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what happened, every new brush i make is crooked

Double Post Merge: November 11, 2016, 02:39:37 pm
In case anybody else gets this issue, i found the setting

View--Camera--uncheck toggle local axis mode
1675 days ago
Hey everybody

This is what i got so far, been working for a week roughly learning the new tools and getting things down. The map will have 4 main sections, one of which the area that i have mapped already. It'll have a "sewer system" transportation because each area is going to be very far off from one another.

Planned features include:

Transportation system
Shootable easter eggs
Personal references (Ill explain them through easter eggs maybe on papers or something scattered around)
**Possible weather changes or time of day cycles, i saw something in radiant to do this but need to attempt to implement first**

Ill add more here as time goes on, just figured id make a WIP

The map will be ridiculously large in scale, but playable areas will be tightened up once i get things built. Also a very large portion will only be for detail *such as parking lot* but i still want to make it for personal motives. Anyway, any suggestions let me know

Old Updates:
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
1693 days ago
Does anyone know how treyarch did this? I need something similar to the player follows a path at a high speed they cant control and end up at another location. Thus allowing me to section my map into different sections far away...
1693 days ago
I have some areas that need grass because its a lawn... is there a feature in radiant that can randomly place models in a specific area or something like that? Too lazy...
1695 days ago
So what started as a map idea yesterday night, turned into me getting full fledged devoted to making this happen. This is a crash bandicoot 1-2-3 map. It wont be possible to release without some serious scripting help. I can make a lot of things work myself but i will need help or this style will be worthless. It is Linear, so each thing is its own stage. Here are things i need help with, if you are so kind as to make this map possible, it can turn out to be a really great thing.

Ideas on how to make this work

Ok, so i want this to be an arcade style zombies map. There will be such a large variety of stages with varying lengths so each would have to be slightly adjusted, but i have these ideas in mind which can work globally among each stage. Ill try to keep this barebones and well organized so its easy to understand what i need help accomplishing. A star ( ***) next to the beginning means that this is 100% required, as there is no way i can get around it

  • ***The map would have timed game play throughout each stage.
  • ***This timed gameplay needs to be able to reset, timer optional. Zombie health and speed must be set back to its 0:00 values when the player completes the stage. All player weapons must be taken as well, perks can remain to help as the stages get harder
  • Players need to be able to break the crates to scavenge weapons, simply play the breaking wood FX and set the trigger to mele only and have it around each box or something of the sort? Loose weapons can drop or possibly like the Origins style where it shows up as a powerup. Would need guns to come from qx mark boxes, nothing come from the standard boxes, perk come from the aku aku boxes, and ammo come from the jump boxes. Life boxes PaP Current weapon?. Hopefully you get the concept
  • The tier of weaponry would need to get better as the stage progressed, going from shit weapons to PaP weapons as the timer climbs up. Maybe a script_noteworthy can do this on the trigger when its broken? This system does NOT need to be random
  • ***There must be doors that when activated go on a 2 min or 3 min timer before they open (Either delete or slide up). This fits the linear style of each stage. This will make each stage take roughly 10 or 15 mins to complete, making it a hour and a half map or so which would be sweet
  • A possible key system, so you collect the key for the next stage in the previous stage allowing players to replay previous stages if they wanted, totally un necessary.
  • A hub area where there is no zombies and the timer stops. This is where the player will select the stage. Without this beating the previous stage will just make the player start the next one immediately, which would be hard because there will be literally no break time

If some and or all of these things cant be or arent completed, ill have to just compromise with what i got but it will really take away from this concept i have in my head of an arcade style true to base Crash Bandicoot map. Again, stars are honestly the most important ones so if you think you can do any of them, id appreciate it soo much. Thanks scripters. If you want to help PM me and ill put your name next to the thing you are offering to do, seriously you wont even know how much it will help me.

Other little things that would be nice [Will update this]
-Make the weak planks function like in crash on the bridge

Keep in mind, i started this yesterday as of 7/21/16. I can probably get anywhere between 5 and 10 stages done, closer to 7. The style is extremely simple and barebones to make it look as if it was straight out of the game. Here are pictures of stages i had made so far, and these stages can be extended or made shorter, the style is linear so it is really easy to adjust as there isn't too much variety between each section. There are no FX in here yet, trust me it will look much better when i add them. This goes for the Road to Nowhere level the most, but ill add some bubbles and stuff to the toxic and some nice clouds or something for the Arabic level and extreme darkness for the last bit i show.

