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Messages - geh233

small one about isis. just wanted to see how ugx feels
6 years ago
No, it's not worth the price imo, exo suits is the only new thing in my eyes, most things are ripped off from 3arc zombies and edited (perks powerups pap namechange, dogs (and they are bad), that power for each perk felt like origins generators, map isn't that big.

It's not bad, it's just not worth the price, too overhyped.

If it was a 3arc testmap to look if futuristic zombies would make some interest, i would have believed it.

Correct me if i'm wrong.
well they didnt really "rip off" zombies considering treyarch and sledgehammer games both develop the same game under the same franchise. and remember the dlc also comes with the new guns and the 4 multiplayer maps (which were really fun imo) id say it was worth the price. honestly this was one of the only worth-it dlc since MOTD for blops 2 dlc

Double Post Merge: January 29, 2015, 11:38:54 pm
i think the zombies is fun. its not the most amazing thing ever, but it is a great revival of zombies after the "Tranzit" incident back in 2013. and with all of the other content for multiplayer (surprisingly fun 4 maps and a kickass new gun), i feel comfortable saying that the dlc is well worth 15 dollars.
7 years ago
well i've managed to take all of the weapon models from fallout new vegas and convert them into .obj's. i dont know what to do with them though xD
8 years ago
my body is ready
8 years ago
i am setting my alarm clock for 5am, hoping that it will be released..

Double Post Merge: November 12, 2014, 02:13:15 pm
that was a poor choice..
8 years ago
(Image removed from quote.)

you wouldn't be posting that if you had played it. you should probably play a game before you judge it (assuming you haven't) xD
8 years ago
Hey y'all I will be changing my name to Garebear because my old name was pretty geh  :lol:  just a heads up if anyone needs to reach me. This topic was also an excuse to show-off some pictures I made that say garebear in them :)

Each pic took about 5 minutes to make :D

oh and here is my soundcloud (i don't make music, i just repost) its mainly electric and rap.

If you are REALLY cool then make cool pictures that say garebear in them!
8 years ago
Madeon-The City lol i love it when shit like this lines up
8 years ago
I think you should also provide what your graphics card is too

Also, what resolution do you commonly play your games at?
1600x900 res and here is graphics card
8 years ago

i don't know much about computers, BUT i managed to buy a nice gaming PC from my friend for $400

It plays Arma3 at about 25-40 FPS on High (scale is: low, standard, high
, very high, and ultra


any recommendations on what to upgrade in order to make my pc run arma 3 at at least 40-60 fps on ultra?

if you do give me a recommendation, could you give me a minimum recommendation (Ultra or very high, 40-50fps) and a maximum recommendation (60fps max graphics)

8 years ago
spongebob zombies..perfect!!!! you should make it so the zombies have buckets on their heads and they say "all hail plankton" instead of their regular screetches
8 years ago
this mod is going to be fantastic, but i really hope that the main page toopic will not be changed from "hopefully October 2014" to "hopefully November 2014"
8 years ago
why don't they put in spec-ops missions?!?!??!?!? or better yet just coop campaign
8 years ago
here's my recommendation: don't get a gaming laptop
8 years ago
no mate ill stick to battlefield when this hunk of shit gets released
have you played it?
8 years ago
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