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Messages - Lightning

yea that would be awesome if u port it to waw
3 weeks ago
How do I get past the 'too many custom sounds error'?
all u need to do is just download t4m and lower the texture quality in the texture settings for it to work
3 weeks ago
map will not load for me, keeps popping up error and have to restart my pc.
u need to download t4m and lower the texture quality in the texture settings  for this map to be playable
1 month ago
u called it windows wine, hmm that reminds me almost of the perk  name widows wine, cuz of the spelling  :D ​​​​​​
2 months ago
i need a little help with my mod tools, when I'm using "radiant" to develop my maps it keeps crashing without giving a reason, my hardware is good I use it a lot on the unreal engine, this only started to happen when I started using windows 10 and now windows 11 too, but that didn't happen on windows 7, I don't know what to do, I've tried searching for it, but I can't find anything, I'm sending you the link to a video I recorded for you to understand better! I thank you so much for your attention.

why r u even using windows 11 when they didnt finish making  and releasing it yet and also try to run the mod tools as administrator or verify the mod tools files on steam, maybe that will fix the problem
2 months ago
yea ure very welcome man :)
3 months ago
a minecraft tower now, thats cool
3 months ago
yes u can since thats been fixed
3 months ago
From English to what laungauge, have you got a screenshot?
dont worry bout that smasher, u dont need to do anything, hes just trying to play the map on plutonium and thats why it has those crazy texts
3 months ago
Which perk icon is missing on the map?
the  missing perk was vulture aid elixir
3 months ago
Please help ive been trying to play world at war and eveytime I start it up it crashes
try to verify ur cod waw game files on steam and update ur gpu driver too and also that should fix the problem
3 months ago
Too many bugs,

Players use most weapons for melee attacks, which will directly crash the game. For example, M14, AN94.

As long as you use a knife with these weapons, the game will collapse.

Players draw specific weapons from the luck box. Will collapse. For example, M4A1.
well i used the knife while having the m14/an94 too and it didnt crash on me, but try to verify ur game files on steam or maybe download t4m and  lower the texture settings, so it wont crash ur game
3 months ago
little update:
this map is still being worked on i just didn´t have the time to do much i can show of
i´m probably going to cut the easter egg i had in mind because i can´t do what i had in mind without spending hours in re-learning waw scripting
so all i gotta do is sum debugging and playtesting and the map is going to b released soon!

also yes it´s going to feature harrybo21´s phd flopper and all other bo1 perks
just to let u know pls dont use harrysbo21s perks anymore cuz theyre broken and pls use Gympie's perks instead, cuz theyre way better, fixes everything and also its bug free
3 months ago
Hey , you're the one who made Moon Wasteland Map , Right ? Please reply fast . I wanna create a Map with you . Similar to black ops moon but different
cristian said hes done making maps and hes not modding anymore, but idk bout collabs with other people
3 months ago
help im having trouble downloading the map please help and explain it in full detail please
step 1 buy black ops 1 on steam for it to work

 step 2 download game mod and  including microsoft visual c++ 2013, so it wont delete game mod for some reason and also make sure that its updated too
 step 3 make a mods folder in ur bo1 game directory folder

 step 4 extract game mod to ur bo1 game directory folder

 step 5 download any custom map ( example winter wunderland )  and install it to ur mods folder

 step 6  open the game black ops 1 which is a specific file to play custom maps called  the bo1 mods bat file
step 7  click on mods and select the map in game

step 8  launch the map and play it
4 months ago
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