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Its not that hard to find them, the way i found was going into the sound files wth Wraith and then finding the song name. Which i found through the COD wiki.
1537 days ago
do not need to stamp.... just go "into" the prefab...

and "removing" the fx is just lazy

Neither stamping or going into the prefab allows me to remove the clip....
1594 days ago
I changed the model on a few perks, but the models are different sized but the original perk clip box and fx are still in effect. Is there any way to remove them? My model is a lot smaller and looks weird with floating some and the original clip...
1595 days ago
Sent you a message
1600 days ago
How would I put some back ground music? I want this music to repeate all the time but I want it quite and such, as of right now it is pretty quite but I don't know how to have it looping or implement it into my map.
1602 days ago
When I load in I want the power to be on, my map is medieval style and I replaced all the perk machine models with beer kegs.... I don't want to ruin map vibes by turning on the power.
1610 days ago


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