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Read pages 19-22 for the new season of "Real Housewives of UGX"
7 years ago
why i am doing this?

- so i can play the map early

- so i can give a giant middle finger to the mapper

jkjk all out of jokes xD
7 years ago
Hey SPi, it's me, the guy from youtube. I'm glad you decided to post this on UGX!!! Very cool community if I do say so myself  8)
7 years ago
UPDATE added help me section! those are some features that i would LIKE to have in my map. if i cant find help for some of them it will not matter because i can do without them. I still REALLY want them tho ^^
7 years ago
[spoiler]Went through the entire map looking for bugs/errors. These are what I found that may or may not be intended.

1. The spawn rooms' chairs are able to be jumped on. They don't provide a safe zone, but it can cause the zombies to path over them sometimes. The sandbags can also be jumped on in the spawn room. No advantage by jumping up here either.

2. The barrels in the spawn room can be walked on and the second barrel can be crouched on/proned into. There's no tactical advantage to doing this, but you can crouch block yourself.

3. Either none of the AI spawned one game, or the zombies killed them. I'm not sure if the former happened, or if the latter can happen.

5. The AI counts as zombies during the first round.

6. I've noticed some zombies will vault a window and float for a second before landing on the ground.

7. Outside in the backyard parking lot, the window on the outside the map will show through the window of the building next to the parking lot. (The building east of the parking lot coming from the power room, the farthest window.)

8. Solo quick revive doesn't work.

9. The wood beams jutting from to the roof aren't solid (Over Jug room). Intended to not get trapped accidentally?

10. A max ammo dropped after I killed a zombie in a window on the roof of the diner.

(Disregard any of these if they're intended.)

Thoughts: A small, hectic, challenging map. Training spots are difficult to run properly as the sprinters become more common as there's little room to run. While fun, getting a good start on the map can be kind of difficult.

Suggestions: There's a window hidden by foliage in the area to the left after you leave the spawn room to go outside. You could possibly remove a little of the foliage there to allow the players to know it's there, so they don't suddenly get killed from behind if they're camping/trapped/train funneling. I assume it's hidden to prevent camping/funneling, though.
Also, the Sawed-Off Shotgun could maybe do with a slight price drop (-200 maybe?) Trying to survive with the MP5 and Kar is difficult since the remaining ammo seems to be based on how much they shoot at you before you kill them. (Unless I was extremely unlucky since drops rarely seemed to happen for me.) The gun in the Juggernaut room is also kind of a costly investment, considering how expensive the doors are.

Only made it to 11 before my roof train caught up with me, but I did find the hidden PaP room.[/spoiler]

Thank you for this great comment!!! i will be sure to fix some of the bugs you pointed out (some were intentional ^^) and will definitely consider some of those great suggestions. i could also notify you of some updates in the future if you would like :)
7 years ago
fixed link!!! trailer 1 is up too. i will take down beta link 9/2/14 at 6pm (central time)
7 years ago
Great Looking Map! But can you maybe add some Custom Guns? :) Like MODERN Weapons? M16,M14,P226?
WAW Guns are getting old in my opinion. :)
it wouldnt go well with the map setting, but i can always try to make new guns sounds/textures!

Looks good but here are alredy some snow maps i would use the foggysettind
basing it all on the polls :)

I had 30 minutes to kill, so i had a quick go of your map.

Not bad at all, First room, one zombie seemed to get stuck and never appear so i restarted 5/6 times

Drops appear behind the windows and you cannot get to them.

Nice touch with the hidden pap :) but i could run them all day as they only spawn in one direction.

Solo quick revive does not work as i found out about round 20 i think

I could not find any more rooms to open or a buyable ending?

Still a very good effort and hope ive not been to picky

Regards boysta
thanks for the feedback!

Gamefront is a disallowed host for maps on the forum. Please re-upload to a host that is not on our Disallowed List. You have also not used the UGX Installation Creator which is required for maps posted to the forum.
aight boss, i'll get on it :) there will be a delay though considereing i am leaving for GA right now
7 years ago
7 years ago

Hello peoples. I noticed that the next Call of Duty looks very diverse from the previous ones. Some of the changes look good. and some of the changes look.. well.. weird. I'm going to go over a few things. Some facts and some purely opinion. Tell me what you think in the comments!
The singleplayer campaign is supposed to be set in the far future where the largest PMC army, Atlas, tries to take over (US?). It seems cool, but also a bit cheesy. It could be great if executed correctly, but as of now, we don't know.

