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why is my mod tool not radiant
u need to download linkermod to get radiant
2 weeks ago
I get a problem that the bsp fast file is missing or something similar
that usually happens only, if u play on plutonium
3 months ago
(Image removed from quote.)I have found a way to load this mod or any zombie mods into T5Launcher LAN zombies, I mean you can play with this mod with your friends without having to buy a 100 years old game to do it -- I will upload a video soon ......:cheesy: :))
.Credits to @Kelvonj for helping me start my chain of ideas and tests

Double Post Merge: November 13, 2022, 03:59:42 pm

This is a tutorial for how to play CoD BO Zombies Solo/LAN with mods support..
For Host (or Solo) and Client both do these steps...
1- Get a full Black Ops game with all dlc pirated or Steam.
2- Download T5Launcher and copy the files into the game directory.
3- Download "Game_mod" from ugx-mods site then extract the files into the game folder
4- Download your desired zombie mod and place it into the game directory inside mods folder
5- Edit "BO_Mods.bat" file and replace "BlackOps.exe" with "BGamerT5.exe" then save
For Solo Play follow the steps below: _
1- Open T5Launcher and type your nickname and type this ip
2- Click on Start hostmode.
3- Open "BO_Mods.bat" file.
4- Go to MODS in-game and load your mod and go play SOLO.
For LAN play follow the steps below: _
If you are the Host follow the steps below: _
1-  Start T5Launcher and type your IP address and your nickname
2- Click on Start hostmode then open "BO_Mods.bat" file and go to MODS and load your mod then host a private match
3- Send an invite through "Friends" Section bottom right the screen then go to "RECENT" and send an invite to your buddy/buddies......
If you are the Client follow the steps below:_
1- Edit "BO_Mods.bat" file and after "BGamerT5.exe" press space and type this without the commas "--ip <Host IP>
(Example: --ip
see the screenshot below
(Image removed from quote.)
[Make sure you type the Host IP not yours]
2- Save the file and open it to start the game.
3- Load the same mod the Host loaded and wait for an invite from the Host.
4- When you see an invite bottom the screen go to "Friends" section bottom right the screen and click on "INVITES" and click on " ACCEPT"
Just to let u know in some parts of ur post, u can not talk bout piracy, since it's against the rules
3 months ago
I can't play coop when I enter my friend's room I get a "patch load join mod" message
yea  ur friend needs to remove  t4m to play that map or get t4m installed to play the map with him
3 months ago
could you pass me that version of the one you say? pls
here u go and playing with t4m r45 with ur friends only works, if u buy the game
3 months ago
How to do T4M MAP for 2 or more people? keep bouncing .
just host a lobby or they host a lobby, by using t4m to play the map and keeped bouncing what ?
4 months ago
in bo1 plutonium it doesn't let me see the mod maps section and it only lets me enter the maps through the console
I wanted to know if there is a map command like zombie_map...
there is if u look into the folder of the custom map and the one u need to look for is the ff file for it
5 months ago
I know it might sound stupid but since the new BO1 x Plutonium collab I don't find a way to install custom maps. Is there a way ? :) I'd like to play this map again with my mates ;).
Cheers guys !
yea u install the same way just like plutonium waw in appdata, but not every  bo1 custom map and also on co-op too  wil not work on plutonium bo1, becuz its not supported yet and theyre still fixing it. But that besides the point, custom zombie maps r broken on plutonium anyway
5 months ago
I appear to have no wall textures when playing this map, its just all black, nothling like the pictures.
u need to get dlcs for bo1 to fix those missing textures
5 months ago
I joined  and discovered ugx mods around 2013 after from zombiemodding, to look for more custom zombie maps that i've never seen or played before. I did have an account back then with a different name, but the account was not active, so i recreated an account again  in 2015. Anyway this place and the community is friendy. Amazing mappers/modders/ scripters helping each other out together with cod waw modding to make maps, script, and give other tutorial tips to help new people make custom maps for this game and also people looking for other people to play custom zombie maps with each other to keep this website alive too.
 I want to say thank u Delta for reviving  ugx chat back, that i remembered the nostalgia of it back in the day and  helping on the ugx mods website with Treminaor all these years of hard work and also  bringing new people into the ugx community with lots of joy over the years. Both u and Treminaor are cool and amazing, talented, outstanding programmers
Treminaor the founder of ugx mods, thx for creating the website and without him it wouldnt exist and all of us would be on different custom zombie map websites, dont also forget bout the rest of the ugx mods team that were apart of it too, that were here formerly, such as W1NG3D, CoDMapper, Cold, SajeOne, and Mr. Slagovich. Those guys were here before and left back in the day, we will all miss them  tremendously. Never forgotton and always will be remembered that helped with the website too and being with the ugx team with Treminaor and Delta, u are all amazing people.
 Other former Mappers/Modders/scripters like Hitmanvere, AmazingPieman, Redspace200, HexZombies, Death_Reaper, Chromastone10, Bluntstuffy, Xjimmy33, Offthewall, RollonMath42, TomBMX etc and other amazing cod waw modders that were here before  created really cool maps and mods back in the day, so i thank them too. They moved on and will be all missed tremendously. Never forgotten and always be remembered as well too
so yea thx for everything Treminaor, Delta, and the rest of the ugx mods team that helped created and helped with the ugx mods website together +  the nostalgia of the  mappers/modders/scripters that were all here formerly too that we all missed , true dedication, hard working, and also everybody here is  phenomenal overall
 Happy 10 year anniversary  Delta
P.S   Lets keep ugx mods alive as much as possible till the end, we will never ever forget bout this cool phenomenal place
5 months ago
Can you use this on plutonium? and HOW?
i dont think u can, becuz not every custom zombie map/mod works on bo1 plutonium yet
5 months ago
when i click launch or launch as solo on ANY map that i downloaded nothing happens not even an error just nothing
any solution?
ugx mod manager btw
u need to open up ur game to be able to launch the maps for it to work, launching maps thru the ugx map manager doesnt work anymore
6 months ago
when i use the installer it tells me its installed but nothing is in the folder. How do i fix this?
u need to set  the path location in c/users/your username/appdata/local/activision/codwaw/mods for it to work and  also watch this video, so it will help u to enable the hidden folders
6 months ago
I'm tryna play this custom map in plutonium bo1, other maps works perfectly except for this specific one. It crashes while loading the game, and it gives me a plutonium error code. This custom map has grabbed my interest and I really wanna play. Can anyone help me? It's only when I'm loading into the game when it crashes. Maybe it's because of my hardware? I don't have a graphics card, and I run on cpu only, but I haven't gotten a problem like that for other maps that is graphically insane. Please help.
its becuz it doesnt work on plutonium yet and its not compatible with it, besides not every bo1 custom map works on plutonium, so theres no fix for it
6 months ago
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