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Messages - CyberMan1011

Could anybody move this to "General Discussion"? I meant to post this on there but didn't realize until now that this is the wrong section

Anyways, yeah man I agree with you. I'm hoping that WaW still lasts for a little longer, especially since my laptop can't run BO3 atm  :alone:
7 years ago
It's been a while since I last logged in here. I've been slowly losing interest in video games due to the fact that, imo, there doesn't really appear to be any games that are worth playing nowadays, and as such, I've kinda took a long break from playing WaW and logging into this site, in general.

I came back here out of curiosity to see how things were.

Not gonna lie, I was kinda surprised. Besides the release of Der Berg (congrats on that, c.h.n. :D), it looks like WaW mapping has been slowly going down since then and there doesn't appear to be any more quality maps out there.

Maybe it's just me but I also don't see the popular mappers/users that used to go here know, go here that often anymore. Have they too lost interest in mapping or did they move to the Steam Workshop (or someplace else)?

Speaking of which, I hope I'm not the only one who thinks this, but has BO3 Custom Zombies been looking disappointing to anybody else recently? You would think that people would be able to make better maps now that it's been out, but I have yet to see an actual popular map that's actually...good.

I'm not kidding. Every once in a while I still check out TheRelaxingEnd's channel, and all I've been seeing are "remakes" of other zombie maps or maps that aren't even finished yet. And this has been pretty disappointing tbh. I know this'll take a long time to pull off, but I was hoping to see some kind of map that looks and plays just as good as an official Treyarch map, or maybe some map that allows you to finish the game with an epic exit like what Gorod Krovi did...seeing how better BO3's engine is compared to WaW's, I'm sure something like that can be done.

So besides all of have things been on here lately?
7 years ago
RIP UGX, MongolianGerbil has joined.
RIP UGX, MongolianGerbil has joined.

8 years ago
Action? Never heard of that...

I would suggest using Bandicam imo. My laptop isn't the best either but recording with Bandicam doesn't really stress out your PC/laptop and the quality is pretty okay
8 years ago
I'm not 100% positive if this is possible but wouldn't it be easier to record your laptop using a capture card?

Also, what game are you trying to record? And what recording program are you using?
8 years ago
Didn't you post this already?
8 years ago
TBH I don't think that's a bad thing...

I will admit that I didn't like his personality sometimes but the WIPs he was working on looked really what?
8 years ago
What happened to him?  :( I noticed his account got deleted...
8 years ago
...a lot of things we did in UGX Mod v1.1 aren't possible anymore...

Such as? Just curious
8 years ago
I was hacked on twitter (from Russia)  and my account was turned into a sex bot
does that mean other sex bots are just hacked accounts?
The hacker was from Russia because of a loophole in the Russian Law

Is there any way to get your account back?

And what's this "loophole" that you speak of?
8 years ago
So with the mod tools coming out (and since BO3's engine has a lot more capabilities than WaW's engine), I would assume that people can now make bigger maps than the highest limit that WaW allows you to make.

However...just how big can these maps be, exactly? For MP, will it be big enough to be able to create, say, one of those huge surf maps that Valve Source games have? And what about Zombies? There are a few game locations that I would've loved to see as a zombies map in WaW, but it probably wouldn't be possible due to engine limits...would it be possible to put it in BO3 and perhaps make it bigger than it was before?
8 years ago
Not to judge but how is this taking so long to make, why no beta or alpha or something that doesn't only go towards relaxing?
Like this is taking a little long to make considering its Nuketown and i swear this looks complete

You must have patience, my friend...

You again, dude?

You're so ignorant.

No need to call him ignorant.
8 years ago
I don't understand...what was that place they went to at the end?
8 years ago
I have cancelled my Zelda map simply due to the fact that I didn't feel like the theme was appropriate to Zombies.

That's unfortunate :l

This one looks really great, though. I'm definitely keeping this map on my watchlist :D
8 years ago
I believe that the threads were removed because Harry took down the download links but the threads can be reinstated upon request by Harry when his temporary ban is up if he so wants.
Harry got banned from the site so decided to remove all content he posted and move it to another site. Don't wanna start shit so not gonna give any further info regarding the issue.

Which Harry are you guys talking about? I thought you were talking about Harry Bo21 at first but I checked his account page and it didn't say he was banned
8 years ago
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