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Messages - Lightning

Thanks lightning for answering him, I added a solo launch button but somehow it didnt work after a while so I didnt want to mess the main menu up so I let it how it is
Yea ure very welcome Smol 😃
13 days ago
When was the last time T4M was updated?
Like 7 years ago and it's not being worked on rn
13 days ago
Can it run solo? I can't figure out how to play solo..
yes u can play it on solo, just type in the console  devmap standoff  thats it
14 days ago
to get specific, anything from high and lower works. No idea why extra causes the game to crash.
the reason why it doesnt work on extra is becuz its a bug  when using t4m and theres no fix for that rn
14 days ago
to fix that problem, u need to download t4m and lower the texture quality in the texture settings for it to work
2 weeks ago
Same i wish i knew how to fix irt
u need to buy the dlc to fix those missing textures
2 weeks ago
i think the problem is that when u play with a person or with other people that does NOT buy the game, it will cause that server authorization error on lan
2 weeks ago
Then tell me, what version of the game do you have?
And I mean a local area network without Internet access. Does this option work for anyone?
I have the steam version of the game  and lan does work on it too and also tell me did u buy the cd disc version of the game  ?
2 weeks ago
Thank you for your answer, but alas.
Of course I use LanFix.
As soon as I apply the file d3d9.dll (r45), then in the boot menu of the co-op game over the local network, I get the message:
"Server authorization error, please try again."
The version of my game (CD "RU") 1.7.1263. When run with d3d9.dll, the version is detected as 2.0.45.
I tried the English version of the game 2.0.45, the result is the same.
With the T4M version of the mod (r41), you can't get into the lobby at all.
P / S    Hope punkbuster doesn't need to use LAN mod for this? :/
yea np and nope punkbuster does not support cod waw anymore and also i use t4m to play online and it works fine for me
3 weeks ago
anyone else getting a directX unrecoverable error after installing and trying to play tm4 maps or is that just me?
u need to lower the texture quality in the texture settings for it to work

Double Post Merge: January 08, 2022, 10:30:47 am
I have a CD version, I tried all possible options with the T4M(r45)  mod to play on the local network. USELESS! It doesn't work on LAN at all.:'(
u need to use cod waw lanfixed for that to work
3 weeks ago
u need to read and do this part for it to work 
Loading mods from C\Users\user\AppData\Local\Activision\CoDWaW\mods (Steams location for mods) currently results in issues, e.g. menu not rendering correctly. In the meantime please move and load your mods to  C\Users\user\AppData\Local\Plutonium\storage\t4\mods instead and they will work as intended.
Some custom zombie maps may not function as expected on the new dedicated servers as these maps were never coded with the ability for players to join mid game in mind, which you can now do on Plutonium. In addition SOLO custom zombies may also have some issues as outlined above in regard to it treating it as an online game so this may also have a knock-on effect. So some issues may occur dependant on the given map.
1 month ago
if u have the game on steam, verify the game files for it and maybe that will fix the problem
1 month ago
Ayo how do i dolphin dive
all u do is just sprint and hold the ctrl key at the same time to prone thats it
1 month ago
yea that would be awesome if u port it to waw
2 months ago
How do I get past the 'too many custom sounds error'?
all u need to do is just download t4m and lower the texture quality in the texture settings for it to work
2 months ago
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