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Messages - vinnyz500

guys, sorry to say but the only reason i never fixed the map is because i lost all my files due to a HDD failure on my old PC. There's nothing i can do to fix that bug, unless it's fixable just through gsc which i don't think it is. sorry
7 years ago
added new update video
7 years ago
everything on ultra
8 years ago
what happened, every new brush i make is crooked

Double Post Merge: November 11, 2016, 02:39:37 pm
In case anybody else gets this issue, i found the setting

View--Camera--uncheck toggle local axis mode
8 years ago
this looks amazing... can i ask how you got that effect with the moonlight rays coming down? It looks super good
8 years ago
Hey everybody

This is what i got so far, been working for a week roughly learning the new tools and getting things down. The map will have 4 main sections, one of which the area that i have mapped already. It'll have a "sewer system" transportation because each area is going to be very far off from one another.

Planned features include:

Transportation system
Shootable easter eggs
Personal references (Ill explain them through easter eggs maybe on papers or something scattered around)
**Possible weather changes or time of day cycles, i saw something in radiant to do this but need to attempt to implement first**

Ill add more here as time goes on, just figured id make a WIP

The map will be ridiculously large in scale, but playable areas will be tightened up once i get things built. Also a very large portion will only be for detail *such as parking lot* but i still want to make it for personal motives. Anyway, any suggestions let me know

Old Updates:
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8 years ago
Does anyone know how treyarch did this? I need something similar to the player follows a path at a high speed they cant control and end up at another location. Thus allowing me to section my map into different sections far away...
8 years ago
I have some areas that need grass because its a lawn... is there a feature in radiant that can randomly place models in a specific area or something like that? Too lazy...
8 years ago
I mean, if someone told you that it was a new song and didn't tell you the band you would still like it no? I think it sounds cool even if it isn't old metallica
8 years ago
let's just hope the upload limit is not too low... not sure how big these bo3 maps can get but I imagine the raised limits will allow much more space to be used. Shit, tons of WaW maps can go well over half a gig...
8 years ago
Or to put it simply, make those brush models non colliding... Right click in 3D view and click non colliding
EDIT: If collision is a problem before breaking, make a clip and delete it or move it when you break the glass
8 years ago
instead of using WaW castle textures why don't you look into getting textures from skyrim?
It makes even simple layouts look good/better than it would with WaW textures
8 years ago
their set up as dome skybox textures, as in their pictures when rolled out onto a half sphere look like a dome. I havent personally been able to make one myself but i know there are plugins and such you can use, it takes time to do it properly and fit the cod format. Just google dome skybox, i know there is a program called TerraGen which can do this type of stuff

The sub layers can be seen through WaW skyboxes exported using toms xmodelutils, simply placing the stock one in the map and replacing textures in your images folder with identical names will work for you if you want one with sublayers. Know this from trying to get good looking custom skyboxes but forgot to do it before releasing map may or may not work with WaW
8 years ago
go to control settings and set them to default or bind the console key to another key you don't touch
8 years ago
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