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I solved it by splitting model into 2 and reducing verts. Thanks to codmoddd1234 for the help.
2101 days ago
Not sure what you mean by object mode but will select mesh and click mesh then seperate and let you know if it worked.


Edit: Sadly no it did not work. Any other suggestions?
2101 days ago
Just a normal rigid model convert. Haven't messed around with asset manager settings. Or is it something I'm supposed to do in asset manager?

2101 days ago
I've successfully converted a custom model in asset manager, and it is showing fine in asset viewer. When I go to import model into radiant(misc==>model) it says successfully imported in the below console but its still showing the misc-model square in radiant 2d grid view. Also when i go to move it around, its like radiant freezes and I have to force close it. How can I solve this?

2101 days ago
There isnt an error atleast not in the error log. This is an error in the cod2rad command. Any who may i remind you that i was able to fully compile on my other windows installation, and that all i did was copy over the same exact files to my clean install(same win7 btw), so i dont think it could be something to do with my map. I havent changed a thing all i did was try to compile to see if it would work. Sadly no. I will make vid just now. Give me a sec

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2111 days ago
My radiant isnt compiling lights for some reason. It just stops when it gets to that process. Everything else would compile fine(BSP, Paths, Reflection, and Fastfile) but not lights. On my other windows installation it would compile everything fine. I reinstalled and copied my map over to the new installation. But lights isnt compiling. Any reasons why? Thanks.

2112 days ago


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