Toxic Waste

Hang'em High
Map by FireWavezZ, ported by me

Road to Nowhere
There will be extremely heavy fog like in the game

Fumbling in the Dark
*Current WIP, just started 7/21/16*

1788 days ago

TeleDeathTrigger = getEntArray( "enter", "targetname" );
array_thread( TeleDeathTrigger, ::TeleportToDeath );
self waittill("trigger", player);
TeleDest = getent(,"targetname");
player linkto(TeleDest);
wait(.3); player unlink(); wait(.2); // leave this wait - tzp
radiusdamage(player.origin, 20, + 100, + 100);

Why does this restart the map in co op, it uses a trigger_multiple and teleportes the player to a script_struct when they fall into the pit. It is supposed to just down the player

Would there be a way to modify this to just take away 1000 points if they fall into the pit and teleport them without downing them?
Thanks everyone
1827 days ago

ill update with another link for google docs soon

Hey guys, im here with the release of this map after ages lol.

*i dont do videos ever :D
Bo2 Weapons
Teleporters to alternate areas
8 shootable song easter eggs *Possibly copyrighted, turn down music if recording a video*
Concert area with 3D sweet victory song
Zombie shield buildable
buildable power
buyable ending
Some other stuff, cant remember

The map basically has playable spongebob character houses, 2 map exports from the game Spongebob: Battle for Bikini bottom, plus a concert area. Playable areas include:

Downtown Bikini Bottom
Jellyfish Fields
Concert Area
Goofy Goober's
Krusty Krab
Spongebob's House
Squidward's House
Sandy's Treedome

This map includes some intense parkour, but nothing is too difficult where you cant complete it. The best perks are behind a bit of parkour, i wont tell you which because you wouldnt like it. Falling into the pit makes you go down, so be super careful! Ill possibly be balancing this if it is too difficult for some, but its a nice challenge required to progress in the map. The 2 areas that are accessed through the toll booth in the goober basement are full map exports, clipped and slightly modified for playability from the game SB:BFBB. To use the Taxi stands, you must buy the 5,000 toll booth in the goober area then you may teleport with them.


Ok, so this is going to be extremely difficult as the map has been dead / in development for 2 or so years, so please please please tell me if you helped me in any way. Ill list everything i know, but i know for sure im going to miss a dozen of you

Radimax- Clippings Jellyfish fields
Harry- Perks, shield, tons of help
Tom- Tools
Natesmithzombie- Bo2 Weapons
Robert *forgets ZM name but knows skype name*  - Logo of loading screen
BWC - somthing he was pretty involved at some point
BluntStuffy - Zombie and player teleporters, made the whole alternate areas possible

Please i cant stress enough PM me if you helped me in any way so i can properly credit you

Thanks for taking a look, if you have any suggestions or find any bugs report them to me via PM, ill be doing a v1.1 overhaul in about 3 or 4 weeks fixing everything i can find and or whatever people report. Sorry for the long wait on the map and i hope it lives up to its name.

Small side note, i love watching peoples videos so if you make a youtube video post it in the comments  ;D

Bugs found:

Some guns have an ugly PaP camo, didn't even notice this
// Quick revive solo failed to work for one, can happen to another (Resolved, wait for update)
// Extreme zombie hug, Must fix
// need to test multiplayer, supposed crash problem (Resolved, wait for update)
// Aparently, if falling into the pit on co op, it sometimes restarts the map *I HAVE NO IDEA NOTHING IN THE SCRIPT I //USE YIELDS THIS WILL FIX ASAP*
// Round Skipping glitch TB room (Resolved, wait for update)
// Grenades fall through floor JF F and City (Resolved, wait for update)

*Uploading as of 6/30 by 11PM EST
Whats new in 1.1:

Zombies no longer get stuck in between taxi signs
New area in Jellyfish fields, expanded area roughly by 40%
Round Skipping glitch is resolved in taxi room
Grenades no longer fall through the floor at Alternate areas
Map no longer restarts on co op when dying on parkour, now just teleports you to the start of the parkour
Zombies now actually hit the player instead of hugging them forever
slight weapon tuning
Small details adressed
Poor pathing issues adressed in outdoor areas

Tombstone removed to fix confusion with vulture aid

Still needs fixing:

Guns in everybody's ears *majorly annoying*
Ugly PaP camo's

Wanted this update out asap so they will be fixed at a later date when more problems arise
1832 days ago
Hey, going to release my spongebob map and i dont think ill be able to update it within a timely manner *give or take a month* so im looking for a super simple script

basically i need there to be a button in the map that respawns all zombies, kinda like a nuke but not killing them. This is mainly for bug prevention if they get stuck somewhere, ive seen it happen on every map and i havent seen it happen on mine but it is bound to happen honestly. So i just need a simple button that can be placed, and clicked maybe once or twice a round that kills and respawns every zombie on the map. I really appreciate it, and if nobody gets back to it ill just release it without it lol thanks again :)
1834 days ago
Hey, here is a small WIP challenge map im making. It is very tight and compact but ill make sure there are atleast 4 areas in which training is possible. It will feature Harry's BO2 mod when it releases plus whatever else i see fit. I still need to do much more detailing and blend patches for the floors, but i figured it was coming along nicely so i should make a wip. It is using Skyrim textures, which you can get yourself HERE,10299.0.html
if you want to make a medieval map like i am. Here is a video showing what i have currently.

