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Hi all. It's been a while since I did anything mapping related but I've been trying to figure out how I could get my custom hud to show craftable parts that have been picked up. I remember seeing something a few years back but I can not seem to find it on any of the guides I've found. Attached is a picture of what I'm on about as I don't actually know what it is called.

Edit. Livitan has what I'm on about.

Cheers guys
59 days ago
Rise & Fall
Hello once again guys. So a map I was working on for world at war I have decided to move it to Black Ops 3. The map is slightly based on the world at war multiplayer map Dome. I plan to add my own ideas and twists to the map and hopefully will have the main area mapped in the next month or two.

There is a playable version of the map on the steam workshop but its not a full map. There might be some bugs and certain models that are not clipped. Enjoy the W.I.P and any ideas or tips are welcome. Feel free to message me on here or steam  :) "link bellow for map"


Steam Work Shop Link
1391 days ago
Hey guys,
i just made a first test version of my map and tried to compile and run it afterwards. Now the problem is, that nothing happens if i run the map, so i tired the beginning test map and its the same. The console line pops up there and thats it. Any suggestions ?

are the mod tools and the game on the same HDD and in the same directory? I had the modtools on my other HDD so it wouldn't load the game/map.
1393 days ago
I loaded up my map and found some weird pixelated "stacks" on my wall(s) (Image removed from quote.)
I don't know what caused this, not a big problem until I actually finish everything else on my map.

That looks worse then world at war :o
1411 days ago
So I'm just going to post this. I reckon the first few maps people make with the bo3 mod tools will be a box map and probably the giant re-textured or in day light.

Whats everyone else's thoughts?
1415 days ago
If you go to the tools section the mod tools are available as now
1415 days ago
Now you can work together \:gusta:/.
But, on topic, Looking good Krazy, your last project looked solid as hell, and I can't wait to see more.
P.S. you probably shouldn't be able to aim down sights with the staffs, but hey, you're adding your own unique twist to it.

Could of sworn you can ads with them  ??? Then again I haven't played origins in a long time  :lol:
1419 days ago
his bo3 viewhands and his bo3 head model, combined with origins gen defenders. Not that hard.... But i got admit nice thinking.

The view hands won't be the same bo3 ones. I'll probably use his arms and replace the hands with gloves from some other character :)
1419 days ago
how did you get the dempsey model at the end dude? jesus christ

Made it my self to using assets from origins. Just need to make the view hands and I may release it but I'm using it in my map. Rise and Fall. Will post in W.I.P when I have finished the main playable area.
1419 days ago
So i tried using smooth bind in maya and some parts of my character model are stretching. Does anyone have any tips or good settings in maya that will work well with smooth bind? I'm using maya 2015 if that's helpful
1420 days ago
Bottom right error code.

If I assume what the error is then it's the one literally everyone gets related to broken/missing assets. It should be an assert but that didn't come until t5 so your best bet is to reinstall the tools.

I've been trying to compile my map and build the mod for it but every time I do it, it just stops here:

Main Compile:
(Image removed from quote.)

Patch Compile:
(Image removed from quote.)

Mod Building:
(Image removed from quote.)

When I try to load the map in the main menu nothing happens.

I've had this error before. back up your map images that you've importeted gdt's and models and reinstall the tools. its a pain and i'm not 100% sure what casues the error :/
1420 days ago
Well I thouhgt i would post some screen shots of these to see what people think.  They use the official Black Ops 2 anims converted to world at war and also have the knifing animation that you can do with the upgraded staff's like in origins. I plan to use these in one of the maps I have stored away on my hard drive. They don't actully work as you would excpect but sooner or later i'm sure there will be something. Any help with a weapon script would be lovely as i cant script :alone:

Wind Staff
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Lightning Staff
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Ice Staff
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Fire Staff
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Something you might find interesting
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
1421 days ago
Use Harrybo21's perks. They have all the perks and Bo3 pack a punch upgrades. just Google "harrybo21 perks" and you should find a post/fourm for them. Can't post a link as I'm pretty sure it's against the rules or something like that
1423 days ago
You need to port the anims and do them in maya. And script the staffs, but why when wraith is nearly done with bo2 anims. Porter said he will finish it soon. Fixed Ai anims etc...

I know I need to do them in maya. I'm just asking would I need to script the anims as the staffs have 4 separate pieces as a view model. Remember someone saying the reload is a pain to animate or something
1424 days ago


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