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Next time use the code tags around script. Makea it easier to read. This is the 2nd time I've had to edit it for you. Thanks.
902 days ago
They could be in the fastfiles maybe. Or if you have bo1 mod tools check there.
1436 days ago
Great job on the release! I really enjoyed the map. Really well good job done. I made gameplay video here:

The only bug I found so far was the quick revive. Zombies surround you while being revived causing insta down again :alone:

Best map I've played this year :nyan:
1437 days ago
1437 days ago
Maybe you converted ot wrong? What settings did you use in ape dor the conversion?
1478 days ago
Welcome to the forums.  ;)
1493 days ago
Use the code tag next time when posting a console or a axript. Makes it easier to read for everyone and your post looks less clutter. Thanks.
1494 days ago
Can try changing the picture resolution to 1024x1024 and see if it works.
1494 days ago
Welcome back. I'm a mod now :nyan:
1502 days ago
It'll show up as your title you named it when added to workshop, not the mods name itself.
1506 days ago
Halo Weapon Mod

A Halo Weapon mod. All BO3 Weapons removed. 8 Halo Weapons ported so far. More may be added in the future. Enjoy!

Weapons so far:

Assualt Rifle
Battle Rifle
Energy Sword
Dual-Wield SMG's
Hybrid Dual-Wield SMG+Magnum
Sniper Rifle


1511 days ago
Could put an invisible bursh over the house to prevent it. Probably not the best way but it is an option.
1511 days ago
You have to upload your screenshots to an image sharing website such as imgur then use the img tags to directly link to image. Thanks.
1512 days ago
Please properly use the img tag when posting next time. I saw that you used the img tag but it was used incorrectly. You must link directly to the image when using it. Thanks.
1514 days ago
I am using the ones that Jbird linked in the description of that video. Could try and find the ones that are in IW.

Well ported the viewhands from IW, but whenever I try to open it in maya, maya just crashes.

In mod me there is a conversion hands for IW weapons. Then you can follow jbrid tutorial
1528 days ago


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