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Check the doorway itself. It can be too small for them.
1349 days ago
Map is out of BETA.

What's new:
-A LOT of map detailing
-Remade lights
-Buyable ending
-Music Easter Egg
-No perk limit

New Gameplay Video:
1351 days ago
Looks nice so far! What sort of features are you planning on adding for the final release?
Thanks! Well, I am not planning to add much stuff, because I am working on the other big project. I will not add any new zones. Well, maybe some additional rooms but not new zones.
I am planning to rework all lights, add some decorations to make the map more detailed, maybe mess with the probes a bit.
Also electric traps and buyable ending will be added.
1353 days ago

Classic Wolfenstein Enemy Territory (2003) map zombified for Black Ops III.
Just a small survival map, set in German WW2 fort in North Africa. No doors and zones.

Gameplay Video:

1357 days ago
Here is screenshot. This is happening with any light which is near the wall. It like splitting in half.
BTW why some of my brushes are using color on 2d view?

1382 days ago
I got the sound working, but it does not depends on trigger, it is just playing.
And simply connecting them with "W" key is doing nothing. Can anyone provide an example of simple sound, that activates by multiple_trigger (only once).
1384 days ago
So I created a trigger_multiple. Made it trigger_once and clientside_trigger.
After that I created script_struct with KVP script_sound.
After that I selected my trigger and then selected script_struct and pressed "w".
But the sound is not working in the game when I am passing trigger_multiple area.
Am I doing something wrong?
1385 days ago
So, I copied _zm_perk_quick_revive.gsc; and _zm_perk_quick_revive.gsh into my map scripts folder.
In gsh file I did this:
#define QUICK_REVIVE_MACHINE_DISABLED_MODEL		"p7_crate_wood_vintage"
#define QUICK_REVIVE_MACHINE_ACTIVE_MODEL "p7_crate_wood_vintage"

After that I went to my zone_source folder and opened my .zone file:

In game i got standard model again. Will investigate further.

P.S Maybe it is easier to create a simple script, that will give me the perk, that I can put near model?
1387 days ago
Is there a way to change model of the vending machine?
I tried to do it through KVP model, new model appears in the editor but in the game I got original perk machine model.
1387 days ago
Since release of Black Ops III Mod Tools I was working on this Wolfenstein themed map.
Actually this is a remake of two levels from Return To Castle Wolfenstein (village1 and crypt1).
I don't have much experience in COD modding. However I worked a lot with idtech3 engine games and old GTKradiant.
Here is video showcasing playable areas of my map(map is heavily WIP):

To-do list(will be updated):
  • 3 more areas from original crypt1 level+maybe additional rooms
  • More ambient sounds
  • Music easter egg
  • More custom textures and models
  • Replace announcer with Deathshead character from Wolfenstein
  • Loading screen+preview image
  • Replace futuristic weapon with WW2 weaponry from WaW. For now, I have no idea how to port weapons from older COD's and I don't know if I will have time to work with it. Any help will be appreciated.

1388 days ago
You mean a brush with a clip texture? But house consist of the brushes as well. So I don't think this is gonna work.
1388 days ago
It is simple. I have a building and I have a snow FX on the outside. Snow FX is coming through the walls. Anyway to fix this? I founded only fixes for WaW. How can I fix this in BO3?
1389 days ago
So, I changed my round start/end music. But after a few rounds default round start music starts playing again.
Here is my aliases. Maybe I am missing something. Can someone provide name tags for all round music?


Double Post Merge: November 28, 2016, 09:39:03 am
Solved by adding this
1390 days ago
I fixed it by changing my level geometry. It seems the doorway was too small for zombies.  It is very specific issue. You should isolate the issue, by defining if it is script or level geometry issue.
1391 days ago
First of all, thank you for this script. But it seems I am doing something wrong.
Maybe I am forgeting something but this is my steps:

1. Paste your script in the bottom of my gsc file.
2. Create trigger_multiple or trigger_radius.
3. Create KVP(for trigger) named "teleport_player" to "targetname" value.
4. Create "script_origin".
5. Set KVP(for script_origin) named "client_server" to "ServerSide" value.
6. Select trigger, then select script and link them using W key.

After this I am trying to walk through my trigger, and nothing happens. I did something wrong?
Sorry for being stupid, but I am rather new to this whole scripting thing. :-\
1391 days ago


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