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t4m not required

Der Berg is the back door of Der Riese. A similar place that is built on a different place on the same world.

-The mods size has been reduced to 355 MB from 515 MB. The sounds got converted using the standard ADPCM instead of PCM.

-There was a bug that made the trap do no damage at all.
-The zombies wouldn't go away during solo revive.
-The vision changes wouldn't work when you go down.
-Reload bug with MG08.

-We've had numerous bug reports about firesale on co op but I guess those couldn't be fixed because it wasn't possible to reproduce those bugs on our end.

-Thanks BluntStuffy for updating.


Default Der Riese features.
Mule Kick, Stamin-up and Electric Cherry (which can only be acquired by completing a simple easter egg).
Changed character voxes.
Altered gameplay dynamics (sounds, fx etc.)
Fov slider.

Credits (let me know if i missed anyone)

Tom-Bmx (tools)
johndoe (technical support, human resources)
BluntStuffy (scripting support)
Makecents (scripting support)
codmoddd1234 (technical & scripting support)
Ege115 (scripting support)
HarryBo21 (scripts/tutorials)
steviewonder87 (asset support)
SparkyMcSparks (technical support)
DidUknowiPwn (fonts/hud)
Ray1235 (ppsh anims)
Radimax (logo design)
YaPh1l (scripts/tutorials)
RDV (technical support)

I also would like to thank haxman, who claimed he was the creator of Farm Swamp, my previous map and almost did the same for this one until I noticed it and revealed the truth. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be able to find about other modding sites and wouldn't meet so many great people that helped me make this map.

Beta testers

Special thanks to JiffyNoodles & chromastone10 for their feedback
Harry Bo21

The games I extracted & used assets from

Call of Duty: Black Ops - models, textures, weapons and sounds
Call of Duty: Ghosts - fx textures
Fallout 4 - round ost's, perk jingles, some ambient sounds
Blackops 3 - announcer, ost's, some character vox
Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army - round start music
Far Cry 4 - some fx textures
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain - ambient music
Half-Life 2: Episode 2 - sky fx textures
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - skybox textures
Insurgency - muzzleflash fx textures



I highly recommend you play this map using ReshadeFx. I modified it to make the map look so much better than WaW itself could. I also recorded all the videos while it was enabled. To install ReshadeFx, you just need to extract the files into your WaW root directory.
You can turn it on/off by pressing "Scroll Lock"
7 years ago
Hey everyone.

I keep hitting those sweet limits everytime i fix another one. i can trim the fat of fx, sound, material, image, brush, vertex limits and the likes but this limit i'm hitting at the moment drives me nuts.

Motherfucking g_spawn limit is what i'm talking about of course :D

I play Der Berg from til round 20 from time to time but yesterday, when i threw a grenade among the zombies on round 13, the game crashed and gave me this error.

johndoe told me how and why this happens but i guess he doesn't know much either :D

Question 1: Can you guys give me more detail about this limit?
Question 2: I don't want zombies to spawn limbs upon gibbing. Can we make this happen without disabling gibbing? If that's possible i think the issue will be solved.

By the way, when the corpse setting is large or insane, i get free entities flooding the console log so it kinda implies the coming of the error. This doesn't happen on medium or below.

Thanks in advance.
8 years ago
İ really liked the texture johndoe showed me last night so i decided to fiddle with it. after playing around with normal and specular maps i really liked the outcome so i decided to share it.

İmage's source
Spoiler: click to open...

8 years ago
i started adding detail to the map. after adding some curves/cylinders i realized the materials got a bit closer to the limit. i'm pretty sure there aren't any new materials on the curves and cylinders i added. does anyone know why that happens?

8 years ago
the zombies jump down through zombie_jump_down_72 but the dogs don't. Any ideas?

9 years ago
Hello everyone. i've stumbled upon some sort of an error (not sure if i should call it that). when you press ctrl+alt+del on windowed mode and return to the game, the reflections on materials with specular maps look much better like in cod4 and bo (depending on how the reflection probes are placed).

it can be seen on this picture.

this is the console log after returning to the game.

! No longer available

i've known about it for a very long time but i just realized how it can be reproduced.
you may think how it could be of use but i think maps could look better when it's used right.

you can see how it looks on the video below with enb/gemfx activated too.
! No longer available
! No longer available

is there a dvar that can activate it? if not, any ideas how to activate it without pressing ctrl+alt+del?

2nd question
can we modify info_coronas? depending on sun_flare.iwi, can we at least have multiple info_coronas using seperate materials/images?,7956.msg85938.html

3rd question (Solved)
can we implement the tracers (bullets that can be seen on every second time you fire) on waw? on bo1 and cod4 they can be seen on every second time you fire. there's a dvar for it on waw (cg_firstpersontracerchance 1) but they can be seen everytime you fire and it doesn't look good that way. also, does anyone know the material/iwi file used by the tracers? i want to implement it on waw really bad.

