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Dat feel when anims "fall from sky" ;)
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January 12, 2014, 06:58:16 am
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Could anybody move this to "General Discussion"? I meant to post this on there but didn't realize until now that this is the wrong section

Anyways, yeah man I agree with you. I'm hoping that WaW still lasts for a little longer, especially since my laptop can't run...
7 years ago
It's been a while since I last logged in here. I've been slowly losing interest in video games due to the fact that, imo, there doesn't really appear to be any games that are worth playing nowadays, and as such, I've kinda took a long break from playing WaW and logging into this ...
7 years ago
Action? Never heard of that...

I would suggest using Bandicam imo. My laptop isn't the best either but recording with Bandicam doesn't really stress out your PC/laptop and the quality is pretty okay
8 years ago
I'm not 100% positive if this is possible but wouldn't it be easier to record your laptop using a capture card?

Also, what game are you trying to record? And what recording program are you using?
8 years ago
Didn't you post this already?
8 years ago
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