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Will try them later on :)

PS: Thanks for your vid :)


Thanks man, Appreciate the feedback!
1965 days ago
Don't promote glitching but yet you make a tutorial on how to do it?  :facepalm2:
1965 days ago
Favorite Map-Leviathan has to be my favorite map of all time.

Map Link-

Reason-This map reminds me so much of Black ops 1. Moon being my favorite map ever made by Treyarch, Leviathan is a no brainer. The replay value that this map has is endless. The detail, the Easter Eggs , the free perks, heck it might even be better than moon in some aspects. Most maps wear thin after a few play through's, this will play great for ages.

1966 days ago
Nice work man, I love me some Nuketown.  Only thing I would consider is switching from the MOTD sounds with The buried round sound and back ground music. Just for the fact that this has a pretty definitive Western(ish) theme going on in it.

Really nice work though  ;D
1966 days ago
I don't know about other people but i feel that some of the guns should be effective (not a quick kill, but just not a whole clip to kill a few zombies... I just think maybe good up to like 19, and start losing their effectiveness after that slowly. As me and my friends and viewers tend to try to see how far we can get before we die and we always die at 22/25 cause the guns damage is way to low... My suggestions

Im not saying that the guns are perfect but if you can only make it to 23-25 I can assure you it has nothing to do with gun damage, I've played this map well into the late 40s, early 50s at least half a dozen times and I personally never upgrade anything before round 30 most of the time.

The max ammo drop rate on this map is insanely high it seems below the 30s. Try conserving your ammo a bit better and aim for the head. Choose at least one wall weapon any time you are trying for high rounds for the shear fact that you will always have a back up source for ammo.
1966 days ago
Thanks for sharing, will give this a run through tonight  :D
1966 days ago
Hey guys this is the video to show anyone who wants to know how to complete the solo version of the easter egg.

I've Updated the Topic With the Part 2 of the Video showing the steps needed to complete the end game with 4 players

Thanks for checking it out, and hope this helps all the solo player's and anyone struggling with the Easter egg
1968 days ago

No problem hope that it helped you out some.
1968 days ago
How do you get to PAP? cause some say it's by jumping into the sub, but i don't know whether it's true or not.

You'll have to be outside in a open area. I usually stood by deadshot area. Then its just a waiting game, eventually the submarine will travel your way and as its getting close it will dip lower in said section. At that point you can litterally just jump towards it as if trying to catch the thing and you will be teleported inside where the mp5 and PaP is. Hope this helps.
1968 days ago
anyone know how to get the upgraded thunder fists? I have the one-inch punch, but i want to get the upgraded version of them.

I will have a tutorial out tomorrow on it, I was hoping to have it completed today, but unfortunately wasn't able to finish editing before I had to stream. There are quite a bit of steps involved so makes it kind of hard to explain.
1969 days ago
It is forsure in the lab areas, sometimes on the desk by mule kick, then wooden table in one of the rooms, and if not there check the compuer terminal looking thingys that are scattered throughout the lab. I hope this helped because those are the only places i have seen it spawn
1969 days ago
Short video showing you how to easily obtain the 1" punch on the new map Leviathan as well as how to obtain the free perks within the map

Full solo Easter egg and 4 player co-op ending to follow  ;D
1969 days ago
Hey guys, I know some people were having issues locating jug and power. Which is why i make videos like these.  ;D

1 inch Punch and free perks tutorial on its way, hope you enjoy
1969 days ago
Congrats on being the firsts to complete it. :D

I've been able to complete the solo version of it basically up to the start point of your video pretty much :P   I'm hoping to gather a group to make a full tutorial pm if you might be interested.
1969 days ago


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