! No longer available

i don't really think we can do what i want on the first two questions but i hope someone can help. thanks in advance.
9 years ago
find from google lens texture.

sample texture

Rotate 90 degrees. Make black and white.

edit to your liking.

512x512 or 1024x1024
.dds format.

The creation of any material assets.
Use the settings in the picture.

info_corona uses the sun_flare.iwi

Get raw/images
Copy your sun_flare.iwi files
Get Mods/yourmapname/images file paste.
Build mod.

! No longer available

You can change the color, intensity and radius.

Other details.,5198.msg57810.html

I'm so sorry my English is poor. :)
9 years ago
Take good care of my children.  :)

Nazi_zombie_farm (my first project)



sorry forgot to share with _Prefabs.
note for moderators: you can delete the farm swamp's lite version.

another note: i had to upload them to mediafire because the attachment system gave me errors.
9 years ago

i want to replicate bo1's hud but not completely, just the weapon name and ammunition parts of it. i wonder if anyone's willing to help me do it.

also, is it possible to replicate DT2 from BO2? not just 2x damage, but two bullets coming out of the weapon.

thanks in advance.
9 years ago
hey guys i'm having problems with snow fx. the snow in my map goes through buildings even though i chose kill impact on physics. if i make element type bilboard sprite and set physics to kill impact, it doesn't go through buildings but then the element count in the map is around 800 and considering the element limit is 2048 it's not a good idea to do that. thanks in advance.

My snow fx
10 years ago

Can someone please tell me what this is? I've been looking for it more than a year and even though i tweeted treyarch about it, i didn't get the response i expected.

this is definitely not fx.


Cod Waw Light flare 3
10 years ago

An undone project which i dont want to finish. U can do something rather than its staying on my pc.
10 years ago

Weapon List
Spoiler: click to open...
colt      (bo2)
hk416      (bo2)
scarh      (bo2)
stg44      (bo2)
mp5         (bo2)
thompson   (bo2)
mp40      (bo2)
fg42            (Source)
m240      (mw2)
mg08      (bo2)
Raygun             (bo2)

Trivial İnformation
Spoiler: click to open...
- All the textures and models are converted close to original with their normal and specular maps
- 90% of the models has lods
- Almost all of the models are ported from BO1
- Some of the weapons are ported from BO2 since the textures of their BO1 coutnerparts aren't as good as BO2 ones (M16, FNFAL, UZI, Dragunov)
- Made new impacts for metal, concrete and snow
- Metal impacts have been remade with BO1's metal impact properties with BO1's metal impact materials
- I made the concrete impacts myself using Ghosts and Insurgency impact textures
- Made the snow impacts myself with Ghosts' impact textures
- Concerete explosion fx is ported directly from BO1, snow explosion fx is made by myself using Far Cry 4 and Ghosts textures
- Flesh impact fxes changed and the textures are taken from Ghosts. Zombie head explosion and Scavenger explosion fxes made by myself

*Muzzleflash / Shelleject
- All WaW muzzleflash fxes has been deleted and remade by myself using Insurgency, BO1 and Ghosts textures.
- For now, all weapons use 6 base muzzleflash fxes. Those muzzleflashes play 9 different fxes (as shown on the picture)

- Shellejects are made using the values on BO1 shellejects (those may be changed). Shells scatter around upon falling.
- Added sparks and smoke in shellejects (i think they look much sexier now :) )

*Sound (I worked so hard on it, i changed it 3 times)
- I tried to make all the sounds sound like the original counterparts.
- All the weapons play different act sounds and some are from BO2, some are from WaW.
- Replaced the decay sounds of weapons with the ones from BO1.
- Replaced the dist sounds of weapons with the ones from BO2 (smg/rifle/pistol/shotgun)
- Replaced the reload sounds of some weapons and firing sound of colt with the ones from Red Orchestra 2.
- Changed footstep sounds. Added snow sound. Added supporting sounds from BO1. Base sounds ported from Skyrim (excluding metal).
- Character vox sounds are replaced with BO1 ones. Added 630 sounds from Kino for now and removed the old ones.
I may release two versions with BO1 character vox sounds and WaW sounds since it adds 120 mb to the mod. Even though 60% of the project is complete, the total size of the mod is 420 mb with BO1 vox sounds.

- Added mountain models from BO1 and used BO2 textures when necessary. Made them darker using Photoshop 6.
- Changed skybox.Used skybox_hol1 and changed its textures with CSGO skybox textures.

// weapon bobbing values (base weapon animations) has been changed to replicate the ones in black ops

//some fx's

//Bonus of the day.

Current progress:
10 years ago
Loading ...