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rename the files to how it is without the v or first letter, this is because cod4 model info start to read 1 byte later than cod5
2533 days ago
eh, you should probably say the real reason why esso wanted his 5 bucks back... because you and W1NG3D made new accounts with nothing but balls, dicks and FAG written all over it, and purposely submitted ugly unplayable maps over to ZM just to troll. was this not immature? just asking.

to be honest, there are problems on both ends. there are people on zm who do talk bad about ugx, but people here are not at all any better. what I also find funny, is that during this whole zm vs. ugx bullshit going on, the people who are usually talking bs are those who aren't even important to the situation or even know what really went on, like nickst, geh, jwofle, nukem... mostly just random and/or barely active members.

jewinaor? this is how you know that zm is full of 3rd graders
while I can agree it's rude, the FAG clan thing wasn't very nice either. again, fire on both ends.
btw aren't you like 12 or something... you nearly just got out of 3rd grade.
2774 days ago
don't give it up guys, even though you've lost interest ya can't just throw away all that work. well I mean, you can, but you know what I mean. i'm sure there's many people looking forward to this mod and it'd break a lot of people's balls.
2801 days ago
Is there any real disadvantage to linking the zombie spawners to the door instead of the zone?  And just have the zone deal with the Dog Spawns?

As in having the line go from the door to the spawners, rather than from the info_volume?  That was the way I was doing it before I had the zones set up, and it seemed to be working fine, but you guys have more experience with this than I do.
There's nothing really wrong with that but if you do it that way then the zombie spawns aren't being watched so every spawner will always be active, usually causing most of the zombies to be coming from one direction and take a while to get to you. but if you use zones only the spawners in your zone and zones near you are active and only those spawners will be active, keeping up the pace in your map. Usually this is only used for Prototype style maps because they don't have zones.
2803 days ago

 I've gotten my Sun working, but primary omi/spot lights still won't cast onto the brushes.

sounds like you're missing your lightgrid covering your map, for the wispy fog like in nacht you can follow any fx tutorial and place a thick fog fx in wanted areas.
2814 days ago
..may I ask how getting a collateral with a sniper rifle conflicts with the artificial intelligence's accuracy against one another from grenades?
2815 days ago
where I can make multiple copies and sell them.
Let us know how it goes, I'd totally be in on buying one.
2824 days ago
are you making only one? I still have thousands of cartridges, and putting them to use on-the-go would be amazing.
2824 days ago
Trem... I'm gonna keep my door unlocked tonight... ;)
2824 days ago

Merry Christmas everyone. :)
2828 days ago
playing with my friend and he has my gun in his face and im invisible... like i am fused in his face
your friend has loose files in his mods folder, tell him to make sure he has nothing but folders, if he has any files in there it will load up with every mod and cause errors with most.
2829 days ago
the way you asked that question made it clear you don't know what the error means...

make decal and minor brushes as detail and make outside-of-map brushes non-colliding.
2831 days ago


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