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Do you have your music in the right path from the script if not it would give you this error, or if its not a .wav file
1387 days ago
You could either spawn things in, or simply put every thing in the map, then hide all but the one, then unhide I've at a time, after one is shot. This is easier if it's randomized. Then choosing next is simply l indexing the next item in the array.

What would the script look like... Kind of a noob but not at the same time lol
1393 days ago
So I'm doing an easter egg and when I shoot the first object I want it to then add the second object into the map, how would I go about scripting this?
1396 days ago
Buried would be amazing to play on bo3  :D
1406 days ago
It should work. I did the same thing with the same song code. Make sure you clip is a script brush, and that its targetname is the same in the GetEnt function.
You could also have it initialize the teleporter script after completing the shootable EE script.

I realized now I was being dumb and by the time I asked it wouldn't let me delete it... Lol hadn't made a clip box even yet then lol
1408 days ago
You can remove a clip box by simply making it a clip_player and making it a script brushmodel. use GetEnt to get the targetname of that script model and delete it when you want it gone. Alternatively you could just use TriggerEnable( false ) on your teleport trigger and set it to true after your easter egg is complete

I tried doing this and my script does run I have confirmed that but the clip box doesn't remove when finished... I may have done this wrong because I did base it off of a music Easter egg...

If you could glance at this that would be cool :)
1409 days ago
HI I am wondering how to a)remove a clip box or b)add a trigger. I am trying to make a teleporter only function after you shoot 4 objects which I already scripted the last part with the shootables, but I don't know how to make it unlock the teleporter after... If I could get some help that would be great :)
1410 days ago
I want to make my map more challenging and its a small map now... I think always having sprinters or at least round 5 they start would be awesome. If some one could provide a script for that, it would be greatly appreciated.
1413 days ago


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