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I have no idea how to fix this. Developer 2 in console also gives me a list of "NOT FOUND" weapons... All of them being the addons and even ingame weapons. I do not understand what is going on. But this error code seems to be the main issue as it stops me from testing the map.
347 days ago
Pose manipulator does not work right for me ever...
Not much to explain. Image says all.
One thing to note is they are script models instead of misc models due to errors in Launcher.



549 days ago
Man I strongly recommend you to use UGX Script Placer,SP Z have some issues that may mess with your map

I've heard but I've been using SPZ for a while and it worked perfectly for me no issues :D
1095 days ago
When you try to sign in, it says authentication failure and it does not allow you to change your password because the site is on sale or something lol Does anyone know if this is working or not?
1095 days ago
Let me know if you tried this one simple trick:
Added more Details

The maps in a Military base in the desert after a sandstorm. How exactly would I add anything else that would fit into the theme of the map? If this map was cluttered it wouldn't be as relaxing and fun to play. This is not a city map, and this is not a military base near any cities so theres nothing more to really add.

1356 days ago
yea the power thing is no biggy though but tbh i absolutely love the map plz add some new guns to the box that would be amazing with some crazy pap variants that would set this map off

Fixed Power beside mystery box,
Daytime version,
Added 4 New Guns including the M16A4, Desert Eagle .50AE Variant, Maverick, and the FAD.
Added one new box location,
added more wallguns,
added a line where the HOLE is to indicate there is a hole, Jump over (Just a skinny strip of red and white)
Also added 2 new photos to see what the guns look like

1356 days ago
Decent map, wish there could of been more effort put into detail. If this map would of been considered for more time, it could of been better. I did play to certain round where I got suck in a hole, zombies didn't die = Suicide.

The map is a military base in a desert with aircrafts. The map is not supposed to be messey or cluttered with anything. There is just the right amount of detail if anything. And again, the hole is not by accident. Its not a bug or something I forgot to fix its there on purpose to get you killed. Its just so theres a downside of going to PAP.  :-\ Weird how everyone thinks its some mistake.

very good map but why would you put the mystery box beside power and say dont turn off power it cant be turned back on. i hit the box and it turned off the power :'(

Yeah sorry about that, I forgot to move it even though I planned on it before release. I might update the map with more guns and add some stuff to the map then I'll move the box.
1357 days ago
Quick little update since some people told me they wanted to see some images but without showing off too much I guess here are 3. :)
1372 days ago
Okay, so the map is a bit broken :p Spent half an hour on it than ran into a game breaking glitch.
Map itself though, it's alright. Way too big, and the Verrukt sprinters are more of an annoyance than a challenge. And the AK47 and both G18s are semi-automatic for some reason.
But anyways, as for the glitch.. In the furthest back where Jug is, and all those perks are. I think it was by Mule kick, I just fell into an abyss (appears to be one of those doors the zombies spawn from). It was where there was some light glitch, seems to be just a missing part of the floor. But couldn't get out of it, and had to quit. So yea :b

LOL Oh boi okay here:

1. The floor was on purpose. Why do you think zombies can RUN into that dark room? It was intentional. It's so theres a downside of going to PAP.

2. Guns are semi auto because they are the CIVILIAN VARIANTS of the original firearms

3. Verruckt Sprinters clearly are doing there job  ;D ;)
1374 days ago
Because you put them there. Delete them.

Alright thanks guys Scobalula and Stevie will try and decrease the size of the map. I'll try deleting it and recompiling the map.
1375 days ago
You use the folder from %localappdata%\Activision\CoDWaW\mods :)

But this also contains everything  ;D

1375 days ago
You can cut your map size in more than half if you don't include all folders from root\mods\BoxChallenge. :P

Because I noticed all this shit in installer console log:

And then in the Mod's folder:

That images folder alone is 60-70% of the size of the download and it does nothing. :D

Nice map though. :P You should use OTW's Sync Akimbo script for the Akimbo. :)

Thanks man but how do I not include those folders? I tried compressing it with the installation creator twice with different settings but I can't seem NOT to include the files. I think I did it before to my old maps but I have no clue how to do it again  :P
1375 days ago

Download Size: 329 MB

Download Size: 305 MB

After a world wide sandstorm, you find yourself in an abandoned Canadian military base. Your objectives are to fight, survive and escape.

Wanna see a 20 Min gameplay before downloading? CLICK PLAY:
Thanks to ZeLowKey for recording the game. This is from his POV.
We're sorry.
The embdedded media couldn't be retrieved.
View reason
Destination URL is no longer available and origin replied with 404 error.
iframely: returned code 404 (Page not found)
View media in new tab


(Yes the M16A4 is a beast)


- PHD Flopper W/ Dolphine Dive Explosion
- 12 Perks [Solo quick revive, Working Vultures Aid, etc]
- Over 34 weapons [BO3, BO1, AW, MW3, MW2, GHOSTS] W/ REAL DESIGNATIONS to the firearms used by Military/LAW Enforcements and Civilians
- A lot of custom stuff [Textures, Characters, Models, Viewhands, Etc]
- Buyable Ending
- Open Map [Lots of running space with MANY spawners EVERYWHERE]
- All weapons have as close to REAL damage as possible when it comes to Calibers/Ammo Type Ex. 5,56 NATO will be weaker than 7,62 but will have better range or what ever depending on the gun itself.

Things to keep in mind:

- If zombies turn WHITE, RE-INSTALL THE MAP. I don't know what causes them to turn white.
- Recommended playing CO-OP [Way more fun]
- Specular map makes the viewhands shiny, but makes the map look better
- Some guns do not have custom camos after PAP
- Follow the objectives there quite easy ;)
- Everything in the map is intentional. Everything around the map and the weapons. Nothing is game breaking. ;)
- Do NOT turn off Power. It cannot be turned back on after.


Alpha Tester:

ZeLowKey - Helped with some ideas

Credits for content:

ricko0z - Helped mapping/Lighting/Weapons
Harry Bo21 - Perks
WoLf_GoLd - Weapons
Rorke - Weapons/BO2 Run & Walk
MrDunlop4 - BO2 Character Models/Zombie Eyes
asus89 - BO2 Models/Vehicles
IperBreach86 - BO3 Powerup Effect
JR Imagine - HUD/Script Placer
Sniperbolts Tutorial
TomBMX - File Movers

If you are NOT credited above and notice something in this map that is from you, comment below

Names No longer really GTTClan anymore, It's TACWolf incase you wonder ingame who the heck is TACWolf  ;D



Fixed Power beside mystery box,
Daytime version,
Added 4 New Guns including the M16A4, Desert Eagle .50AE Variant, Maverick, and the FAD.
Added one new box location,
added more wallguns,
Hole has been removed
1375 days ago
Awesome man nice to see a re-polish of the old one
Looks amazing as all your maps usually do :D
and HEY! GTTClan is credited  :yeah:
1397 days ago
*hybrid, not hybride
And you dont have the lens for the scope

Okay why would you correct that but not Lunette? :\ Obviously it wasn't my mistake if you took that in...

Images should be in in raw and mods folder. You only said you added them in raw.
Remove specmap from mods folders image folder.
Do you have lightgrid volume/caulkbox in your map?

No I did put them in my mods folder but it's okay I took our the CM901.
You can remove spec map like that? :\ I didn't even know
And no I do not have a caulkbox in my map at all I never really figured out how to use that. I don't know much about lighting
1404 days ago


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