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Its not that hard to find them, the way i found was going into the sound files wth Wraith and then finding the song name. Which i found through the COD wiki.
1538 days ago
do not need to stamp.... just go "into" the prefab...

and "removing" the fx is just lazy

Neither stamping or going into the prefab allows me to remove the clip... I am not using the prefab anyway... The clip is somehow integrated through scripts to be there, i was just wondering if any one knew how to fix it...
1595 days ago
I changed the model on a few perks, but the models are different sized but the original perk clip box and fx are still in effect. Is there any way to remove them? My model is a lot smaller and looks weird with floating some and the original clip...
1596 days ago
Sent you a message
1601 days ago
How would I put some back ground music? I want this music to repeate all the time but I want it quite and such, as of right now it is pretty quite but I don't know how to have it looping or implement it into my map.
1603 days ago
When I load in I want the power to be on, my map is medieval style and I replaced all the perk machine models with beer kegs.... I don't want to ruin map vibes by turning on the power.
1611 days ago
Having this same issue on a buried model... If some one could fine a way to easly rerrig the model and stuff...

Here are some in game screen shots if anyone needs them
1633 days ago
They are still working fine for me... Never had a problem, message me if you need any help trying to fix it
1633 days ago
So my pap room I want to play music while you are there, but I want to have a list it randomly picks from when you go in there... I was thinking if there was a playerdetect thing or something of that sorts that I could put in there but then have it trigger music. But idk how to do anything like that...
1634 days ago
I want to have an area while your in it you get hurt, exactly how to lava pools in transit were. But the main  deference I want is not to be set on fire, just for your player to be damaged. If any onw knows how to do this that would be awesome, thanks.
1638 days ago
This is my perk script for phd, it prevents explosive damage since thats all I really cared to do for now. The shader doesnt show but have not focused on fixing that however you can spawn a hud elem for now or try to figure it out. In the gsh file you can change the perk machine model and the cost if you want to edit either of those as well. However just download the file and then open it and place the files in the rar file in BO3 Root/usermaps/mapname/scripts/pro_custom you will have to create the pro_custom folder. Then open mapname.gsc and and put this line somewhere at the top
#using scripts\zm\pro_custom\_zm_perk_divetonuke;
then open and add

Thanks this is what I was looking for, hopefully I can learn what I was doing wrong with this (:
1645 days ago
"specialty_phd" is not a perk recognised by the bo3 engine. Use what the previous guy said of "specialty_detectexplosive" as the game will recognise it

I used the custom perk tutorial and I thought this is what you would do, natesmith the guy who scripted bananas colada told me this is what it would look like... I guess I could try it though...

I'm still getting the same error as before when I take explosive damage... Connection interrupted...

If I replace the whole thing from the script from the first reply I don't get connection interrupted but I do take explosive damage...
1645 days ago
Could be wrong I've never tried it but I know that's the way I did it in BO2 GSC
self SetPerk("specialty_detectexplosive"); //specialty_detectexplosive -> phd

I personally don't think this would work because of the changes from bo2 to bo3 but I may be wrong...

Double Post Merge: December 11, 2016, 06:53:55 am
This is my current code which was shown to me but when I get flopper than take any form of damage it tells me connection interrupted even in local solo...

function checkCustomPerk()
level.overridePlayerDamage = &player_damage_override;

function player_damage_override( sMeansOfDeath )
if ( sMeansOfDeath == "MOD_PROJECTILE" || sMeansOfDeath == "MOD_PROJECTILE_SPLASH" || sMeansOfDeath == "MOD_GRENADE" || sMeansOfDeath == "MOD_GRENADE_SPLASH" || sMeansOfDeath == "MOD_EXPLOSIVE" )
if( self hasperk("specialty_phd" ) )
finalDamage = 0;

If a mod could put this in the code format for me that would be great... The button doesn't do any thing when I click it...
1646 days ago
in the paste.bin is the script

It looks like in the script in your function soundEasterEggInit() you are missing thread shoot1(); this may be your problem but I'm not positive though.
1646 days ago
So I seen a map floating around with phd, it was legacy city I think. Well any way I want to add phd to my map, I have the model and shader done but for the life of me I cant not take explosive damage. I could care less about the exploding flop unless we could incorporate sliding into it. So if some one could provide the script or point me in the right direction for a noob at scripting that would be great!
1647 days ago


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