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Whats up everyone. Back again this time on the map Terminus.
Covering everything from turning the power on to how to complete the end game easter egg

Thanks for watching  :D
1959 days ago
Hey guys this is the video to show anyone who wants to know how to complete the solo version of the easter egg.

I've Updated the Topic With the Part 2 of the Video showing the steps needed to complete the end game with 4 players

Thanks for checking it out, and hope this helps all the solo player's and anyone struggling with the Easter egg
1965 days ago
Short video showing you how to easily obtain the 1" punch on the new map Leviathan as well as how to obtain the free perks within the map

Full solo Easter egg and 4 player co-op ending to follow  ;D
1966 days ago
Hey guys, I know some people were having issues locating jug and power. Which is why i make videos like these.  ;D

1 inch Punch and free perks tutorial on its way, hope you enjoy
1966 days ago
Back again! Breathing some life into one of my favorites. Will be continuing showcasing older maps as the channel grows.

I really want to thank everyone for the support! My channel, although small is continuing to grow faster than I ever imagined!

1990 days ago

Another Tutorial showing all the hidden aspects of the Custom Zombie map Cargo!

If you like tutorials like these follow the video to my YouTube and Subscribe to stay up to date with new Vids. Feel free to request any map for a walkthrough/tutorial that you or the scene would like to see.
1999 days ago
Back again, this time with a new power and jugg tutorial.

Hope you guys enjoy!
Awesome job on this map FreeFall!

This is the second of many short "power and jugg" tutorials to come. A fellow UGX member gave me the idea to make videos like this along with my normal EE, end game tutorials.

2000 days ago
Whats up everyone? Someone gave me an idea to start making videos like this along with my easter egg tutorials. Would love to hear any feedback from the community.

Title Says it all, after watching you'll be able to narrow down which doors hold the more important features to get your gameplay rolling faster. Also don't worry there are still about a million doors to open and plenty of secrets to uncover!

Enjoy  :D

2039 days ago
Back again guys. This time on the map Thirty Seven

In this video you will see everything from how to turn the power on and everything in between leading up to the buyable ending

Enjoy  :D
2041 days ago
Whats up everyone. Back again with a 2 part easter egg tutorial.

Hope you all enjoy :)

On a side note 
New drinking game

Everytime I say epic in this video everyone takes a shot
I only say it 1000 times in this video.  :P
2042 days ago
Whats up everyone. Back again this time with A quick guide showing the easter eggs, and power location.

Great Job on the map guys! Very good attention to detail!

Good luck Lukkie and SirJammy!

2048 days ago
What Is up Everyone

In this video you can see all the steps needed to complete the Easter Egg and end game on the map Snow Globe

Good luck to JBird, this was 1 epic Easter Egg!

If you enjoyed this video hit that subscribe button to say tuned for more in the near future.
2048 days ago
Whats up everyone!

In this video I will be showing you how to complete the Easter Egg, turn power on, unlock PAP, and also the location of Jug on the map Snowy Ornament.

Good luck Hitman and Ege! I really enjoyed this map!

Stay tuned guys, I have two more Videos showcasing Easter Eggs steps on two other contest submissions that should be out later today  :D
2049 days ago
Here is a short video showcasing all the steps needed to beat this awesome remake

Thanks for watching, be sure to hit that like button if this has helped you out in anyway, also hit that subscribe button to help support the growth of my new channel  :D
2061 days ago
Whats up everyone! This is my newest video showcasing all steps needed to complete the Easter Egg on RiseV2

This was one tough Easter Egg with a great reward!
Again, this is A brand new channel for me and any support I get from the community is greatly appreciate it.

Hope you enjoy!  :D
2063 days ago


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