the crutch of T4M. That's a feat in itself, and I praise you for it.

Thank you.  :-* :-* :-*
7 years ago
I've read all the comments you've sent (including youtube comments) and i would like to say a few things.

The limits were the greatest obstacles I had to go through. I didn't use T4M as a matter of principle although I would have used it if it increased the limits on terrain patches and brushes because those were the actual limits i was strugling with.

The map you're playing is actually incomplete. I'm calling it incomplete because I couldn't add the things I wanted the most. I couldn't add the things that are actually fun. Let me tell you about those.

You would go to the Der Fünf area (the lab from Five) after every 3-6 teleportations to collect items.

There was supposed to be bottles where the PaP machine is and those would be called pap perks. Players could only have 3 of them at max. Those who had them would go to the place where PaP machine is and upgrade their weapons while enjoying a good view.

You would be able to go to the other side of this door by blowing it up after a certain round. Then you could go to the last stand area where after you collect some items to use the elevator and then go to the last stand areayou  had to fight the zombies on an infinite round until the end of the game.

It would be harder to camp on here because there was supposed to be a sniper that would shoot you and you could only kill it with an upgraded Dragunov.

With its current state, I wasn't able to compile the map on extra light mode until I deleted some brushes and lightmaps.

7 years ago
Extract the sounds you want from the iwd's using tom's bo1 sound tools.

make them 32000 khz (you can also make em 48000 but 32000 is the best value to save space)

Then you need to copy  them to sounds_assets/raw/yourfile folder.

Make a soundalias for them.

Then add those to your mod and enable build sounds and then build mod.

If your sounds are converted successfully, you'll find them in raw/sound. You can copy them in your mod's folder and use them.

Edit: And "klite codec pack" download. Open your voices with media player classic.
7 years ago
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