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split your model in half and import the two halves and clip generate each individually. if they work then copy the clips and import the original model. if it doesnt work cut the halves in half.
1495 days ago All of my beatles remixes have been blocked. As of 10/26/15. This is when UMG_MK (Universal Music Group) has blocked all of their content for play on youtube. An easy workaround would be to make a video with a few seconds of the song with a link in the description to a listenable dropbox. As seen working here I have been able to post new videos of blocked content.
1700 days ago
it's nice that we can develop Black Ops I maps now, but in all honesty this just seems far too early to post a W.I.P. thread, i can't really form an opinion on the content when it just looks like a basic code test-map.

He wanted to post a thread. I am currently working on maps for blackops 1 within waw radiant that I will release myself. I know the radiant isn't done but from what i've gathered, it is near completion. The fact that many people have gained early access means it should come out soon. I hope they set the standards high with the powerful tools they've been given.
1720 days ago
It's finally happening. It took the community long enough to make maps for Black Ops 1!
The public is held back by the delayed release of the mapping application. You, me, and everyone else on this forum has to wait, and by then it will be too late when the bo3 tools come out.
1721 days ago
why do the textures look poopy?
Gunoftruth was playing on windowed mode at the time of the screenshot.
1721 days ago
great job cant wait plan on adding other wonder wepons and bosses cause if u want there is the ape and engineer boss u can use
Gunoftruth says he will use the Engineer.
1722 days ago
Hello, I am posting this on behalf of Gunoftruth. I wont be able to answer your questions on this map myself.

This is Dorf Der Toten, a custom zombies map for Call of Duty: Black Ops, made using the tools by Se2dev.

Theme: A small Spanish town in 1968. It's the end of the cold war and once our heroes arrived, they were not expecting the undead Nazi's to rise once again.

Guns: Keeping the default BlackOps 1 weapons.
Update #1: Changed the skybox to fit the theme.

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Credits: Se2dev- the tools to make this possible!
Written by Gunoftruth, grammar edits by Utamia
1723 days ago
drama is taking over the community. i am interested to see the result
1737 days ago
I enjoy new map reviews but i don't think the soul boxes are a problem. They're an option to use or not and in my opinion, doesn't restrict player freedom. In short, they optional.
1756 days ago
what do you use to make a cinematic, is it just ingame with custom configurations ?
1764 days ago
what is the purpose of expanding on a survival map that has no connection to the storyline?
1768 days ago
i would really like to see this done. good job so far
1769 days ago
make a map file and put a texture down on a block then at the top in one of the drop down menus is a find/replace thing. type in the texture you put on the block and then the material name of the water and repeat for all textures.
1779 days ago
A third Review aye? Not sure it was necessary at this point, but anywho.
Can't say I enjoyed reading this review. It's got some points in it where I just think 'why?'
every review is the reviewers own opinion there could be 20 reviews for 1 map, i do think the critics should think them over though
1783 days ago


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