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Wooooo, I've been gone for far to long. First order of business, play this and Oil Rig. Looks phenomenal stevie!
1833 days ago
  Its a simple business tactic, "Lets have something that people want and no one else has". For example your favorite youtuber might be Laggin24x and you typically wait to watch any game play of a map until Laggin uploads it.
  But sense yaw has a mapper in their pocket for exclusive content you will be forced to watch the content published by them to see the new map. Therefore simply boosting their view counts and subs.

  As for the opinions on the quality of maps that they have exclusive access of, believe it or not these "parody" zombie maps are actually very large hits and receive a lot of views/likes for as boxy and simplistic as they seem. Where as here at ugx (as well as other CZ sites) I sense we hold our criteria for maps higher than the general public who do not create maps or have the opportunity to play any.
2179 days ago
Since this is in such high demand for its release, might I suggest releasing to certain individuals based upon a 3-5 page essay explaining such things as; Why do you want to play oil rig; What does Custom Zombies mean to you; What you would do to make the world a better place if you won the chance to play Oil Rig; If Oil Rig was a third world country how would you try to feed the hungry and treat the diseased and bring clean water to its inhabitants.

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
2217 days ago
Im always down to play some BO1 although i do prefer to play PC i do own it on ps3 as welll. COTD is one of my favorite maps but i would suggest a faster strat with the vr11 to make the rounds much faster.

If our connections dont clash i would def be down for some high rounds sometime. feel free to add me x_x--mayhem--x_x
2225 days ago
Now this is how grief from bo2 should have been made! Good job man, now i just need to find 3 other people  ::)
2225 days ago
This is Really awesome thanks! +1
2238 days ago
Map is looking extra smexy, really gives off that creepy vibe from the screenshots. Hopefully this will be loaded with some good ambient sounds, love me a good spooky map
2243 days ago
I'm new to this website how do I download this map?
This map has made it into the UGX map manager, which is a program what holds several maps for an easy 1 click download/install  Here is the link for the manager download that and you will find leviathan along with several other maps you can download
2250 days ago
I feel as if I owe everyone an explanation as to why the update isnt out yet.

The reason it has taken so long to update is in part due to the fact that my modtools throw an error every time I try to compile, and the fact that I have been so busy with school and upcoming finals that I haven't had the energy to troubleshoot and find out why it is happening.  After it stopped compiling I truthfully lost some interest in the project but I feel it is unfair to promise an update and then go silent for a month or two (or more I forgot how long it has been).  Summer is about to start for me so I may be able to edit the scripts directly in the IWD and get that 2 player EE patch out, along with some other bugs fixed, but I really don't want to make promises and then not deliver on them.  It may happen and it may not, please keep that in mind.  So anyway, that is the status of the update for people who were wondering.

That's how life goes man. Getting your education and doing good on finals is way more important than anything/anyone in this community. We all love the map and would love to see some sort of an update at some point and time, but this map is very playable at its current state. I'm just happy we did get the release and if your life's path allows you the time to update then great but if not this map was still a complete success imo.

For jumping jacks, get the melee weapon in power switch room. It costs 3k.  Mayhem published a nice video showing how to obtain it:

Hacker device is always found in Laboratories area.

Thanks for the shoutout  :D
2252 days ago
Wow Stevie, If I didn't know you any better I would call BS on starting this yesterday! You seriously have an eye for detail, and your skill level is through the roof man. Haters gonna hate, we all know this, but you know they hate us cause they anus.

Awesome work! Keep it coming bro.
2277 days ago
Is there gonna be a custom juggernaut boss from MW2  ::)

I'm hoping for more mini panzers that he had on Christmas warehouse  :please:
2278 days ago
The new town pictures look a load better the the originals, good job MZ! Keep up the great work everyone
2279 days ago
i need this on my monochrome gameboy...

no joke  ;D

Well then I'm glad to inform you of this unconfirmed legit concept that we know will more than likely see the light of day.

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
2285 days ago
wait you played with me? Which were you? lol

It was a couple months back and my waw is mayhem217 we only played thatq 1 time and im not that memorable of a guy  :alone:
2286 days ago
Well it's quite a big map, but smaller than Leviathan, so it will be about a 2/10 replayability ;D

When I was blessed with the chance to play this in its early stages with you and Harry I remember the map being pretty huge and very epic, honestly this will rival Leviathan for best custom map made imo  :D Now gimmie  :rainbow: just kidding, but really cant wait
2286 days ago


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