More updates soon


NINJAMAN829 - Helped me with detailing and made many things look better

If you cannot play the video because of the song here is an alternate upload
1930 days ago

Hey guys, making a short tutorial here for an idea i had a while ago that ended up working. So to start off, these textures come with normal maps and such so they look very good and are in 2K HD. These textures are FAN MADE skyrim textures, and can be downloaded from the skyrim nexus site. Note this works with vanilla skyrim textures as well, but i prefer the HD ones. Also note: With messing around in the BSA extractor and other programs that can be found online, you can also obtain models from these games. I have not perfected it, in terms of getting multiple material models from the game easily (single is simple), so i will not go into detail with this.


WEBSITE LINK: (smaller resolution textures available here if memory is a problem)

So now lets get to the way we obtain the textures. So what you want to do is download this file which will be used to extract the textures from the file, which is a BSA extractor. This is not required when you download the 2k textures but if u want stock textures from the game go ahead and download it
The link is here
NOTE: This will work for every Bethesda game, such as fallout 3 or new vegas, along with those HD packs available. So, basically there is an infinite number of HD textures available to you, using this method

Ok, now that we have that, lets open up our file with the textures and find where it says Skyrim- Textures and drag that to a folder or our desktop for easy access. Now, open up the BSA extractor and select the bsa file and wait roughly 10 seconds for it to load in. Now what we want to do is click "extract all" and choose a folder in which you want to put them in. Once this is finished extracting, go on ahead and open up that folder. Now you should see a few folders, labeled things such as terrain, landscape, etc. Luckily, they get put into sub categories so it is easy to find textures that you want for the most part, and if you are familiar with the game they also come with certain town names and such so u know the style that you are getting.

Now for the fun part

Find whatever textures that you want, and what you have to do is place the desired dds's and their corresponding _n textures into a folder. After this, there is quite some converting to do if you plan on getting a lot of them. They are all in powers of 2, so there is no need to resize any of the textures. But, the only catch is that you NEED to convert the .dds _n files because assman will not convert those
*If you are unaware, the _n files are normal maps and should go in that column when you convert the texture*
So go ahead and download this It is what i use to convert them. Then go and convert the textures to .tga *Just the _n* and then convert in asset manager, and your set! Ill edit this when i figure something out that i didnt include, but it should work just fine. Hope this helps you get some textures that seem to be original and new, and make sure when you do your credits on the map, credit the maker of the textures from the site *see original link below download button*. Don't forget, this works with all bethesda games so i hope to see some maps with those styles soon! Enjoy  :D

[I always do this by hand, but if anyone knows of a batch converter for launcher or anything of the sort, please please please let me know]
1931 days ago
Hey, i need help with a small thing in my map. If anyone knows how to make a proper skybox instead of a cubemap (like the one i have) that can possibly look like this
(IN TERMS OF THE SKY BLEND TO DARKNESS TOWARDS THE BOTTOM) and i could get a huge sphere model and set a scrolling texture of the flowers like in the show around the entire map, but basically i need to figure out how to get a nice dark blue bottom with a light blue top unlike what i have now which is ugly Or even if there was a way to get just a static sky that looks like a spongebob sky, i dont know. Any help i can get that will defer the current skybox, i would appreciate it
1943 days ago
#include maps\_utility; 
#include common_scripts\utility;

    entTransporter = getentarray( "enter" , "targetname" );
    for( i = 0; i < entTransporter.size; i++ )
entTransporter[i] thread transporter();

    self waittill( "trigger", player );
entTarget = getEnt(, "targetname" );
wait 0.1;
player setOrigin( entTarget.origin );
player setplayerangles( entTarget.angles );
wait 0.1;
iprintlnbold("Be Careful Next Time...");

Any help to remove fall damage would be appreciated

Basically the player falls far enough that they need jug or PHD to survive and for some reason, their death makes the game restart so either i would need a fix to the restart game thingy or i would need to remove fall damage all together
2018 days ago
Hopefully title is enough. Im talking about the way you can drag select certain verticies, is there a way to drag select all the brushes inside a certain frame... asking because a long long time ago i made home-made models which uses a LOT of terrain patches for a little area,

 and their spammed all over the place... manually selecting takes like 2-3 mins each and theres about 30 of them. If it isisnt a thing, guess that'll suck for me  :( Need to delete all of them as now i have the original models and they take up way too much patches
2093 days ago
EDIT: Close this, realised when i changed the texture file format it corrupted the images  :poker:
2110 days ago
Hey, got a small problem. Hit the memory limit. Seems im at the brink, but i need to add more guns, i can only fit about 5 before i hit the limit. Is there a way to make it ignore stock guns, it seems as if their still being called because i hit the limit with much less guns than what WaW has for stock. Thanks
2112 days ago


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