Multiplayer has changed dramatically with the new "exoskeleton." It allows you to jump higher, run faster, and many other abilities like dashing as seen in "Robot unicorn attack" :lol: . In my opinion multiplayer looks great and I think this new feature will refresh the Call of Duty experience. I did NOT like the multiplayer trailer, but IGN did a better job by just showing straight-up gameplay. You can watch it here:

Co-op has not yet been confirmed, but I really hope they bring back special ops from mw2 (mw3 special ops sucked :P) What do you think they will do when it comes to co-op?

OP Bundle
If you are considering to pre-order the game, I highly recommend pre-ordering the "Day Zero" Version. It comes with all of the ingame content from the advanced arsenal pack (laser gun thing, atlas pistol, and atlas exoskeleton) AND a crossbow thingy and a futuristic model of an AK type rifle. Also, you get to buy the game a day early and you get 2x xp that day so you can get a headstart before the peasants get the game ^^ BEST OF ALL? its still only $59.99. I don't know why they'd do this, but hey, they got me to pre-order it. Otherwise, I would've just bought it the day of like any other guy. Here is a link to the xbox one day zero edition on best buy:

[WARNING, THIS MAY UPSET BATTLEFIELD FANBOYS] note that I said "fanboys". Not battlefield players. I am just as excited for hardline as I am AW. In my opinion, graphics are the least important thing about a game. That's why this is at the bottom, but ever since the 8th generation of gaming had emerged, graphics are the ONLY thing that matters according to all of the 8th gen newbies. However, I think that this game has both the fun gameplay and the great looks. AW might've even beaten frostbite three if you compare the two gameplays below:



Note: I will probably do other games in the near future. This is the first of many!
7 years ago seams to bring an air of hopelessness with it...nothing sucks more then having an emergency (power outage, diagnosis of AIDS, or Zombie Apocolypse), when its fucking cold
lol got it xD
7 years ago

Hello! i thought i'd announce my new zombie map since it is currently in 1.0 of the beta stage. it is small but very fun for free-for-all'ing. this map is camp proof :)

The map was inspired by W1NG3D's "Return to Kneipe der Untoten"
I loved the map, W1NG3D (deleted creepy ass statement

1945: Berlin Germany. you play as US soldiers


-no dogs(i hate dog rounds)

-Classic der riese gameplay

-hidden PaP

-friendly/enemy AI

-okay detail :D

-its fun (in my opinion)

-i ran out of features

-oh wait there is a custom wonder weapon

-probably not but maybe more to come depending on whether i get good ideas in the comments

Here are some screens:





Snow wins!


this is the first one and it might give you the feels (not because of the sad song, but because of how fantastic the map is :) ) i will make a few more trailers when i fix the map of its bugs

Hello Everyone! As you may already know, I am quite inexperienced when it comes to mapping/scripting. So there are some things that i do not know how to do. I will put a small list of things i wish to implement into my map, that i do not know how to do. if you know how to any of these things and could help do them please PM me! Help would be VERY much appreciated and you will also get to help me do the final test before release (when all new features/bug fixes are added/fixed)

-Replace 4 characters with WaW soviet models (and remove the talking)
-remove all american/japanese guns
-add all soviet guns (DP-28, mosin nagant, tokarev)
-create upgradable versions of those soviet guns along with upgrade weapon skins
-have same round system as UGX cabin (still rounds, but no round hud or sounds inbetween rounds)
-make so that lights turn on when power turns on
-kino der toten teleporter (you dont have to link it either)
7 years ago
are you sure that grass grows underground?  :troll:
7 years ago
ya this is true, but with activisions deal with xbox its gonna be "FIRST ON XBOX" or "GET NEW MAPS FIRST ON XBOX LIVE" or "GET NEW CONTENT FIRST ON XBOX LIVE" .....



also, the picture looks sick, love it
naw man they just get money from microsoft for doing it. if steam payed them more, then they'd say "FIRST ON STEAM"
7 years ago
i hate saying this stuff, but umm uhh whats the uhhm satus?
7 years ago
i dont know the name of the adware, but i further looked into it and it was only addressed as the BING virus. it will always display the bing toolbar no matter what and spams tons of offerswizard ads. ironically, AVG advertises with offer wizard so im getting avg virus protection adware xD. im downloading malwarebytes now, hopefully it will work
7 years ago
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