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Congratulations on the release, that's one long time to work on one map and it certainly paid off :)
1358 days ago
This is a little late, but how do I make the reward be zombies ignore you on random occasions?

Create a zombie point of interest when you don't want the zombies attacking and just delete ...
1375 days ago
The title does not say it all, rephrase your question and you might get help
1402 days ago
Um, yea thanks for that! This map is already brutal and yet there is no little encouragements along the way telling you "good job buddy, you're doing great!"
Still, I had a good time playing this wi...
1447 days ago

Disclaimer: This map was created by me in 2015 for the UGX and ZomMods contest, however the board where it was posted has since been removed and I figured...
1447 days ago
Ya thats the problem then. I had to do the same thing in order to even load up the map. Pretty easy to do it though. Theres a tutorial on the UGX wiki

I feel somewhat like an idiot but where did th...
1610 days ago


Learn by doing, not copy and pasting.

Enjoy my 2015 contest map, a simple map with bo1-bo2 features


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