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I haven't tried this yet,

That's for waw not BO3.

Use the emmesive_add material type and you'll get the glowing textures. You won't see the glow in the viewer but In-game you'll see it.
1017 days ago
Really job well done on this map. I enjoyed my time playing. Enjoyed the easter egg song also hehe. :D
1021 days ago
Try uploading it without the thumbnail or reduce the size of it until it's under 1mb. Also make sure the thumbnail is in the zone folder. Not sure if required but that way it'll be uploaded with your map.
1029 days ago
How does one change the melee sound for a weapon? I tried everything and nothing is working.  I changed what looked to be where to make the changes and still nothing. Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

1030 days ago
Looks good so far. Keep it up.  ;D
1030 days ago
I recently joined your group and im hoping that yall can help me.
I have a Ps4 cotroler and  id like to use it to play CoD WaW zombies and CoD itself. i have watched ALL the Utube videos, read everything about how to install the controler to my comp, watched and read "how to install and use Ps4 controler for steam games" and every other video about this topic..... aaaaand it STILL DOSENT WORK!!!!!!!

Someone please HELP ME. post somthing here or Email me ([email protected]) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, i have TS, mumble etc etc for voice if that would help for some kind soul to elp me get it to work, im pulling whats left of my hair out due to frustraion... gonna have to start pulling out the childrens hair next if it dosent work soon.

Please  and Thank you.
sincerely, pfhunktur3d

Download DS4 For Windows and inall it. Then Start Ds44windows and then plug in your ps4 controller. Drivers will start installing, wait for it to finish. Once finish start world at war and open console and type "exec default_controller.cfg" then BAM, ps4 controller should now work.
1038 days ago
I was able to get it working.  :D

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1041 days ago
I need help importing WAWcustom anims into bo3. I followed tutorials but the video below shows what the outcome became every single time. They work fine in WAW but once importing the tanims into the maya scene file, it doesn't work. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks .

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Edit: Just did the WAW MP40 to test and that's working fine  >:(

Why is this happening? Thanks.
1042 days ago

H1 port of Hang em High

Features Weapon Drop: RSA Interdiction, and R70 AJAX

Game Modes Supported:

Team Deathmatch
Search & Destroy
Capture The Flag
Kill Confirmed
Gun Game

Game Modes not Supported:


Known Bugs:

Talon Scorestreak does not work.




1045 days ago
Will there be any multiplayer modding tutorials for the bo3 mod tools post here on ugx? For things such as how to get all killstreaks working and how to add the endgame outro into your mp maps? Kinda dumb asking on a zombie modding site lol but if there is such tutorials elsewhere ,can someone link me to it please? Thanks :nyan:
1049 days ago
Edit: NP. Do it that way from now on. Great start so far! :-*

Just quote my post and copy the what I did for the image.
1053 days ago
Right, I made an ambient sound I wanna loop for all players the whole length of the match just in the background, I had this working in NDU:R, but I cannot get it to work in my current map, so what would be the best way to do this?

Easiest way to do it IMO
1072 days ago
Hey everyone,

I have been trying to get bo perks in my map for rhe past few weeks, but I keep getting errors. A few days ago I tried the perk system made by wardogsk93, but this one also is giving me errors :S .  The error I am currently getting is:

Server script compile error
   animation 'pb_stand_alert' not defined in anim tree
   self SetAnim(%pb_stand_alert);

Does anyone know how I can fix this OR can link me to an up-to-date video tutorial that would be amazing.


Define the animation "pb_stand_alert" in the generic human anim tree  :P
1084 days ago
I'm glad I don't have the Bo3 mod tools. It gives me an excuse to just sit back and let you guys do all the hard stuff figuring out how it all works. Then once the tools get released publicly I can just follow tutorials and learn the quick and fast way. Then in a few months time I can release a Fancy new Batman map with high poly Arkham Knight models and characters.  :troll:

+1 Lmfao  :lol:
1084 days ago
Have your settings like this:

Then load the mod/map. You can re-enable these things after the map has loaded(shadows, spec maps, etc.).
1172 days ago


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