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hey and for that fix u would need to use a vpn or change ur ip to get it to work
2 months ago
Yooo, after so long I did return after all. I may finish up my Grabenkampfe WAW custom zombies map. It's been years since I was active and in the meantime I got my degree in CS so I'll be able to apply these skills for the future maps. I left the modding community in the past mainly due to the toxic community that demotivated me from going on. There was a lot of online targetted harassment from a bunch of popular users in the COD zombies modding community (I assume I cannot name them due to the rules) against me, all because they did not like my custom map idk maybe they were just bored instead of fixing their broken custom zombies map? It was unfortunate so I left the modding community ever since. But now I am back and I may finish up the map I was working on. I still preserved the source files of the map I believe so. If it works, I'll finish it up and release it to you guys!! :) Idk if I should say: "good to be back" considering what all happened but it's been a long time for sure!!
hey and welcome back man :)
7 months ago
I'm not sad because the map, I'm sad because Remake of this map got canceled
This is not a remake of the map, he just edited the gsc scripts thats it  
7 months ago
Is there a way to play multiplayer because when I try to invite my friend and when he tries to join it says you need to load the mod and we both tried the english version and the russian one
did u both launch the same map ? if so there shouldn't be any problems
8 months ago

Double Post Merge: July 19, 2023, 05:06:07 pm

Hey man, amazing map. Felt like a classic Treyarch map from this era, and fit WaW's aesthetic really well. On the loading screen I saw the icon that mentioned something like "Mod Tools Definitive Edition". As someone who makes maps and content for WaW an extended version of the mod tools would be invaluable to me. Would you know how I can get access to these tools?
hey and the only way to get those tools, if ure a really good mapper and then u will be invited to a discord server from one of the elite mappers/modders, they will see how good u are
9 months ago
I can play Der Riese and Nacht, but when I try to play Verruckt or Shi No Numa, I get the server script compile error bad syntax. I have T4M and everything so what could be the issue?
u can lower the texture quality in the texture settings to fix the problem
11 months ago
How do I play with friends? It never loads moon in coop.
If some maps don't load on co-op, that means it doesn't work or it's broken
11 months ago
Hey just wanted to say this is an awesome mod, its got so many cool features! My only issue is that I can't play online with friends and neither can my friends with the T4m plus, it plays offline, unless you know how to resolve this I would love to know otherwise I'd like to know if I need to wait for you to update it thanks!
Well if u or ure friends can't play with each other, then that means u or ur friends couldn't create an online profile of the steam version of waw, so the solution is play on lan, buy a new key for waw or buy the cd disc version of the game
11 months ago
It doesnt work for me sadly It says it needs a dsdbsp file ):
Well since ure playing bo1 on plutonium, of course it doesn't work, becuz not every custom bo1 map works on plutonium yet
11 months ago
Can I get a direct download link please
The only direct link is the map link of the steam workshop
11 months ago
T4M managed to do it with the FOV command. Even managed to add some of their own. I wanna unlock a few commands that throw the "<command> is read only." response.
How would you go about achieving this?
Well u gotta do some programming, if u wanna do that and modify the t4m file
11 months ago
Hello, i've been desperately looking for a waw mod called PANIC CENTER, i used to play it as a kid
and i really wanna play that map again, its such  a core memory of my childhood,i tried every link and its
a dead end, if anyone has a link, or has the map, please reach out and help me, i need your help more than ever
The map is on the ugx map manager, when u download the ugx map manager
11 months ago
Whever I click on the link to download the manager nothing happens
u can use a different browser to download it
11 months ago
Lowering the texture quality wont actually work because the sounds and the fx already hit the limit , so better play in Plutonium if T4M is messing up stuff
Nakshatra I played many t4m custom maps before, u need to lower the texture quality for it to work or u will get errors and can't launch the map, becuz the waw engine is hitting the vertex corruption limit cuz of t4m
11 months ago
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