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Congratulations on the release, that's one long time to work on one map and it certainly paid off :)
1269 days ago
This is a little late, but how do I make the reward be zombies ignore you on random occasions?

Create a zombie point of interest when you don't want the zombies attacking and just delete it when you want them to attack again. The scripting reference should have documentation on it.
1286 days ago
The title does not say it all, rephrase your question and you might get help
1313 days ago
Um, yea thanks for that! This map is already brutal and yet there is no little encouragements along the way telling you "good job buddy, you're doing great!"
Still, I had a good time playing this with some friend and it's quite fun. I hope more people play it. Good work Centric!

Thanks, not sure why I never added audio quotes in the first place considering how random the steps are ;p
1358 days ago

Disclaimer: This map was created by me in 2015 for the UGX and ZomMods contest, however the board where it was posted has since been removed and I figured that although its not the prettiest map out there, someone might have some fun with it so here ya go, enjoy

also you may want to turn up your brightness ;p

Strandburg is a small building complex set in the aprox. 60s-70s and consists of 3 buildings which have been put together in a way that makes getting around to certain areas rather time consuming considering the maps size. Very easy and uncomplicated layout, its just a fun little map to play maybe once and go for the Easter egg.

Decently complicated Easter Egg 1-4 players
(although be aware some steps are quit random so if you get stuck refer to the tutorial at the bottom of this post)
bo1-bo2 weapons, have fun upgrading all of them as some weapons have unique effects when upgraded.
bo1-bo2 perks, 4 perk limit which can be shortened / removed with Easter Egg completion
Special mystery weapon
Custom wall weapon system, ammo becomes progressively more expensive
And don't forget the dull and bland colors :D



Easter Egg Tutorial:
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
Secret Mystery Weapon:
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
How to obtain:
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
Special Upgraded Gun
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.


Hope you enjoy this ancient treasure :p
note this is the same download as I provided in 2015 so any bugs still exist, currently the only two known bugs are
1. jumping from the ladder to the jeeps causes you to get stuck and jumping from the ladder ontop of the gate lets you leave the map.
2. fence by box near second power station can be passed through on one side.

Harry Bo21

Its been too long to remember what each one did, I just had a screenshot of a txt file labeled credits. Sorry

Beta Testers:

1358 days ago
Ya thats the problem then. I had to do the same thing in order to even load up the map. Pretty easy to do it though. Theres a tutorial on the UGX wiki

I feel somewhat like an idiot but where did the 'mark as best answer' button go?  :-\
1521 days ago
I was able to port my map from WAW to BO3 with no problems.

Do you have any custom textures/models that you didnt port into bo3? If there is any missing, the map will not compile at all.

lol that would do it, every texture and model is custom.
1521 days ago
The way i've seen people do it is to not load it as your main map but just load it as a prefab and put it into a map created with the bo3 launcher. If you aren't already doing this its worth a try.

I tried that too.

I also tried putting it in as a prefab and then stamping it, didnt work either.
1521 days ago
I tried to open my map in bo3 radiant which works fine, but when I compile changes in radiant stop working ingame although the compiler says nothing.

Incase it was just my map, tried just adding a single brush prefab from waw radiant into bo3, that didnt work either.

Is there any proper way to load waw maps?
1521 days ago
Your profile picture is exactly what im feeling right now.
1526 days ago
So your problem is the 400 fx limit? The last time I touched Harry's perks they came with a 400fx fix in the download. Try that.

If not just remove unneeded fx from csv's
1559 days ago
What plans for lava do you have as I would like lava like in the town map but not sure of the best way to do it?.

Most of the map is indoors so I will most likely not add lava like town - at least not in the areas you'll be running through as I always found that pretty annoying in town.
1634 days ago
since this is a "Volcanic Research Facility," will we be seeing lava or anything otherwise extremely hot?

I have big plans for the whole lava theme ;)
1635 days ago

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Please keep in mind every screenshot is very crude and extremely unfinished. I plan to perfect every area with an enormous amount of detail. The parts of the map I have created and hardly past being an outline. I also have no vision file currently (I actually removed everything inside the factory vision file, so It might look kind of bad because of that)

These are currently the most detailed sections

These sections are the less complete parts.

This is the spawn area, which is the most recent addition which is in need of a lot of detail. (obviously)
and yes, I know the mountain looks hideous, the texture and layout are both placeholders.


This is what I will 100% get done for this map.

- Very professional looking, sounding, and statistically perfect guns from ghosts, advanced warfare, and bo3. (in the event It does not end up being a bo3 map)
- Extremely in depth Easter Egg packed with custom requirement, guns, and other sunrises.
- complex map layout based on using alternate transportation methods.
- bo3 Deathmachine powerup

These are other things id like to accomplish.

- Fully functioning bo2 AGR unit to protect you for a price (kind of like SOE's civil protector)
- Dynamic volcano (seeing as the base is in a volcano anyways)
- And of course many more secrets

And here's the stereotypical things every WIP ever has.

- Every COD Zombies perk that I feel fits
- Zombies
- power switch
- explosions

Here are some of the completed guns. Specs, normals, and cosaines all done by me

Ghosts Remington R5

Ghosts Ameli

That's all I have so far. This will probably only be worked on / finished if people actually take intrest in it, so please leave feedback. (Even though the detail is pretty bad right now)

1635 days ago
Based on the pictures, I can't stop wondering how in the world this requires t4m.
1639 days ago


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